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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Cosmic Dance of Shiva

    Dance of Shiva

    God and his creation are One. Yet God hides himself from his creation to give himself the joy of discovering God. God is both Creator and the Created. This is also known as the Wisdom of Balance. The Uncreated God and The Created God are One, yet the creation is attached to the grand illusion of separateness. Whenever God's creation discovers God, God discovers himself all over again. God delights in the dance of hiding and discovering his glory. The Cosmic Dance of Shiva.

    Your life is your part in this awesome Cosmic Dance. Your birth begins with your God Consciousness hid from you. If you have not discovered your unlimited potential in this life you will die, and your soul will go to the unseen state awaiting its chance for another birth. This is the gem of knowledge known as Reincarnation.

    You are a child of God because you come from God and you can return to God. As God's child your destiny is to grow up to become God as Christ is God or as Buddha is God. Your choice.

    To walk the same path the Buddha walked perfectly, you must renounce all attachments. Free yourself of attachment to this world 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and you will transcend suffering. Attachment leads to suffering. All that is subject to arising is subject to cessation. To transcend suffering one must cease the cycle of arising and cessation. Of birth and death. You become One with the Absolute Awareness. You return to your true source, you return to The Uncreated God. You achieve this Oneness through the practice of meditation. Zen is a blended path of Tao and Buddhism that allows one to achieve this Oneness through meditative practice.

    The path of Christ requires you to repent of your evil and accept the sacrifice of Christ. Christ as God in the Flesh died for you, so you can achieve eternal life regardless of past lifes. Christ is the same eternal one who restored the earth after the Rebellion of Lucifer. Lucifer tried to stop all souls on Earth from achieving Buddhahood. Christ created on the seventh day the Sabbath to make it easier to achieve union with God. Instead of renouncing the world 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, you simply renounce the world and commune with God once every seven days. Christ is Lord of the Sabbath for he created the Sabbath for the benefit of mankind. 4,000 years later he allowed himself to be born into the world to die for the world. To die that we may have eternal life. The blended path of Judaism and Christianity teaches that we can be resurrected into the Kingdom of God as an eternal Co-heir of Christ.

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