The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

Who was Levi?

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The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling

Presented as a service of the Reluctant Messenger.

The Aquarian Gospel of Christ resonates so strongly with the teachings of The Reluctant Messenger that it is presented here for those ready to receive its message.

Many scholars recognize that the New Testament we have today is a copy of a copy of a copy and that no reliable manuscript is dated before the third century. The doctrine of reincarnation echos throughout the teachings of Christ, but the purity of Christ's teachings, about the soul being part of God, has been diluted by the copiers and the translators.

History recordes that the early Christine church believed in Reincarnation and of the souls journey back to oneness with God.

Pope Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation

Pope Vigilius was a vicar during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the sixth century AD. Justinian and Vigilius disagreed on whether or not the doctrine of reincarnation should be condemned as heresy or allowed to be taught in the church.

Origin's writings were considered heresy by important cardinals in the sixth century. Origen's teachings had been considered as profound spiritual wisdom for three centuries. Origen lived around 250 AD and wrote about the pre-existence of the soul and in reincarnation. He taught that the soul’s very source was God and that the soul’s was traveling back to oneness with God via Reincarnation.

Emperor Justinian wanted Origen’s writings and teachings to be condemned and destroyed but Pope Vigilius refused to sign a papal decree condemning Origen's teachings on reincarnation. As a result of his disobedience, the Emperor had the Pope arrested and put into jail. In 543, Justinian convoked the Fifth General Council of the Church and told the Pope he would sign whatever into doctrine whatever the council decided. On the way there, under guard, the Pope escaped to avoid being forced to condemn Origen’s writings. The Emperor commanded the council to continue despite the Pope’s refusal to attend.

There was a logical reason why the Emperor was opposed to the concept that all of mankind originally came from God and was returing to God via the cucle of birth and death. Justinian had been convinced by high ranking cardinals that it was not in the interest of the empire to allow Origen;s writings to continue to be copied and distributed. A powerful group of Cardinal’s and Bishop’s explained that if every soul had once pre-existed with God, then Christ wasn’t anything special to have come from God. These Cardinals convinced the Emperor that if people realized they were the children of God theymight begin to believe they no longer needed an Emperor, or to pay taxes, or to obey the Holy Church. But since they reasoned that only Christ had come from God but Giod made brand new souls at the time of conception and only the Holy Church could bring these souls to God. Without the protection of the Empire or the gudance of the church, all people would be doomed to be forever cut off from God in Hell. This doctrine was very acceptabloe to the Emperor. Once Justinian understood the political danger inherent in Origen’s teachings, the rest was simply an Emperor doing what was in his best interest.

The council, as instructed by the Emperor, produced fourteen new anathemas and the very first one condemned reincarnation and the concept that souls pre-existed with God.

  • If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema.

  • The Pope never signed the order, so technically it was never legal, but the Pope's signature was not needed.

    See also, Christian Reincarnation: The Long Forgotten Doctrine. Note: The Aquarian Gospel of Christ is very consistent with The Lost Years of Jesus: The Life of Saint Issa. See also The Essenes.

    The Reluctant Messenger Blog

    The Trek of Souls
    From Ignorance to Divinity

    a single-paragraph review of The Aquarian Gospel
    by Michael F. O’Keeffe
    In this marvelous book, Jesus explains that every living thing is a deity manifest, and each has a soul, which is on a very long trek – from total unawareness of its own divinity, to full consciousness. Every creature, after many incarnations, eventually becomes fully aware of its divine lineage; and later, during subsequent incarnations, each one learns more and more about accessing and utilizing divine strength, wisdom and love; until eventually, every one (plant, animal and human) achieves pure perfection – oneness with God (our Father). He said that He, Jesus, is our example of a man who achieved oneness. He is our elder brother, come to teach us. Jesus is our example of that which we all will eventually become. (He became immortal; He is always with us; He waits for us.)

    About the Author Levi H. Dowling

    In response to inquiries from many friends of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ for some information regarding the transcriber, we herewith give a short sketch. It was his great desire that each one should have the message regardless of the messenger.

    LEVI (Levi H. Dowling), was born Friday morning, May 18, 1844, at Belleville, Ohio. His father, Scotch-Welsh descent, was a pioneer preacher among the Disciples of Christ. Levi was always a student of the deeper things of life. At the age of thirteen, in his first public debate, he took the negative side against a Presbyterian Elder on "The Everlasting Punishment of the Wicked".

    He began preaching at the age of sixteen; and at the age of eighteen was pastor of a small church. He entered the United States Army at the age of twenty as Chaplain, and served in this capacity to the end of the Civil War. In 1866-7 he was a student at Northwestern Christian University at Indianapolis, Indiana. The next year he began publishing Sunday School Literature, issuing Sunday School Lesson Papers, Song Books, and a Children's Sunday School Paper. Much of his time was devoted to the cause of Prohibition. He was a graduate of two medical colleges and practised medicine for a number of years. He finally retired from the medical profession to resume literary work.

    Early in life, when but a mere lad, he had a vision in which he was told that he was to "build a white city." This vision was repeated three times with years intervening. The building of the "white city" was "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ." This book was transcribed between the early morning hours of two and six--the absolutely "quiet hours."

    Levi passed from earth-life August 13, 1911.

    The Publishers

    Regarding The Authenticity of
    The Aquarian Gospel
    By Michael F. O’Keeffe

    ... Some articles have been published, which call into question the authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel. These articles cite three instances of contention. One of the arguments claims that Levi, the transcriber, made a mistake by misidentifying the ancient rulers known as Herod. The second criticism is that the Akashic records, as transcribed by Levi, are not in agreement with Edgar Cayce’s description of these same sacred records. And the third criticism claims that Jesus could not have known Meng-tse of Lassa, Tibet, since Meng-tse lived 300 years before Jesus’ time.

    First, let’s address the “Herod issue.”

    Historians have often gotten the Herods confused, with good justification, for there were at least seven, and two of them were known as Herod Antipas.

    The Herods were all of the same family. They were Jewish in faith, but their ancestry was Indumean and Arabian. Roman authorities appointed them as rulers over lands in the Middle East. The patriarch of the Herodian dynasty, Antipater II, ruled an area that included Palestine, which consisted of three provinces – Judea, Samaria and Galilee (and regions to the north). He died in 43 BC.

    Antipater’s son, Herod Antipas, succeeded him, and he was known as a great builder, and under his authority, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was begun. Thus, he became known as “Herod The Great.” Near the end of his reign, Jesus was born, and by his order, the infant boys of Bethlehem were slain.

    Herod The Great died shortly after the slaughter in Bethlehem, and after his death, his kingdom was divided among three of his sons. One of them, Herod Archelaus, became governor of Judea, but approximately nine years later he was deposed by Rome for excessive cruelty. (A man from outside the dynasty, Gratus, who ruled for about eleven years, replaced him, and Pontius Pilate, also from outside the dynasty, succeeded him.)

    Archelaus’ brother ruled Galilee and Paraca (Perea), and he, like his father, was known as Herod Antipas. His palace was in the city of Tiberius, upon the shores of the Sea of Galilee, however he had other residences available to him, including one in Jerusalem. In a drunken state, during a festive celebration in the fortress at Machaerus, he ordered the beheading of John the Baptist, and more than a year later, he was residing in Jerusalem on the morning Jesus was arrested, tried and crucified.

    A third brother, Herod Philip, became ruler (Tetrarch) of northern Palestine – Iturea, Gaulanitis, and Trachonitis. He was the fifth ruler in the dynasty. Philip’s nephew, Agrippa (grandson of Herod the Great), eventually assumed rule over northern regions of Palestine, including Galilee and Paraca, and later his rule extended to Judea and Samaria. Historians have referred to him as Herod Agrippa I.

    Agrippa’s younger brother ruled a region of Lebanon and he was known as Herod of Chalcis. Agrippa’s son, Herod Agrippa II, became the eighth ruler in the dynasty (and at least the seventh to bear the name, Herod). He did not immediately succeed his father, but eventually he became ruler of both Chalcis and northern Palestine.

    This resolves the criticism of Levi’s description of “The Herods.” Levi was not confused. However, some critics of the Aquarian Gospel have been.

    Second issue: let’s address the issue of Levi’s account of the Akashic Records vs. Edgar Cayce’s account.

    Edgar Cayce was a very talented man, and, among other things, he was able to access the Akashic Records, but his ability to visit this mystic recording of human history was limited. One who visits these records must learn to tune his mind to the frequencies of etheric energy waves from the past. Edgar Cayce’s ability to tune was not perfected, as Levi’s was.

    Edgar was able to “fan through” a few pages of the sacred, mystic records of World History, but he was not strong enough to view specific events clearly and precisely, whereas Levi was strong enough to open The Book; and he could “turn pages” at will. His transcription is “the little book,” and it is commonly known as “The Aquarian Gospel.”

    Levi was able to remain in a state of meditation for several days at a time. Only a person who can achieve this level of self-control (and strength of will) is strong enough to perfectly tune his mind to the frequencies of past events, enabling him to view the past, as if happening “here and now.”

    Levi could replay an incident during meditation (as many times as necessary) to accomplish a perfect description and transcription of historical events. This is how Levi transcribed the Akashic Records (the book of God’s Remembrance). Whereas, Edgar Cayce, not nearly as strong as Levi, viewed the past as if peering through a fog, somewhat like listening to a radio which is receiving two or three stations simultaneously.

    The “Edgar Cayce issue” is resolved.

    Third, the “Meng-tse issue.”*

    Consider this: James Madison was elected President of the United States in 1808, and less than 200 years have elapsed. Yet, a significant number of James Madisons have resided in North America since then. Likewise, Meng-tse, who was a friend of Jesus in Lassa, Tibet, is obviously not the same Meng-tse of Chinese historical records (unless there is a calendar discrepancy of nearly 300 years, which seems unlikely).

    “Meng-tse issue” resolved.

    *(Note: The Adventures Unlimited Press edition of the Aquarian Gospel spells Meng-tse as “Meng-ste.”)

    Furthermore, regarding the authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel: only honest, sincere men and women, who read this book carefully and comprehensively, can comprehend this book. Others simply ignore it, or decide to attack its authenticity. The Aquarian Gospel is nothing less than “God-revealed,” during these times of Revelation. Pay heed to how you read this most sacred book. Approach “God-revealed” with reverence and trepidation.

    The little book is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach. That is, the revelations contained within the Aquarian Gospel are indeed sweet and beautiful, but as these Truths digest, we realize how much our Father-God requires of us, and the sweetness turns to bitterness; and, as this bitterness sets in, we are tempted to resent our Father. Yet, we know He knows best.

    Our Father requires each one of us to conquer the carnal appetites, passions and desires. That is, we must win The Victory; we must obtain the pearl of greatest price – a very difficult and monumental task. Yet, one must possess this pure white gem before one may re-enter Paradise. (Meanwhile, we remain locked out, as we have been for eons, ever since we fell.)

    However, there is now cause for great rejoicing. The Age of Aquarius is now dawning. All men and women (judged worthy) are about to be admitted to this glorious Age (a school), where we will be taught how to acquire the most precious pearl, and we will make many giant strides on the trek to soul-maturity. The onset of this imminent New Age will mark the end of warfare on Earth (as the meek receive their inheritance).

    During the New Age we will be taught how to walk the straight and narrow way (the return path to Eden), and re-enter Paradise – a state of mind, and a joyous feast. During these times of Revelations, as we make the transition to the New Age, vast multitudes of men and women will soon be compelled to come up to the feast.

    (Some already have!)

    The Judgment Day is near! Very near.

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