The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

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Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

Chapters 137 - 143


Jesus and his disciples go into a retired place to pray. Jesus teaches Lazarus how to pray. The model prayer. The value of importunate prayer. Parable of the importunate housewife.

NOW, in the evening Jesus, Peter, James and John, with Lazarus, went out beyond the village gates to pray. And Lazarus said, Teach me to pray. 2 And Jesus said, The prayer I taught the twelve to pray while we were up in Galilee is one acceptable to God; and when you pray just say, 3 Our Father-God who art in heaven; holy is thy name; thy kingdom come; they will be done on earth as it is done in heaven; 4 Give us this day our needed bread; 5 Help us forget the debts that other people owe to us, that all our debts may be discharged; 6 And shield us from the tempter's snares that are too great for us to bear; 7 And when they come give us the strength to overcome. 8 And Jesus said, The answer to your prayer may not appear in fulness in a little time. 9 Be not discouraged; pray again and then again, for God will hear. 10 And then he spoke a parable; he said, A housewife was alone at night and, lo, some guests arrived, and they were hungry, having had no food for all the day. 11 The housewife had no bread, and so at midnight she went forth and called a friend and said, Loan me three loaves of bread, for guests have come, and I have naught for them to eat. 12 The friend replied, Why do you trouble me at midnight hour? My door is shut; my children are with me in bed; I cannot rise to give you bread; to-morrow you can be supplied. 13 The housewife asked again, and then again, and then because she pled, and would not be refused, the friend arose and gave her bread. 14 Behold, I say to you, Ask firmly and you shall receive; seek trustingly and you shall find; knock earnestly, the door will open up. 15 All things are yours, and when you ask, not as a begging man would ask, but as a child, you shall be satisfied. 16 A son may ask his father for a loaf of bread; the father will not give to him a stone; 17 Or he may ask him for a fish; he will not give a crab; or he may ask him for an egg; the father will not give a pebble from the brook. 18 Behold, if men of flesh know how to give abundantly to children of the flesh, will not your heavenly Father give abundantly to you when you shall pray?


The Christines in Jerusalem. They meet a man blind from birth. Jesus teaches a lesson on the cause of disease and disasters. He heals the blind man.

THE Lord with Peter, James and John were in Jerusalem; it was the Sabbath day. 2 And as they walked along the way they saw a man who could not see; he had been blind from birth. 3 And Peter said, Lord, if disease and imperfections all are caused by sin, who was the sinner in this case? the parents or the man himself? 4 And Jesus said, Afflictions all are partial payments on a debt, or debts, that have been made. 5 There is a law of recompense that never fails, and it is summarised in that true rule of life: 6 Whatsoever man shall do to any other man some other man will do to him. 7 In this we find the meaning of the Jewish law, expressed concisely in the words, Tooth for a tooth; life for a life. 8 He who shall injure any one in thought, or word, or deed, is judged a debtor to the law, and some one else shall, likewise, injure him in thought, or word or deed. 9 And he who shed the blood of any man will come upon the time when his blood shall be shed by man. 10 Affliction is a prison cell in which a man must stay until he pays his debts unless a master sets him free that he may have a better chance to pay his debts. 11 Affliction is a certain sign that one has debts to pay. 12 Behold this man! Once in another life he was a cruel man, and in a cruel way destroyed the eyes of one, a fellow man. 13 The parents of this man once turned their faces on a blind and helpless man, and drove him from their door. 14 Then Peter asked, Do we pay off the debts of other men when by the Word we heal them, drive the unclean spirits out, or rescue them from any form of sore distress? 15 And Jesus said, We cannot pay the debts of any man, but by the Word we may release a man from his afflictions and distress, 16 And make him free, that he may pay the debts he owes, by giving up his life in willing sacrifice for men, or other living things. 17 Behold, we may make free this man that he may better serve the race and pay his debts. 18 Then Jesus called the man and said, Would you be free? would you receive your sight? 19 The man replied, All that I have would I most freely give if I could see. 20 And Jesus took saliva and a bit of clay and make a salve, and put it on the blind man's eyes. 21 He spoke the Word and then he said, Go to Siloam and wash, and as you wash say, Jahhevahe. This do for seven times and you shall see. 22 The man was led unto Siloam; he washed his eyes and spoke the word, and instantly his eyes were opened and he saw. 23 The people who had seen the man for many years sit by the way and beg, were much surprised to see him see. 24 They said, Is not this man the Job that was born blind, who sat beside the way and begged? 25 He heard them talk among themselves; he said, Yes I am he. 26 The people asked, How were you healed? who opened up your eyes? 27 He said, A man whom men call Jesus, made a salve of clay and put it on my eyes, and bade me say a word and wash in Siloam seven times; I did as he commanded me, and now I see. 28 A certain scribe was passing, and he saw the man and heard him say that Jesus, by the Word, had opened up his eyes. 29 He therefore took the man up to the synagogue, and told the story to the priests, who asked the man about the miracle. 30 The man replied, I never saw the light until to-day, for I was blind from birth. 31 This morning as I sat beside Siloam, a man I never knew put on my eyes a salve that people say he made of clay; he bade me say a word and bathe my eyes in water seven times; I did as he commanded and I saw. 32 A lawyer asked the man, Who was it opened up your eyes? 33 The man replied, Some people say, His name is Jesus and that he came from Galilee; but others say, He is the son of God. 34 A Pharisee came up and said, This is the Sabbath day; a man who does a work like this, regarding not the Sabbath day, is not from God. 35 Some of the priests were much amazed and said, A wicked man could never do a miracle like this; he must possess the power of God. And so they strove among themselves. 36 They asked the man, What do you think about this man from Galilee? 37 He said, He is a prophet sent from God. 38 Now, many of the Jews did not believe the man was blind from birth; they said, There is no power to open up the eyes of one born blind. 39 And then they brought the parents of the man before the Pharisees that they might testify. 40 They said, This is our son who was born blind; we do not know how he received his sight; he is of age and he can tell ; ask him. 41 They were afraid to say what they believed, that Jesus is the Christ who came to manifest the power of God, lest they offend the priests and be cast from the synagogue. 42 Again the rulers said, This Jesus is a wicked man. The man who had been healed stood forth again and said, 43 This Jesus may be sinner or be saint, I do not know; but this one thing I know; I once was blind, but now I see. 44 And then the scribes and Pharisees reviled the man and said, You are a follower of this man from Galilee. We follow Moses, but this man, we know him not, and know not whence he is. 45 The man replied, It is a marvel that you know not whence he is, and yet he opened up my eyes. 46 You know that nothing but the power of God can do such things. 47 God hears not sinners pray, and you must know that he is not a wicked man who can employ the power of God. 48 The Pharisees replied, You wretch! you were begotten and were born in sin, and now you try to teach the law to us. And then they cast him from the synagogue.


Jesus meets and instructs the man who was blind. Unfold the mysteries of the kingdom. The sheepfold. Declares himself the shephard. Goes to the home of Massalian, where he abides ceratin days.

WHEN Jesus heard what had been done and how the priests had cst the man whom he had healed, out of the synagogue he found the man and said to him, 2 Do you believe in God and in the son of God? 3 The man replied, I do believe in God; but who is he, the son of God, of whom you speak? 4 And Jesus said, The son of God is he who speaks to you. 5 The man inquired then, Why do you say, The son of God? Is there but one? 6 And Jesus said, All men are sons of God by birth; God is the Father of the race; but all are not the sons of God by faith. 7 He who attains the victory over self is son of God by faith, and he who speaks to you has overcome, and he is called son of God, because he is the pattern for the sons of men. 8 He who believes and does the will of God is son of God by faith. 9 The man in joy exclaimed, Lord, I believe in God, and in the son of God. 10 And Jesus said, I came to open prison doors, to make the blind to see; but, lo, the Pharisees are blind from birth. 11 And when I put the salve of truth upon their eyes, and bid them go and wash, and speak the sacred Word they will not go; they love the dark. 12 A multitude of people pressed about the Lord, and he stood forth and said, 13 You men of Israel, I say to you, The fold of God is large; its walls are strong, it has a gateway in the east, and he who does not enter by the gate into the fold, but climbs into the fold some other way, is thief and comes to rob. 14 The shepherd of the sheep stands by the gate; he gives the secret sign; he knocks; the watchman opens up the gate. 15 And then the shepherd calls his sheep by name; they hear his voice and follow him; they enter through the gate into the fold. 16 The sheep know not a stranger's voice; they will not follow him; they flee away. 17 The people did not understand the parable that Jesus spoke; and then he said, 18 Christ is the gateway of the fold; I am the shepherd of the sheep, and he who follows me through Christ shall come into the fold where living waters flow, and where rich pastures are. 19 False prophets come and go; they claim to be the shepherds of the sheep; they claim to know the way; but they know not the word of power; the watchman opens not the gate; the sheep heed not their call. 20 The shepherd of the sheep will give his life to save the sheep. 21 A hireling flees to save his life when wolves infest the fold; and then the tender lambs are snatched away, the sheep are scattered everywhere. 22 I am the shepherd of the sheep; I know the sheep of God; they know my voice, as God knows me and I know him. 23 The Father loves me with a deathless love, because I lay my life down for the sheep. 24 I lay my life down when I will, but I may take it up again; for every son of God by faith has power to lay his mortal flesh aside and take it up again. These words I have received from God. 25 Again the people strove among themselves; they were divided in their views concerning Christ. They could not comprehend the words that Jesus spoke. 26 Some said again, He is obsessed, or he is mad; why listen to his words? 27 And others said, His words are not the words of one obsessed. Can unclean spirits open up the eyes of one born blind? 28 Then Jesus left Jerusalem and with Massalian he tarried certain days.


Jesus and the three disciples return to Capernaum. Jesus receives the report of the seventy. With his disciples he goes through all Galilee encouraging the believers. He heals a woman. Relates the parable of the little seed and the great tree.

THE time had come for the return of the three score and ten whom Jesus sent abroad to preach. 2 And Jesus, Peter, James and John began their journey back to Galilee. 3 They went up through Samaria; they passed through many villages and towns, and everywhere the people thronged theways to see the man the seventy had told about; and Jesus taught and healed the sick. 4 And when they reached Capernaum the seventy were there; and they were filled with joy; they said, 5 The Spirit of the Lord of hosts was with us all the way, and we were filled. 6 The power of the sacred Word was manifest in us; we healed the sick; we caused the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the blind to see. 7 The very devils trembled when we spoke the Word, and they were subject unto us. 8 And Jesus said, As you were going on your way, the heavens were bright with light, the earth was bright, they seemed to meet and be at one; and I beheld, and Satan fell as lightning from the heavens. 9 Behold, for you have power to tread on serpents and on scorpions, and these are symbols of the enemies of men. You are protected in the way of right, and naught can harm. 10 And as you went I heard a master say, Well done. 11 But you may not rejoice because you have the power to heal the sick and make the devils tremble by the Word; for such rejoicing is from carnal self. 12 You may rejoice because the nations of the earth have ears to hear the Word, and eyes to see the glory of the Lord, and hearts to feel the inner breathing of the Holy Breath. 13 And you may well be glad because your names are written in the Book of Life. 14 Then Jesus looked to heaven and said, I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast revealed thyself to babes, and taught them how to light the path and lead the wise to thee. 15 What thou hast given to me, lo, I have given to them, and through the sacred Word I have bestowed on them the understanding heart, 16 That they might know and honour thee through Christ, who was, and is, and evermore shall be. 17 And then he said aside, unto the seventy and twelve, Most blessed are your eyes because you see the things you see; 18 And blessed they are your ears because they hear the things they hear; 19 And blessed are your hearts because you understand. 20 In ages that are gone the wise of earth, the prophets, seers and kings, desired to hear and see and know what you have heard and seen and known; but they had not attained and could not hear, and see and know. 21 And Jesus said again, Lo, I have gone before you many moons, and I have given to you the bread of heaven and the cup of life; 22 Have been your buckler and your stay; but now that you have learned the way, and have the strength to stand alone, behold, I lay my body down and go to him who is the All. 23 In forty days then we will turn our faces towards Jerusalem where I will find the altar of the Lord and give my life in willing sacrifice for men. 24 Let us arise and go through all the coasts of Galilee, and give a salutation of good cheer to all the sons of God by faith. 25 And they arose and went; they entered every town and village on the coast, and everywhere they said, The benedictions of the Christ abide with you for evermore. 26 Now, in a certain town they went up to the synagogue upon the Sabbath day, and Jesus taught. 27 And as he spoke, two men brought on a cot a woman bent near double with disease; she had not risen from her bed for eighteen years without a helping hand. 28 And Jesus laid his hand upon the woman, and he said, Arise, be free from your infirmity. 29 And as he spoke the Word the woman found that she was straight and strong, and she arose and walked and said, Praise God. 30 The ruler of the synagogue was filled with wrath because the healer healed upon the Sabbath day. 31 He did not censure Jesus face to face, but turning to the multitudes he said, 32 You men of Galilee, why do you break the laws of God? There are six days in every week when you may bring the afflicted to be healed. 33 This is the day that God has blessed, the Sabbath day in which men may not work. 34 And Jesus said, You inconsistent scribes and Pharisees! Upon the Sabbath day you take your beasts of burden from their stalls, and lead them forth to eat and drink; is this not work? 35 This daught of your father Abraham, who has been bound for eighteen years, has come in faith to be made free. 36 Now, tell me, men, is it a crime to break her bonds and set her free upon the Sabbath day? 37 The ruler said no more; the people all rejoiced and said, Behold the Christ! 38 And Jesus spoke a parable; he said, The kingdom of the Christ is like a little seed that one put in the ground; 39 It grew and after many years became a mighty tree, and many people rested in its shade, and birds built nests and reared their young among its leafy boughs.


Jesus speaks words of encouragement. Rebukes an officious Pharisee. Attends a wedding feast. Heals a dropsical man. Rebukes guests who seek chief seats. Relates a parable of a wedding feast.

AND Jesus went into another town upon the coast and spoke good words of cheer to those who followed him. 2 And one stood forth and said, Lord, are there few that enter into life? 3 And Jesus said, The way is rough that leads to life; the gate is narrow and is guarded well; but every one who seeks in faith shall find the way, and they who know the Word may enter in. 4 But many seek the way for selfish gain; they pound upon the gate of life; but it is fast. 5 The watchman from the turret says, I know you not; your speech is that of Ashdod, and your robes are those of sin; depart and go your way. 6 And they will go their way with weeping and with gnashing of the teeth. 7 And they will be enraged when they will be enraged when they see their father Abraham with Isaac, Jacob and the porphets, resting in the kingdom of the Christ, and they themselves debarred. 8 And, lo, I say that men will come from lands afar, from east, from west, from north, from south and sit with me in consciousness of life. 9 Behold, I say, the last shall be the first, the first shall be the last. 10 All men are called unto the kingdom of the Christ; but few are chosen, for the pure in heart alone can see the king. 11 And as he spoke a Pharisee came up and said, You man of Galilee, if you would save your life remain not here; flee instantly, for Herod swears that he will take your life, and even now his officers are seeking you. 12 And Jesus said, Why is it that the Pharisees are so concerned about my life? And then he said unto the man who spoke, 13 Go forth and say to that sly fox, Behold, I heal the sick and cast the unclean spirits out to-day, tomorrow, and the days to come, and then I will attain. 14 Go say to him, I need not fear in Galilee, for I must meet the cruel wrath of men within Jerusalem. 15 And while they tarried in the place a man, a Pharisee, invited Jesus and a few of those who followed him, to dine with him upon the Sabbath day, to celebrate the marriage of his son. 16 Among the guests was one afflicted with a dropsical disease. 17 And Jesus said to those who had been sent to get from his own lips some words by which they might accuse him of a crime, 18 You lawyers and you Pharisees, what do you say about the lawlessness of healing on the Sabbath day? Here is a man, one of your own, and he is sore distressed. 19 Shall I, in God's own strength, say out the healing Word and heal this man? 20 The lawyers and the Pharisees were dumb; they answered not. 21 Then Jesus spoke the healing Word and healed the man and he, rejoicing, went his way. 22 Then Jesus said again unto the lawyers and the Pharisees, Which one of you who has a horse or cow, if it would fall into a pit upon the Sabbath day would fall would not call in his friends to help to draw it out? 23 And not a man could answer, Here am I. 24 As Jesus looked upon the guests who had been bidden to the feast and saw them crowding in to get the highest seats, he said to them, 25 You selfish men, why do you strive to take the highest seats when you are but invited guests? You do not show our host the courtesies of life. 26 When men are bidden to a marriage feast they should sit in the lower seats until the host shall place them where he wills. 27 You may, unbidden, take the highest seat; but then a man more honourable may come and when the host shall bid you rise and take a lower seat that he may honour his more worthy guest, you cannot help but blush for very shame in your humility. 28 But if you take the lowest seat and then are honoured by your host and asked to take a higher seat, you are esteemed an honoured guest. 29 In this event we note a principle in life, That he who would exalt himself shall be abased, and he who humbles low himself shall be exalted in the sight of men. 30 Then Jesus spoke to all the guests; he said, When any one of you would make a feast it should not be for friends, or kindred, or the rich; 31 For they consider such a courtesy loaned out, and they feel called upon to make a greater feast for you, just in the payment of a debt. 32 But when you make a feast invite the poor, the lame, the blind; in this a blessing waits for you, for well you know that you will get naught in return; but in the consciousness of helping those who need, you will be recompensed. 33 And then he spoke a parable; he said, A wealthy man prepared a feast; he sent his servants forth to bit his chosen ones to come; but they desired not to go, and they formed such excuses as they thought would satisfy the would-be host. 34 One said, I have just bought a piece of land, and I must go and prove my title to the land; I pray to be excused. 35 Another said I must go down and prove my ownership in sheep that I have bought; I pray to be excused. 36 Another said, I have been married but a little time and so I cannot go; I beg to be excused. 37 Now, when the servants came and told the man who had prepared the feast that those he had invited would not come, 38 The man ws grieved in heart; and then he sent his servants forth into the streets and alleys of the town to bring up to the feast the poor, the lame, the blind. 39 The servants went abroad and found the poor, the lame, the blind, and brought them in; but there was room for more. 40 The host then sent his men of arms to bring by force the people to his feast; and then the house was full. 41 And God has made a feast for men. Long years ago he sent his servants forth unto the favoured sons of men. They would not hear his call; they came not to the feast. 42 He then sent forth his servants to the strangers and the multitudes; they came, but there is room for more. 43 Behold, for he will send his angels forth with mighty trumpet blast, and men will be compelled to come up to the feast.


The path of discipleship, its difficulties. The cross and its meaning. The danger of wealth. The young man who loved wealth more than he loved Christ. Parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

NOW, Jesus and the twelve went to another town, and as they entered it they said, Peace be to all; good will to all. 2 A multitude of people followed and the master said to them, Behold, for you are followers for selfish gain. 3 If you would follow me in love, and be disciples of the Holy Breath, and gain at last the crown of life, you must leave all there is of carnal life behind. 4 Be not deceived; stay, men, and count the cost. 5 If one would build a tower, or a home, he first sits down and counts the cost to be assured that he has gold enough to finish it. 6 For well he knows that if he makes a failure of his enterprise he may lose all his wealth, and be the butt of ridicule. 7 And if a king desires to take the kingdom of another king, he calls his trusted men and they consider well their strength; he will not measure arms with one of matchless power. 8 Count well the cost before you start to follow me; it means the giving up of life, and all you have. 9 If you love father, mother, wife, or child, more than love the Christ, you cannot follow me. 10 If you follow wealth or honour more than you love the Christ, you cannot follow me. 11 The paths of carnal life do not run up the mountain side towards the top; they run around the mount of life, and if you go straight to the upper gate of consciousness you cross the paths of carnal life; tread in them not. 12 And this is how men bear the cross; no man can bear another's cross. 13 Take up your cross and follow me through Christ into the path of true discipleship; this is the path that leads to life. 14 This way of life is called the pearl of greatest price, and he who finds it must put all he has beneath his feet. 15 Behold, a man found in a certain field the croppings of a wondrous mine of gold, and he went forth and sold his home and aal he had and bought the field; then he rejoiced in wealth. 16 Now, there were present, scribes and Pharisees of wealth who loved their money, and their bonds and lands, and they laughed loud to scorn what Jesus said. 17 Then Jesus spoke to them and said, You are the men who justify yourselves in sight of men; God knows your wickedness of heart; 18 And you must know, O men, that whatsoever is revered and is exalted by the carnal mind, is an abomination in the sight of God. 19 And Jesus went his way, and as he went a young man ran and knelt down at his feet and said, Good master, tell me what to do that I may have eternal life. 20 And Jesus said, Why do you call me good? No one is truly good but God himself. 21 And God has said, If you would enter into life, keep the Commandments of the law. 22 The young man asked, To which commands did he refer? 23 And Jesus said, You shall not kill; you shall not steal; you shall not do adulterous things; you shall not falsely testify; 24 and you shall love your God with all your heart, and you shall love your neighbour as yourself. 25 The man replied, These things I have observed from youth; what lack I yet? 26 And Jesus said, One thing you lack; your heart is fixed on things of earth; you are not free. 27 Go forth and sell all that you have, and give your money to the poor, and come follow me, and you shall have eternal life. 28 The man was grieved at what the master said; for he was rich; he hid his face and went in sorrow on his way. 29 And Jesus looked upon the sorrowing man and said, It is so hard for men with hoardedwealth to enter through the door into the kingdom of the soul. 30 And his disciples were amazed at what he said. 31 He answered them and said, I tell you, men, that they who trust in riches cannot trust in God and cannot come into the kingdom of the soul: 32 Yea, it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a man with hoarded wealth to find the way of life. And his disciples said, Who then can find the way? Who can be saved? 33 And Jesus said, The rich may give his gold away; the high may kiss the dust, and God will save. 34 Then Jesus spoke this parable to them: 35 A rich man lived in splendid state; he wore the finest garments men could make; his boards were loaded with the costliest viands of the land. 36 A beggar, blind and lame, whose name was Lazarus, was wont to sit beside the waste gate of this home that he might share with dogs the refuse from the rich man's board. 37 It came to pass that Lazarus died, and angels carried him away unto the bosom of our father Abraham. 38 The rich man also died, and he was buried in a costly tomb; but in the purifying fires he opened up his eyes dissatisfied. 39 He looked and saw the beggar resting peacefully in the bosom of his father Abraham, and in the bitterness of his soul he cried, 40 My father Abraham, look down in mercy on your son; I am tormented in these flames. 41 Send Lazarus, I beseech, that he may give me just a sup of water to cool my parched tongue. 42 But Abraham replied, My son, in mortal life, you had the best things of the earth and Lazarus had the worst, and you would not give him a cup of water there, but drove him from your door. 43 The law must be fulfilled, and Lazarus now is conforted, and you are paying what you owe. 44 Besides, there is a great gulf fixed between your zone and us, and if I would I could not send Lazarus to you, and you cannot come up to us till you have paid your debts. 45 Again the man in anguish said, O father Abraham, I pray, send Lazarus back to earth, and to my father's house, that he may tell my brothers who are yet in life, for I have five of them, about the horrors of this place, lest they come dowm to me and not to you. 46 And Abraham replied, They have the words of Moses and the seers, let them hear them. 47 The man replied, They will not hearken to the written word; bit if a amn would go up from the grave they might believe. 48 But Abraham replied, If they hear not the words of Moses and the seers they would not be persuaded even though one from the dead stood in their midst. 49 And Peter said, Lord, we have left our all to follow you; and what is our reward? 50 And Jesus said, Most verily I say to you, that you who have left all to follow me shall come into a newness of a life hid deep with Christ in God. 51 And you shall sit with me upon the throne of power, and judge with me the tribes of Israel. 52 And he who conquers carnal self, and follows me through Christ shall have a hundred fold of that which is the wealth of life on earth, and in the world to come, eternal life.


Righteousness in rewards. Jesus relates the parable of the husbandman and the labourers. Makes known the divine law of divorce. The mystery of marriage.

THE Lord was standing by the sea; the multitudes were there and one stood forth and said, 2 Does God bestow rewards as men bestow rewards, for what is done? 3 And Jesus said, Men never know what other men have done, this life is such a seeming life. 4 One man may seem to do a mighty work, and be adjudged by men as worthy of a great reward. 5 Another man may seem to be a failure in the harvest fields of life, and be dishonoured in the face of men. 6 Men do not know the hearts of men; God only knows the hearts of men, and whne the day is done he may reward with life the man who fell beneath the burdens of the day, and turn away the man who was the idol of the hearts of men. 7 And then he spoke a parable; he said, The kingdom of the soul is like a man who had a vast estate, 8 And in the morning time he went down to the market place to search for men to gather in his grain. 9 He found three men, and he agreed to give to each a penny for his service for the day, and sent them to his field. 10 Again he went down to the market place the third hour of the day and found five men in waiting, and he said, Go down into my field and serve, and I will pay you what is right; and they went down and served. 11 He went again; it was the sixth hour of the day, and seven men were waiting at the stand; he sent them to the field to serve. 12 And at the eleventh hour he went again; twelve men stood there in seeming idleness; he said to them, Why stand you here in idleness all day? 13 They said, Because we have no work to do; no man has hired us. 14 And then he sent them to his field to serve. 15 Now, when the evening came the man said to his steward, Call the labourers from the field, and pay them for his services. And all were paid, and each received a penny for his hire. 16 Now, when the twelve, who served but from the eleventh hour, received each one a penny for his hire, the three were sore aggrieved; they said, 17 These twelve have served but one short hour, and now they have an equal share with us who have toiled through the scorching hours of day; should we not have at least two pennies for our hire? 18 The man replied, My friends, I do no wrong to you. Did we mot have a fast agreement when you went to work? Have I not paid in full? 19 What is it unto you if I should pay these men a smaller or a larger sum? Take that which is your own and go your way, for I will give unto the twelve what I will give unto the three, the five, the seven. 20 They did their best and you could do no more than do your best. 21 The hire of man is based upon the intent of the heart. 22 As Jesus taught, a Pharisee came up and said, Lord, is it lawful for a amn to put away his wife? 23 And Jesus said, You ought to know; what says the law? 24 The Pharisee replied, The law provides that man may be divorced, may put away his wife. 25 And Jesus said, The hardness of the hearts of men induced the giver of the law to make provisions such as these; but from the first it was not so. 26 God made a woman for a man, and they were one; and afterwards he said, A man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife; they are no more divided; they are one, one flesh. 27 What God has joined no man can part. 28 Now, when they went up to the house, a man made free to ask again about this matter of divorce. 29 And Jesus said again what to the Pharisee he said; and then he gave the higher law of marriage life: 30 Whoever puts away his wife, except she be a courtesan, and then shall take another wife commits adultery. 31 The woman who shall leave a man, unless he be a libertine and an adulterer, and then becomes the wife of any other man, commits adultery. 32 And Thomas asked, What is adultery? 33 And Jesus said, The man who harbours lustful thoughts, who covets any woman not his wife, is an adulterer. 34 The wife who harbours lustful thoughts, and covets any man who is not wed to her, is not her husband, is a courtesan. 35 Men cannot make a law to bind two hearts. 36 When two are bound in love they have no thought of lust. The woman cannot leave the man; the man has no desire to send his wife away. 37 When men and women harbour lustful thoughts, and covet any other flesh, they are not one, not joined by God. 38 And Philip said, Lord, are there few that God has joined in holy marriage bonds? 39 And Jesus said, God knows the pure in heart; the lustful men and women are but creatures of the lustful self; they cannot be at one; nor can they be at one with God. 40 Nathaniel said, Is it not well that all men should refrain from taking on themselves the marriage vow? 41 And Jesus said, Men are not pure because they are unmarried men. The man who lusts is an adulterer if he has wife or not. 42 And then he said to all, Some things men know by being told, while other things they know not till the gate of consciousness shall open up for them. 43 I speak a mystery that now you cannot understand; but you shall some day understand. 44 A eunuch is a man who does not lust; some men are eunuchs born, some are eunuchs by the power of men, and some are eunuchs by the Holy Breath, who makes them free in God through Christ. 45 He who is able to receive the truth I speak, let him receive.

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