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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Amended Plan of God

    Resurrection: The Amended Plan of God Chester asked, "Your saying that Reincarnation and The Resurrection are not that different?

    The Master replied, "When we die we go to what my Master called the unseen state. Unfortunately the English translation for Sheol from the Hebrew was translated as hell or grave. Hell means, to most people, where evil people go at death and the grave is where the body goes at death. However, the best translation for Sheol is the unseen state or a place of waiting for the dead. Sheol is where souls sleep until either they are reincarnated or resurrected."

    Chester said, "Why does God need both reincarnation and resurrection to achieve his master plan?"

    The Master smiled, "Both the original and the amended plan of God are in still valid. However, God knew there was limited time on earth before Satan would deceive mankind into trying to destroy themselves. You can still connect to God in a single lifetime and discover union with God like Enoch did. However, it is rare and the reincarnation plan of God needs millions of years to insure all the souls achieve union. The Resurrection is God's way of making sure every soul has as chance to achieve union once time is cut short. After the thousand year reign of Christ, all souls that haven't already achieved God Consciousness will be resurrected and will live in the paradise of Christ on earth and will have the ideal environment to achieve God Consciousness. For you see, the Amended Plan of God is needed because of The Rebellion of Lucifer."

    Chester chuckled. "I guess your talking about the resurrection that happens when Christ returns. My Dad used to talk about it all the time. But he taught me that only the babtized who accepted Jesus would be in that resurrection. Surely that can't mean all souls like you just talked about!"

    The Master chuckled, "You like to ask the hard questions. There are two resurrection, one at Christ's return and another after Christ has created paradise on Earth for 1,000 years. God's Grand Master Plan is to bring all souls back to God Consciousness. For one thousand years, souls that have almost achieved God Oneness will be reincarnated during Christ's rule. Christ will do what Lucifer refused, to help mankind achieve their God Consciousness. The 1,000 years of paradise will be an ideal place to be born. The Earth will be the ideal place to achieve God Consciousness. The second resurrection will occur after the 1,000 years of paradise. To truly understand you must know of the role Christ plays in the Plan of God."

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