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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Chester's Oral Tests


    The Master and Chester were just finishing dinner. It was Friday night, so the Sabbath had begun. As was his custom, the Master lit some incense and became very quiet and serene. Chester had come to look forward to the Sabbath and listen to the Master teach. Sometimes the Master would meditate for over an hour. Chester decided that somehow during the meditation, the Master knew exactly what Chester needed to help him learn progress. Chester crossed his legs and started meditating too. Chester slowed his breathing and calmed his mind. He pictured a lake being disturbed by wind and unable to reflect the full moon just above the lake. By focusing on calming the waves on the lake, he calmed his mind. Even when he imagined the air as being windless, the calmness of the lake illuded him. Mild ripples made the reflected moon dance and wiggle. Then he remembered the trick the Master had taught him. Why was the picture in his mind of the moon and sky above the lake motionless? Because my mind makes it so. Why can't you still the lake so that you can see two motionless moons? Rotate the picture until the sky is on the bottom. It stays still. The lake is stills because it now looks like the sky. Instantly the picture becomes two perfect moons in perfect opposite. The sky and lake the same. The stars in the lake looked like the ones in the sky. At that perfect moment the vision began.

    The Master waited for Chester to finish his meditation. It had been over an hour since he had begun meditating. When Chester opened his eyes the Master began questioning Chester. The vision was still vivid in his memory and the Master was asking him something. "I'm sorry what?"

    The Master repeated his request. "Tell me about your vision."

    "It was about my friend Paul."

    "What did you see?"

    "He was getting married."

    "Were the details firm or changing?"

    "What do you mean?" Chester frowned.

    "Did the clothing stay the same during the vision or did it change?"

    "It changed. Paul had three different tuxedos during the vision but the bride had exactly the same dress."

    "So was the vision of the past or of the future?"

    Chester tried to understand what made the Master think he knew that. The wisdom of infinity came to the rescue. If it had been a vision of the past the details wouldn't have changed. But because some things were inconsistent, like the flower arrangment, which changed the most, it must be a vision of the future since some things haven't been decided yet. The people and the date have been confirmed but many details remain. "It was the future." He said matter of factly.

    "What does this mean?" The Master waited.

    Chester was suprised he wasn't challenged his answer had been the future. "I need to leave soon, I'm his best man."

    The Master smiled. "If you satisfy my questions you may go with my blessing."

    Chester sat up a litle stiffer. "And if I don't satisfy you questions?"

    The Master's smile broadened. "You may go with my blessing."

    Chester laughed, the Master had gotten him again. "What are your questions?"

    The Master laughed and then settled deeper into the cushions around him. "What is the Tao?"

    Chester took a deep breath and said. "The indescribeable subtleness that sustains all reality."

    The Master's voice was low in volume but deep in timbre, his questions hung in the air. "What is Nirvana?"

    Chester decided to settle back into the rich cushions. "Nirvana is the the uncreate. The uncreate is the ultimate escape of the created, the formed and all that has beginnings and endings."

    The Master paused and nodded slowly. The twinkle in his eye and the lift of his lips spoke of his pride. "What are the three absolutes of the uncreate?"

    Chester was proud too. He didn't realize he had learned this much. He actually understood all of these difficult questions. He spoke up a little. "The Ineffable Void, The Ineffable Infinite and the Ineffable Effulgence."

    "What are the three absolutes of the created?"

    "Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience."

    "What are the seven wisdoms?"

    Chester cleared his throat. "Eternity, Infinity, Awareness, Oneness, Balance, Faith and Holiness."

    "Briefly describe what these seven wisdoms mean?"

    Chester had gone through the seven sabbath meditations. Each Sabbath was dedicated to meditating and or contemplating about one specific wisdom the whole night. How was he going to compress seven nights of meditation into a few short sentences. Chester licked his lips and began slowly. "Eternity is the wisdom of realizing there has never been a time when it wasn't now. Now has always existed and always will. All experiences occur in the now. The unfolding pattern of reality is contained within the now. The Infinite possibilities spring from the eternal now. Awareness is alway present in the now. Eternity, Infinity and Awareness are the three absolute trusts of God. God is Eternal, UNlimited, Unbounded, infinite Awareness." Chester had to take a break. The joy and bliss from the seven Sabbaths seemed to flow over him and through him. Chester looked up and exalted the rest of the wisdoms. God is one with creation. The uncreate is the balance to the created. All reality is composed of a balance of opposites. Our Awareness travels the infinities by the decisions we make. Faith allows us to pluck the ideal realitiy from the infinite possibilties. Holy righteous decisions and actions allow for the most perfect and prescious realities to form." Chester couldn't continue, the joy made him mute! All he could do was smile and sigh.

    The Master called for Sanjiv to bring tea. As the bright smell of Sanjiv's mint tea sharpened the air, Chester sipped and was grateful ffor a brief respite from the questions. "What is the purpose of creation?"

    Chester smiled and collected his thoughts. "God wanted to experience God. The creation is a reflection of God's Glory. God hid his glory from the creation so that as God's creation discovered God, God discovered God all over again. The Dance of Shiva!"

    "What is the original plan of God?"

    Chester smiled. "Evolution of bodies and evolution of souls. The souls use the bodies of countless lives to experience the world of Karma. As long as the soul forgets it is of God, from God and not separate from God, the soul gets another life to try and remember or discover itself."

    "What caused problems for the original plan of God?"

    Chester sipped his tea. He licked his lips and tried to remember. "The War of the Angels. Lucifer was sent to the Earth to help the souls here to achieve their ultimate potential. But Lucifer discovered the souls would someday become God Beings more powerful than himself. He turned away from the command of God and convinced one third of the holy angels that this was not in their best interest. The first terrorist were the angels that banded together with Lucifer and invaded heaven to overthrow the very Throne of God. They were the first ones wanting freedom from God's law. Michael and his angels fought the Dragon and his Angels and they were defeated. Enraged at the foil of his plan, Lucifer and the fallen angels turned their rage on the planet and caused great volcanoes to spew poison and darkness into the sky until all life was frozen stiff. This is why Genesis is not the account of the creation of the original heavens and the Earth, but a repair job. God came down to repair the damge caused by Satan and his demons. God started over with Adam and Eve and he rested on the seventh day."

    "Why does God rest on the seventh day."

    Chester was amazed at how much the Master had taught him. "God sacredly set aside the seventh day for he places his presence within it and thus makes it Holy. Every seventh day the sabbath is filled with the presense of God. One achieves oneness with God by simply pausing every seventh day. One honors God by resting and focusing on God. The day God sets aside for communion with God is as effective as meditating every day, seven days a week!"

    "Please explain further."

    Chester calmed his mind and slowed his breath. His voice became soft as a whisper. The Master listened in the near silence to his student's words. "During the original plan of God, the reincarnations on this Earth had millions of years to achieve the objective of God Awareness. Lucifer was still under command to help the souls achieve Buddhahood but because Lucifer had turned to rebellion and wickedness, his name was changed to Satan which means deceiving enemy. Satan is the pure essense of Maya. After thousands of lives, sooner or later one would spiritually evolve until a life of meditation, prayer and contemplation became ones priority. Lives dedicated in such a way would accelerate their spiritual progress until union with the Divine was accomplished. But Satan is decieving the entire world with his message of power, lust, violence, greed, anger, terror and dispair. The entire planet is doomed to failure if mankind destroys itself in a spasm of war." Chester stopped and finished his tea.

    The Master challenged. "That doesn't explain the Sabbath at all."

    "Wait, let me finish. Because Satan influences the world to be a place that diverts one attention away from the spiritual life, God made it easier when he repaired the Earth as recorded in Genesis. Instead of having to meditate and pray every day all day, just one day in seven, the Holy Sabbth, is set aside. By keeping the Sabbth, one's prayers and meditations are just as effective as with the original plan of God. One can achieve oneness with God in one lifetime just by keeping the Sabbath. The updated, easier plan of God is 1/7th as hard as the original!"

    The Master beamed but didn't let up on his student. "You explained Reincarnations and the Sabbath well enough, now tell me about the Resurrections prophecied in the spiritual texts of the Israelites and the Christians."

    Chester had to shake his head. This was taking a lot of mental energy. He had never been grilled this hard by the Master before. "There will be two Resurrections. Both are involved with Christ..."

    The Master interrupted Chester. "Wait, before you can explain anything using Christ, you must explain who Christ is first."

    "Wait, I need a break. Can we talk a walk outside. It's barely raining. It doesn't get any better than barely raining during the monsoon season. We can finish these oral tests outside. Deal?"

    The Master laughed as he got up. "You're right. I'll tell Sanjiv where we are going. I will meet you out back. Your doing very well. You made good use of your time here. I wish you could stay longer."

    Chester also felt the pang of regret because of his soon departure. As he walked toward the porch behind the kitchen, he wondered what was waiting for him back in America.

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