The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

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Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

Chapters 158 - 164


Jesus and the twelve at prayer in Olivet. Jesus reveals to his disciples the deeper meanings of secret doctrines. He tells them what to teach the people. Relates a number of parables. They return to Bethany.

THE morning of the Wednesday of the week was come, and Jesus with the twelve went out to Olivet to pray; and they were lost in prayer for seven hours. 2 Then Jeus called the twelve close to his side and said, This day the curtain parts and we will step beyond the veil into the secret courts of God. 3 And Jesus opened up to them the meaning of the hidden way, and of the Holy Breath, and of the light that cannot fail. 4 He told them all about the Book of Life, the Rolls of Graphael, the Book of God's Remembrance where all the thoughts and words of men are written down. 5 He did not speak aloud to them; he told the secrets of the masters in an undertone, and when he spoke the name of God there was a silence inthe courts of heaven for half an hour, for angels spoke with bated breath. 6 And Jesus said, These things may not be spoken out aloud; they never may be written down; they are the messages of Silenceland; they are the Breathings of the inner heart of God. 7 And then the master taught the twelve the lessons they should teach to other men. He sometimes taught in parables; he said, 8 You call to mind the words of yesterday about the coming of the son of man. Now, you shall teach to other men what I have spoken and am speaking unto you; 9 Teach them to pray and not to faint; to be prepared at every moment of the day, for when they least expect him, then the Lord will come. 10 A man went to a distant land and left his house and all his wealth in care of servants; five to guard his house and five to guard his barns and herds. 11 The servants waited long for his return, but he came not, and they grew careless in their work; some spent their time in revellings and drunkenness, and some slept at their posts. 12 And night by night the robbers came and carried off the wealth from house and barn, and drove away the choicest of the herds. 13 And when they knew that much of all the wealth that they were left to guard had been purloined, they said, 14 We cannot be to blame; if we had known the day and hour when our lord would come again we would have guarded well his wealth, and suffered not the thieves to carry it away; he surely is at fault because he told us not. 15 But after many days the lord returned, and when he knew that thieves had robbed him of his wealth, he called his servants and he said to them, 16 Because you have neglected what was given you to do, have spent your time in revellings and sleep, behold you all are debtors unto me. 17 What I have lost by your neglect, you owe to me. And then he gave them heavy tasks to do, and bound them to their posts with chains, where they remained till they had paid for all the goods their lord had lost through their neglect. 18 Another man locked up his wealth and went to sleep, and in the night time robbers came, unlocked his doors, and when they saw no guard, they entered in and carried off his wealth. 19 And when the man awoke and found his doors ajar and all his treasures gone, he said, If I had known the hour when the thieves would come I would have been on guard. 20 Beware, my friends, beware! and be prepared at every hour, and if your Lord shall come at midnight or at dawn, it matters not, for he will find you ready to receive. 21 And then, behold, a marraige was announced, and virgins, ten of them, were set apart to meet the bridegroom when he came. 22 The virgins clothed themselves in proper garbs, and took their lamps and sat in waiting for the watch to say, Behold, the bridegroom comes! 23 Now, five were wise; they filled their lamps with oil; and five were foolish, for they carried empty lamps. 24 The groom came not at the expected time; the virgins were a-weary with their watch and slept. 25 At midnight came the cry, Behold, the bridegroom comes! 26 The virgins rose; the wise ones quickly trimmed their lamps and went forth ready to receive the groom. 27 The foolish virgins said, We have no oil, our lamps burn not. 28 They sought to borrow from the wise, who said, We have no oil to spare; Go to the merchant men and buy and fill your lamps and then come forth to meet the groom. 29 But while they went to purchase oil, the bridegroom came; the virgins who were ready with their lamps all trimmed went with him to the marraige feast. 30 And when the foolish virgins came the door was shut, and though they knocked and called aloud, the door was opened not. 31 The master of the feast exclaimed, I know you not! and in disgrace the virgins went their way. 32 Again I say to you, and you shall say to them who follow you, 33 Be ready every moment of the day and night, because when you expect him not, the Lord will come. 34 Behold, when he will come with all his messengers of light, the Book of Life, and that of Records, shall be opened up-- the books in which the thought and words and deeds are written down. 35 And every one can read the records he has written for himself, and he will know his doom before the judge shall speak, and this will be the sifting time. 36 According to their records men will find their own. 37 The judge is Righteousness, the king of all the earth, and he will separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and goats. 38 The sheep will find their places on the right, the goats upon the left, and every man will know his place. 39 And then the judge will say, to those upon the right, You blessed of the Father- God, come unto your inheritance, which was prepared for you from times of old. 40 You have been servants of the race; and I was hungry and you gave me bread; was thirsty and you gave me drink; was naked and you gave me clothes; 41 Was sick, you ministered to me; and was in prison and you came to me with words of cheer; I was a stranger and in your homes I found a home. 42 Then will the righteous say, When did we see you hungry, thirsty, sick, imprisoned or a stranger at our gates and ministered to you? 43 And then the judge will say, You served the sons of men, and whatsoever you have done for these, that you have done for me. 44 The judge will say to those upon the left, Depart from me; you have not served the sons of men. 45 I was hungry and you gave me naught to eat; was thirsty and you gave me naught to drink; I was a stranger and you drove me from your door; I was imprisoned and was sick, you did not minister to me. 46 Then these will say, When did we thus neglect to care for you? When did we see you hungry, thirsty, sick, a stranger or in prison and did not minister to you? 47 And then the judge will say, Your life is full of self; you served the self and not your fellow man, and when you slighted one of these, you slighted and neglected me. 48 Then will the righteous have the kingdom and theb power, and they who are unrighteous shall go forth to pay their debts, to suffer all that men have suffered at their hands. 49 They who have ears to hear and hearts to understand will comprehend these parables. 50 When he had finished all these parables he said, You know that in two days the great passover feast will come, and lo, the son of man will be betrayed into the hands of wicked men. 51 And he will give his life upon the cross, and men will know that he, the son of man, is son of God. 52 Then Jesus and the twelve returned to Bethany.

The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus


The Christines attend a feast in Simon's house. Mary anoints the master with a costly balm, and Judas and others rebuke her for profligacy. Jesus defends her. The rulers of the Jews employ Ananias to arrest Jesus. Ananias bribes Judas to aid him.

BAR-SIMON, who was once a leper and was cleansed by Jesus by the sacred Word, abode in Bethany. 2 In honour of the Christine Lord he gave a feast, and Lazarus was among the guests, and Ruth and Martha served. 3 And as the guests reclined about the table, Mary took a cruse of rich perfume and poured it out on Jesus' head and feet. 4 And then she knelt and with her hair she wiped his feet; the odour of the rich perfume filled all the room. 5 Now, Judas, always looking at the selfish side of life, exclaimed, For shamed, why did you waste that costly perfume thus? 6 We might have sold it for three hundred pence, and had the money to supply our wants and feed the poor. 7 (Now, Judas was the treasurer, and carried all the money of the Christine band.) 8 And others said, Why, Mary, what a profligate you are! You should not throw such wealth away. 9 But Jesus said, You men, be still; let her alone; you know not what you say. 10 The poor are with you constantly; at any time you can administer to them; but I will not be with you long. 11 And Mary knows the sadness of the coming days; she has anointed me beforehand for my burial. 12 The gospel of the Christ will everywhere be preached, and he who tells the story of the Christ will tell about this day; and what was done by Mary at this hour will be a sweet memorial to her wherever men abide. 13 And when the feast was over Jesus went with Lazarus to his home. 14 Now, in Jerusalem the priests and Pharisees were busy with their plans to seize the Lord and take his life. 15 The high priest called a counsel all the wisest men and said, This deed must be accomplished in a secret way. 16 He must be taken when the multitudes are not a-near, else we may cause a war; the common people may stand forth in his defence and thus pollute this sacred place with human blood. 17 And what we do, that we must do before the great day of the feast. 18 And Ananias said, I have a plan that will succeed. The twelve with Jesus every day go forth alone to pray; 19 And we will find their trysting place; then we can seize the man and bring him here without the knowledge of the multitudes. 20 I know one of the twelve, a man who worships wealth, and for a sum I think that he will lead the way to where the man is wont to pray. 21 And then Caiaphas said, If you will lead the way and bribe the man of whom you speak, to aid in seizing Jesus in a secret place, then we will give to you a hundred silver pieces for your hire. 22 And Ananias said, 'Tis well. 23 And then he went to Bethany and found the twelve at Simon's house and, calling Judas to the side he said, 24 If you would care to make a sum of money for yourself hear me: 25 The high priest and other rulers in Jerusalem would like to talk with Jesus when alone, that they may know about his claims; 26 And if he proves himself to be the Christ, lo, they will stand in his defence. 27 Now, if you will but lead the way to where your master is tomorrow night that they may send a priest to talk with him alone, there is a sum of silver, thirty pieces, that the priests will give to you: 28 And Judas reasoned with himself; he said, It surely may be well to give the Lord a chance to tell the priests about his claims when he is all alone. 29 And if the priests would do him harm he has the power to disappear and go his way as he has done before; and thirty pieces is a goodly sum. 30 And so he said to Ananias, I will lead the way, and by a kiss make known which person is the Lord.


Jesus and the twelve eat the passover alone in Nicodemus' house. Jesus washes the disciples' feet. Judas leaves the table and goes forth to betray the Lord. Jesus teaches the eleven. He institutes the Lord's supper.

ON Thursday morning Jesus called to him the twelve disciples, and he said to them, This is God's remembrance day, and we will eat the pascal supper all alone. 2 And then he said to Peter, James and John, Go now into Jerusalem and there prepare the pasch. 3 And the disciples said, Where would you have us go to find the place where we may have the feast prepared? 4 And Jesus said, Go by the fountain gate and you will see a man who has a pitcher in his hand. Speak unto him and say: This is the first day of unleavened bread; 5 The Lord would have you set apart your banquet hall where he may eat his last passover with the twelve, 6 Fear not to speak; the man whom you will see is Nicodemus, ruler of the Jews, and yet a man of God. 7 And the disciples went and found the man as Jesus said, and Nicodemus hastened to his home; the banquet hall, an upper room, was set apart, the supper was prepared. 8 Now, in the afternoon the Lord and his disciples went up to Jerusalem and found the feast in readiness. 9 And when the hour had come to eat the feast, the twelve began to strive among themselves, each anxious to secure the honoured seats. 10 And Jesus said, My friends, would you contend for self just as the shadows of this night of gloom comes on? 11 There is no honoured seat at heaven's feast except for him who humbly takes the lowest seat. 12 And then the Lord arose and took a basin full of water and a towel, and bowing down, he washed the feet of all the twelve and dried them with the towel. 13 He breathed upon them and he said, And may these feet walk in the ways of righteousness for evermore. 14 He came to Peter and was about to wash his feet, and Peter said, would you wash my feet? 15 And Jesus said, You do not comprehend the meaning of the thing I do, but you will comprehend. 16 And Peter said, My master, no, you shall not stoop to wash my feet. 17 And Jesus said, My friend, if I wash not your feet you have no part with me. 18 And Peter said, Then, O my Lord, wash both my feet, my hands, my head. 19 And Jesus said to him, He who has taken first his bath is clean, and has no need to wash, except his feet. 20 The feet are truly symbols of the understanding of the man, and he who would be clean must, in the living stream of life, wash well his understanding every day. 21 Then Jesus sat with his disciples at the table of the feast and said, Behold the lesson of the hour: 22 You call me master; such I am. If, then, your Lord and master kneel and wash your feet, should you not wash each other's feet and thus show forth your willingness to serve? 23 You know these things, and if you do them, blessed thrice are you. 24 And then he said, This is an hour when I can truly praise the name of God, for I have greatly wished to eat with you this feast before I pass the veil; 25 For I will eat it not again until anew I eat it with you in the kingdom of our Father- God. 26 And then they sung the Hebrew song of praise that Jews were wont to sing before the feast. 27 And then they ate the pasch and as they ate, the master said, Behold, for one of you will turn away this night and will betray me into wicked hands. 28 And the disciples were amazed at what he said; they looked into each other's face in wonderment; they all exclaimed, Lord, is it I? 29 And Peter said to John, who sat beside the Lord, To whom does he refer? 30 And John put forth his hand and touched the master's hand and said, Which one of us is so depraved as to betray his Lord? 31 And Judas said, Lord, is it I? 32 And Jesus said, He is the one who now has put his hand with mine into the dish. They looked, and Judas' hand was with the hand of Jesus in the dish. 33 And Jesus said, The Prophets cannot fail; the son of man must be betrayed, but woe to him who shall betray his Lord. 34 And from the table Judas rose at once; his hour had come. 35 And Jesus said to him, Do quickly what you are to do. And Judas went his way. 36 And when the pasch was done the Lord with the eleven sat a while in silent thought. 37 Then Jesus took a loaf of bread that had been broken not and said, This loaf is symbol of my body, and the bread is symbol of the bread of life; 38 And as I break this loaf, so shall my flesh be broken as a pattern for the sons of men; for men must freely give their bodies up in willing sacrifice for other men. 39 And as you eat this bread, so shall you eat the bread of life, and never die. And then he gave to each a piece of bread to eat. 40 And then he took a cup of wine and said, Blood is the life, this is the life-blood of the grape; it is the symbol of the life of him who gives his life for men. 41 And as you drink this wine, if you shall drink in faith, you drink the life of Christ. 42 And then he supped and passed the cup, and the disciples supped; and Jesus said, This is the feast of life, the great passover of the son of man, the Supper of the Lord, and you shall often eat the bread and drink the wine. 43 From henceforth shall this bread be called Remembrance bread; this wine shall be Remembrance wine; and when you eat this bread and drink this wine remember me.


Jesus teaches the eleven. Tells them that they will all be estranged from him, and that Peter will deny him thrice before the morning. He speaks final words of encouragement. Promises the Comforter.

NOW, after Judas had gone forth to meet the emissaries of the priests and to betray his Lord, 2 The master said, The hour has come, the son of man will now be glorified. 3 My little children, I am with you yet a little while; soon you will seek me and will find me not, for where I go you cannot come. 4 I give to you a new command: As I love you and give my life for you, so shall you love the world, and give your life to save the world. 5 Love one another as you love yourselves, and then the world will know that you are sons of God, disciples of the son of man whom God has glorified. 6 And Peter said, Lord, where you go there I will go, for I would lay my life down for my Lord. 7 And Jesus said, Boast not of bravery, my friend; you are not strong enough to-night to follow me. 8 Now, Peter, hear! you will deny me thrice before the cock shall crow to-morrow morn. 9 And then he looked upon the eleven and said, You all will be estranged from me this night. 10 The prophet said, Lo, he will smite the shepherd of the sheep; the sheep will flee and hide away. 11 But after I am risen from the dead, lo, you will come again, and I will go before you into Galilee. 12 And Peter said, My Lord, though every other man forsake you I will not. 13 And Jesus said, O Simon Peter, lo, your zeal is greater than your fortitude! Behold, for Satan cometh up to sift you as a pan of wheat, but I have prayed that in your faith you shall not fail; that after trial you may stand a tower of strength. 14 And the disciples all exclaimed, There is no power on earth that can estrange, or cause us to deny our Lord. 15 And Jesus said, Let not your hearts be sad; you all believe in God; believe in me. 16 Behold, for there are many mansions in my Fatherland. If there were not I would have told you so. 17 I will go unto my Fatherland, and I will prepare a place for you that where I am there you may be. But now you do not know the way unto my Fatherland. 18 And Thomas said, We do not know where you intend to go; how could we know the way? 19 And Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, the life; I manifest the Christ of God. No man can reach my Fatherland except he comes with me through Christ. 20 If you had known and comprehended me, then you would know my Father-God. 21 And Philip said, Show us the Father and we will be satisfied. 22 And Jesus said, Have I been with you all these years and still you know me not? 23 He who has seen the son has seen the Father has revealed himself. 24 Lo, I have told you many times that what I speak and what I do are not the words and works of man; 25 They are the words of God, who lives in me and I in him. 26 Hear me, you faithful men: He who believes in me and in my Father-God shall say and do what I have said and done. 27 Yea, more, he shall do greater works than I have ever done, because I go to him whose works we do, and then I can reach forth my hand in helpfulness. 28 And in my name, through Christ, you may petition God and he will grant you your request. 29 Do you believe what I have said? Yes, you believe, and if you love the Christ and follow me then you will keep my words. 30 I am the vine; you are the branches of the vine; my Father is the husbandmen. 31 The branches that are worthless, bearing naught but leaves, the husbandmen will cut away and cast into the fire to be burned. 32 And he will prune the branches that bear fruit that they may yield abundantly. 33 The branch cannot bear fruit if separated from the vine; and you cannot bear fruit when separate from me. 34 Abide in me, and do the works that God, through me, has taught you how to do, and you will bear much fruit, and God will honour you as he has honoured me. 35 And now I go my way, but I will pray my Father-God and he will send another Comforter to you, who will abide with you. 36 Behold, this Comforter of God, the Holy Breath, is one with God, but she is one the world cannot receive because it sees her not; it knows her not. 37 But you know her, and will know her, because she will abide within your soul. 38 I will not leave you desolate, but in the Christ, which is the love of God made manifest to men, I will be with you all the way.


Jesus reveals more fully the mission of the Holy Breath. Tells his disciples plainly that he is about to die, and they are sad. He prays for them and all the world of believers. They leave the banquet hall.

NOW, John was deeply grieved because the master said, I go away, and where I go you cannot come. 2 He wept and said, Lord, I would go with you through every trial and to death. 3 And Jesus said, And you shall follow me through trials and through death; but now you cannot go where I will go; but you shall come. 4 And Jesus spoke again unto the eleven and said, Grieve not because I go away, for it is best that I should go away. If I go not the Comforter will not come to you. 5 These things I speak while with you in the flesh, but when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo, she will teach you more and more, and bring to your remembrance all the words that I have said to you. 6 There are a multitude of things yet to be said; things that this age cannot receive, because it cannot comprehend. 7 But, lo, I say, Before the great day of the Lord shall come, the Holy Breath will make all mysteries known-- 8 The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality; the oneness of a man with every other man and with his God. 9 Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be the truth. 10 When she has come, the Comforter, she will convince the world of sin, and of the truth of what I speak, and of the judgement of the just; and then the prince of carnal life will be cast out. 11 And when the Comforter shall come I need not intercede for you; for you will stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows me. 12 The hour has come when you will weep; the wicked will rejoice, because I go away; but I will come again, and all your sorrows shall be turned to joy; 13 Yea, verily, you will rejoice as one who welcomes back a brother from the dead. 14 And the disciples said, Our Lord, speak not in proverbs any more; speak plainly unto us; we know that you are wise and know all things. 15 What is the meaning of your words, I go away, but I will come again? 16 And Jesus said, The hour is come when you will all be scattered forth, and every man will be afraid; 17 Will flee to save his life and leave me alone; yet I will not be all alone; my Father- God is with me all the way. 18 And wicked men will take me to the judgment seat of wicked men and in the presence of the multitudes I will give up my life, a pattern for the sons of men. 19 But I will rise again and come to you. 20 These things I speak that you may be established in the faith when they shall come to pass. 21 And you shall bear the buffetings of men, and follow in the thorny path I tread. 22 Be not dismayed; be of good cheer, Lo, I have overcome the world, and you shall overcome the world. 23 Then Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, My Father-God, the hour has come; 24 The son of man must now be lifted from the earth, and may he falter not, that all the world may know the power of sacrifice; 25 For as I give my life for men, lo, men must give their lives for other men. 26 I came to do thy will, O God, and in the sacred name, the Christ is glorified, that men may see the Christ as life, as light, as truth. 27 And through the Christ become themselves the life, the light, the love, the truth. 28 I praise thy name because of these whom thou hast given me, for they have honoured thee and they will honour thee; 29 And none of them are lost, and none are gone away, except the blinded son of carnal life, who hath gone forth to sell his Lord. 30 O God, forgive this man because he knows not what he does. 31 And now, O God, I come to thee, and am no more in mortal life; keep thou these men to whom I have made known thy wisdom and thy love. 32 As they believe in me, and in the words I speak, may all the worlds believe in them and in the words they speak. 33 As thou hast sent me forth into the world, so I have sent them forth. I pray that thou wouldst honour them as thou hast honoured me. 34 I do not pray that thou wouldst take them from the world, but that they may be guarded from the evil of the world, and not be subject to temptations that are too great for them to bear. 35 They once were of the world, but now are of the world no more, as I am of the world no more. 36 Thy word is truth, O God, and by thy word let them be sanctified. 37 I do not pray for these alone, O God; I also pray for all who will believe on me, and will accept the Christ because of what they do and say, that they may all be one. 38 As I am one with thee, and thou art one with me, may they be one with us, 39 That all the world may know that htou hast sent me forth to do thy will, and that thou lovest them as thou hast ever loved me. 40 When Jesus had thus said, they sung the Jewish song of praise, and then arose and went their way.


Jesus visits Pilate, who urges him to flee from the country to save his life. Jesus refuses to do so. He meets his disciples in Massalian's orchard. The scene in Gethsemane. The Jewish mob led by Judas appears.

AS Jesus and the eleven went out, a Roman guard approached and said, All hail! Is one of you the man from Galilee? 2 And Peter said, We all are men from Galilee; whom do you seek? 3 The guard replied, I seek for Jesus, who is called the Christ. 4 And Jesus answered, Here am I. 5 The guard spoke out and said, I do not come in an official way; I bear to you a message from the governor. 6 Jerusalem is all alive with vengeful Jews who swear that they will take your life, and Pilate would confer with you, and he would have you come to him without delay. 7 And Jesus said to Peter and the rest, Go to the vale, and by the Kidron wait for me, and I will go alone and see the governor. 8 And Jesus went up with the guard, and when he reached the palace, Pilate met him at the gate and said, 9 Young man, I have a word to say that may be well for you. I have observed your works and words three years and more; 10 And I have often stood in your defence when your own countrymen would fain have stoned you as a criminal. 11 But now the priests, the scribes and Pharisees have stirred the common people to a stage of frenzied wantonness and cruelty, and they intend to take your life. 12 Because, they say, that you have sworn to etar their temple down; to chage the laws that Moses gave; to exile Pharisee and priest and seat yourself upon a throne. 13 And they aver that you are fully in league with Rome. 14 The streets of all Jerusalem are filled this moment with a horde of madmen all intent to shed your blood. 15 There is no safety for you but in flight; wait not until the morning sun. You know the way to reach the border of this cursed land. 16 I have a little band of guards, well horsed and armed, and they will take you out beyond the reach of harm. 17 You must not tarry here, young man, you must arise and go. 18 And Jesus said, A noble prince has Caesar in his Pilate Pontius, and from the point of carnal man your words are seasoned with the wise man's salt; but from the point of Christ your words are follishness. 19 The coward flees when danger comes; but he who comes to seek and save the lost must give his life in willing sacrifice for those he comes to seek and save. 20 Before the pasch has been consumed, lo, all this nation will be cursed by shedding blood of innocence; and even now the murderers are at the door. 21 and Pilate said, It shall not be; the sword of Rome will be unsheathed to save your life. 22 And Jesus said, Nay, Pilate, nay; there are no armies large enough in all the world to save my life. 23 And Jesus bade the governor farewell, and went his way; but Pilate sent a double guard with him lest he should fall into the hands of those who were alert to take his life. 24 But in a moment Jesus disappeared; the guards saw him no more, and in a little while he reached the brook of Kidron where the eleven were. 25 Now, just beyond the brook there was an orchard and a home where one, Massalian, lived, where Jesus oft had been. 26 Massalian was his friend, and he believed that Jesus was the Christ that Jewish prophets long ago had said would come. 27 Now, in the orchard was a sacred knoll; Massalian called the place Gethsemane. 28 The night was dark, but in the orchard it was doubly dark and Jesus bade the eight disciples tarry by the brook, 29 While he, with Peter, James and John went to Gethsemane to pray. 30 They sat beneath an olive tree, and Jesus opened up the mysteries of life to Peter, James and John. He said, 31 The Spirit of eternity is One unmanifest; and this is God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son in One. 32 In life of manifests the One became the Three, and God the Father is the God of might; and God the Mother is omniscient God, and God the Son is love. 33 And God the Father is the power of heaven and earth; and God the Mother is the Holy Breath, the thought of heaven and earth; and God the Son, the only son, is Christ, and Christ is love. 34 I came as man to manifest this love to men, 35 As man I have been subject unto all the trials and temptations of the human race; but I have overcome the flesh, with all its passions and its appetites. 36 What I have done all men can do. 37 And I am now about to demonstrate the power of man to conquer death; for every man is God made flesh. 38 I will lay down my life, and I will take it up again, that you may know the mysteries of life, of death, and of the resurrection of the dead. 39 I lay me down in flesh, but I will rise in spirit form with power to manifest myself so mortal eyes can see. 40 So in a trinity of days I will show forth the all of life, the all of death, the meaning of the resurrection of the dead. 41 And what I do all men can do. 42 And you, my three, who constitute the inner circle of the Church of Christ, will show to men the attributes of all the Gods. 43 And Peter shall make known the Power of God; and James shall show Thought of God; and John shall deomonstrate the Love of God. 44 Be not afraid of men, for you have been sent forth to do the mighty works of God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son. 45 And all the powers of carnal life cannot destroy your life until your work is done. 46 I leave you now, and I will go out in the darkness all alone and talk with God. 47 By sorrow I am overwhelmed I leave you here to watch with me. 48 Then Jesus went three hundred cubits toward the east, and fell upon his face and prayed; he said, 49 My God! my God! is there a way by which I may escape the horrors of the coming hours? My human flesh shrinks back; my soul is firm; so not my will, but thine, O God, be done. 50 In agony he prayed; the strain upon the human form was great; his veins were burst asunder, and his brow was bathed in blood. 51 And then he went back to the three, and found them all asleep; he said, 52 O Simon, Simon, do you sleep! Could you not watch with me a single hour? Be vigilant, and watch and pray that your temptations be not too great for you to bear. 53 I know the spirit is alert and willing; but the flesh is weak. 54 And then he went again and prayed, O Father, God! if I must drink this bitter cup, give me the strength of soul; for not my will, but thine be done. 55 And then he went again to his disciples; lo, he found them still asleep. He wakened them and said to James. 56 Have you been sleeping while your master has been wrestling with the greatest foe of men? Could you not watch with me a single hour? 57 And then he went again and prayed. O God, I yield to thee; thy will be done. 58 And then again he went back to the three, and still they slept. he said to John. 59 With all the love you have for me, could you not watch with me a single hour? 60 And then he said, It is enough; the hour has come, and my betrayer is at hand; arise and let us go. 61 And when they came again to Kidron, lo, the eight disciples were asleep, and Jesus said, You men, awake; behold, for the betrayer of the son of man is come.


Judas betrays his Lord with a kiss. Jesus is seized by the mob and the disciples flee to save their lives. Jesus is taken unto Jerusalem, Peter and John follow the mob.

THE Lord with the eleven were in the orchard of Massalian, and as they talked they saw a band of men with lanterns and with swords and clubs approaching them. 2 And Jesus said, Behold the emissaries of the evil one! and Judas leads the way. 3 And the disciples said, Lord, let us flee to save our lives. 4 But Jesus said, Why should we flee to save our lives when this is the fulfilment of the words of prophets and of seers? 5 And Jesus went alone to meet the men; and as they came he said, Why are you here, you men? whom do you seek? 6 And they replied, We seek the man from Galilee. We seek for Jesus, one who calls himself the Christ. 7 And Jesus answered, Here am I. 8 And then he raised his hands and with a mighty thought he brought the ethers to the state of light; and all the orchard was aglow with light. 9 The frenzied men were driven back and many fled and tarried not until they reached Jerusalem; and others fell upon their faces on the ground. 10 The bravest men, and they with hardest hearts, remained, and when the light had paled, the Lord again inquired, Whom do you seek? 11 And Ananias said, We seek the man from Galilee; we seek for Jesus, he who calls himself the Christ. 12 And Jesus answered him and said, I told you once before; but now I tell you once again that I am he. 13 By Ananias, Judas stood; but in a moment he had gone and coming up behind the Lord he said, My Lord; and then he kissed him as a sign that he was Jesus whom they sought. 14 And Jesus said, Do you, Iscariot, come and thus betray your master with a kiss? 15 This thing must need be done; but woe to him who does betray his Lord. 16 Your carnal greed has seared your conscience and you know not what you do; but in a little time your conscience will assert itself, and in remorse, lo, you will close your span and take your life. 17 Then the eleven came, laid hold of Judas and would have done him harm; but Jesus said, 18 You must not harm this man; you have no right to judge this man; his conscience is his judge, will sentence him and he will execute himself. 19 And then the mob led on by Malchus, servant of Caiaphas, laid hold of Jesus, and was binding him with chains. 20 And Jesus said, Why do you come in dead of night with swords and clubs to take me in this sacred place? 21 Have I not spoken in the public places of Jerusalem? Have I not healed you sick, and opened up your blinded eyes, and made your lame to walk, your deaf to hear? You could have found me any day. 22 And now you try to bind me down with chains, what are these chains but links of reeds? And then he raised his hands; the chains were broken and they fell to earth. 23 And Malchus thought the Lord would flee to save his life, and with a club he fain would smite him in the face. 24 But Peter had a sword, and rushing up he smote the man and wounded him. 25 But Jesus said, Stay, Peter, stay; put up your sword; you are not called to fight with swords and clubs. Whoever wields the sword shall perish by the sword. 26 I do not need protection by the sons of men, for I could call this moment and a legion, yea, twelve legions of the messengers of God, would come and stand in my defence; but then it is not well. 27 And then he said to Malchus, Man, I would not have you harmed. And then he laid his hand upon the wound that Peter made, and it was healed. 28 Then Jesus said, Be not concerned lest I should tear myself away from you and flee to save my life. I have no wish to save my life; do with me as you wish. 29 And then the mob rushed up to seize the eleven to take them back to stand for trial as the aids of Jesus in his crimes. 30 But the disciples, every one of them, deserted Jesus, and they fled to save their lives. 31 Now, John was last to flee; the mob laid hold of him and tore his garments all to shreds; but he escaped in nakedness. 32 Massalian saw the man, and took him to his home and gave him other clothes; and then he followed after them who led the Lord away. 33 And Peter was ashamed because of his weak cowardice, and when he was himself again he joined with John and followed close behind the mob, and came into Jerusalem.

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