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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Holy Sabbath: Drawing Close to God

    God placed his Holy Awareness into the Seventh day. God made the Sabbath available to all as a simple connection to the Holy God. The Master and Chester watched the reflection of the sunset on the contemplation pond. In the last month, Chester had noticed that the Master did this every week on Friday night. He decided to mimic the Master. Both were in a Zen meditation position with their eyes trained on the setting sun and its awesome reflection on the cool still water. As the sun slowly set, Chester felt a presence he had never felt before. Chester asked in a voice saturated with awe, "What is happening?"

    The Master's voice sounded like a deep comforting chime, "In order to truly understand Holyness, one must experience a closeness to God. After the great War of Rebellion, God made it easier for his creation to draw close to him. Gone was the need for endless rebirths. Now one just needed to be aware of his presence every 7 days. After Lucifer tried to destroy the world, The Spirit of God came down and repaired what the rebellion of Lucifer had almost totally destroyed. The Torah records in Genesis how the Spirit of the Eternal came down and repaired in 7 days our Mother Earth. Lucifer was determined to make the reincarnations fail in their attempt to regain unity with the Supreme Bliss. After God repaired the destruction of Lucifer and made the Mother Earth ready to bring forth children, he created the Sabbath by resting on the seventh day. A day he placed his presence on so it would be easier for the souls to connect with him. Right now, you are feeling Gods Holy presence, and will continue to feel a Oneness for the next 24 hours if you keep the Sabbath Holy. The Sabbath is the first part of the Amended Plan of God. The Resurrection is the amended plan of God part two

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  • Was Christ God in the Flesh?
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  • Buddha: Atheist or God?
  • Reincarnation: The Original Plan of God
  • Sabbath: The Amended Plan of God part 1
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  • The Sabbath is a Rehearsal
  • Sabbath and the Buddha
  • The Tao of Sabbath
  • Seven Sabbath Meditations
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  • The Parable of the King's Diamonds
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  • And God said...
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  • The Aquarian Gospel of Christ
  • Jesus Christ
  • Is Krishna also Christ?

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