The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

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Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

Chapters 123 - 129


Jesus gives his final charge to the foreign masters and sends them forth as apostles to the world. He goes alone to Tyre and abides in Rachel's home. Heals an obsessed child. Goes to Sidon and then to the mountains of Lebanon. Visits Mount Hermon, Caesarea-Philippi, Decapolis, Gadara and returns to Capernaum. Receives the twelve, who give an account of their work.

THE Christine master spent a time in prayer and then he called the foreign masters, and he said to them, 2 Behold, I sent the twelve apostles unto Israel, but you are sent to all the world. 3 Our God is one, is Spirit, and is truth, and every man is dear to him. 4 He is the God of every child of India, and the farther east; of Persia, and the farther north; of Greece and Rome and of the farther west; of Egypt and the farther south, and of the mighty lands across the seas, and of the islands of the seas. 5 If God would send the bread of life to one and not to all who have arisen to the consciousness of life and can receive the bread of life, then he would be unjust and that would shake the very throne of heaven. 6 So he has called you from the seven centres of the world, and he has breathed the breath of wisdom and of power into your souls, and now he sends you forth as bearers of the light of life, apostles of the human race. 7 Go on your way, and as you go proclaim the gospel of the Christ. 8 And then he breathed upon the masters and he said, Receive the Holy Breath; and then he gave to each the Word of power. 9 And each went on his way, and every land was blest. 10 Then Jesus went alone across the hills of Galilee and after certain days he reached the coast of Tyre, and in the home of Rachel he abode. 11 He did not advertise his coming for he did not come to teach; he would commune with God where he could see the waters of the Mighty Sea. 12 But Rachel told the news and multitudes of people thronged her home to see the Lord. 13 A Grecian woman of Phenecia came; her daughter was obsessed. She said, 14 O Lord, have mercy on my home! My daughter is obsessed; but this I know, if you will speak the Word she will be free. Thou son of David, hear my prayer! 15 But Rachel said, Good woman, trouble not the Lord. He did not come to Tyre to heal; he came to talk with God beside the sea. 16 And Jesus said, Lo, I was sent not to the Greek, nor to Syro-phenicians; I come just to my people, Israel. 17 And then the woman fell down at his feet and said, Lord, Jesus, I implore that you will save my child. 18 And Jesus said, You know the common proverb well: It is not meet that one should give the children's bread to dogs. 19 And then the woman said, Yea, Jesus, this I know, but dogs may eat the crumbs that fall down from their master's board. 20 And Jesus said, Such faith I have not seen, no, not among the Jews; she is not serf, nor dog. 21 And then he said to her, According to your faith so let it be. 22 The woman went her way and when she came unto her child, lo, she was healed. 23 And Jesus tarried many days in Tyre; and then he went his way and dwelt a time in Sidon by the sea. 24 And then he journeyed on. In Lebanon hills and vales, and in its groves he walked in silent thought. 25 His earthly mission fast was drawing to a close; he sought for strength, and what he sought he found. 26 Mount Hermon stood beyond, and Jesus fain would kneel beside that mountian famed in Hebrew song. 27 And then he stood upon Mount Hermon's lofty peaks, and lifting up his eyes to heaven he talked with God. 28 And masters of the olden times revealed themselves and long they talked about the kingdom of the Christ; 29 about the mighty works that had been done; about the coming conquest of the cross; about the victory over death. 30 Then Jesus journeyed on; he went to Caesarea-Philippi, and in Susanna's home he tarried certain days. 31 And then he went through all Decapolis to give encouragement to those who knew him as the Christ, and to prepare them for the day of Calvary. 32 And then he went to Gadara, and many friends were there, to welcome him. 33 And Chuzas steward of the house of Herod Antipas, was there, and Jesus went aboard the royal ship with him and crossed the sea, and came unto Capernaum. 34 And when the people knew that Jesus was at home they came to welcome him. 35 In just a little while the twelve apostles came and told the master all about their journey over Galilee. 36 They said that by the sacred Word they had done many mighty works; and Jesus said to them, Well done.

The Third Annual Epoch of the Christine Ministry of Jesus


The Christines cross the sea. Jesus gives to his disciples lessons on secret doctrines. Teaches the people. Feeds five thousand. The disciples start to recross the sea. A storm arises. Jesus, walking on the waters, comes to them. Trial of Peter's faith. Thye land in Gennesaret.

THE twelve apostles now had reached the stage of spirit consciousness, and Jesus could reveal to them the deeper meanings of his mission to the world. 2 Next week the great feast of the Jews would be observed, and Matthew said, Shall we not gird ourselves and go unto Jerusalem? 3 But Jesus said, We will not go up to the feast; the time is short and I have many things to say to you; come you apart into a desert place and rest a while. 4 and then they took their boats and crossed the sea, and came into a desert place near Julius Bethsaida. 5 The people saw them go, and in vast multitudes they followed them. 6 And Jesus had compassion on the anxious throng, and he stood forth and taught them all the day, because they sought a light and were like sheep without a fold. 7 And as the night came on the twelve were doubting what the multitudes would do, and Thomas said, 8 Lord, we are in a desert place; the multitudes have vaught to eat and they are faint from lack of food; what shall we do? 9 And Jesus said, Go to and feed the multitudes. 10 And Judas said, Shall we go down and buy two hundred pennies' worth of bread for them to eat? 11 And Jesus, Go look into our larder and see how many loaves we have. 12 And Andrew said, We have no bread, but we have found a lad who has five barley loaves and two small fish; but this would not be food enough for one in ten. 13 But Jesus said, Command these people all to sit upon the grass in companies of twelve; and they all sat down in companies of twelve. 14 Then Jesus took the loaves and fish, and looking up to heaven he spoke the sacred Word. 15 And then he broke the bread and gave it to the twelve; he also gave the fish unto the twelve, and said, Go to and feed the multitudes. 16 And all the people ate and were refreshed. 17 There were about five thousand men, a company of little ones, and women not a few. 18 And when the people all were filled the master said, 19 Let not a crumb be lost; Go to and gather up the pieces of the bread and fish for others that may want. 20 They gathered up the fragments and they filled twelve baskets full. 21 The people were bewildered by this wondrous act of power; they said, And now we know that Jesus is the prophet that our prophets said would come; and then they said, All hail the king! 22 Whne Jesus heard them say, All hail the king! he called the twelve and bade them take their boats and go before him to the other side; 23 And he went all alone into a mountain pass to pray. 24 The twelve were on the sea and hoped to reach Capernaum in just a little time, when all at once a fearful storm arose, and they were at the mercy of the waves. 25 And in the fourth watch of the night the wind became a whirling wind, and they were filled with fear. 26 And in the blinding storm they saw a form move on the waves; it seemed to be a man, one spoke out and said, It is a ghost, a sign of evil things. 27 But John discerned the form and said, It is the Lord. 28 And then the wind blew not so hard, and Peter, standing inthe midst, exclaimed: 29 My Lord! my Lord! If this be truly you, bid me to come to you upon the waves. 30 The form reached forth his hand and said, Come on. 31 And Peter stepped upon the waves and they were solid as a rock; he walked upon the waves. 32 He walked until he thought within himself, What if the waves should break beneath my feet? 33 And then the waves did break beneath his feet, and he began to sink, and in the fearfulness of soul he cried, O save me, Lord, or I am lost! 34 And Jesus took him by the hand and said, O you of little faith! why did you doubt? And Jesus led the way unto the boat. 35 The storm had spent its force; the winds were still, and they were near the shore, and when they landed they were in the valley of Gennesaret.


The Christines are welcomed in Gennesaret. Many follow Jesus for the loaves andfish. He tells them of the bread of life. Speaks of his flesh and blood as symbols of the bread and water of life. The people are offended and many of his disciples follow him no more.

THE news soon spread through all the valley of Gennersaret that Jesus and the twelve had come, and many people came to see. 2 They brought their sick and laid them at the master's feet, and all the day he taught and healed. 3 The multitudes upon the other side who had been fed the day before and other multitudes, went down to see the Lord; but when they found him not they sought him in Capernaum. 4 And when they found him not at home, they went on to Gennesaret. They found him there and said, Rabboni, when came you to Gennesaret? 5 And Jesus said, Why are you come across the sea? you came not for the bread of life; 6 You came to gratify your selfish selves; you all were fed the other day across the sea, and you are after more of loaves and fish. 7 The food you ate was nourishment for flesh that soon must pass away. 8 You men of Galilee, seek not for food that perishes, but seek for food that feeds the soul; and, lo, I bring you food from heaven. 9 You ate the flesh of fish, and you were satisfied, and now I bring the flesh of Christ for you to eat that you may live for evermore. 10 Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; and then they ate the flesh of quail, and drank the waters of a flowing spring that Moses brought out from the rock; but all of them are dead. 11 The manna and the quail were symbols of the flesh of Christ; the waters of the rock were symbols of the blood. 12 But, lo, the Christ has come; he is the bread of life that God has given to the world. 13 Whoever eats the flesh of Christ and drinks his blood shall never die; and he will hunger nevermore; and he will thirst no more. 14 And they who eat this bread of heaven, and drink these waters from the spring of life cannot be lost; these feed the soul, and purify the life. 15 Behold, for God has said, When man has purified himself I will exalt him to the throne of power. 16 Then Jesus and the twelve went to Capernaum; and Jesus went into the synagogue and taught. 17 And when the Jews, who heard him in Gennesaret, were come they said, 18 This fellow is beside himself. We heard him say, I am the bread of life that comes from heaven; and we all know that he is but a man, the son of man, who came from Nazareth; we know his mother, and his other kin. 19 And Jesus knew their thoughts; he said to them, Why murmur you, and reason thus among yourselves? 20 The Christ is everlasting life; he came from heaven; he has the keys of heaven, and no man enters into heaven except he fills himself with Christ. 21 I came in flesh to do the will of God, and, lo, this flesh and blood are filled with Christ; and so I am the living bread that comes from heaven; 22 And when you eat this flesh and drink this blood you will have everlasting life; and if you will, you may become the bread of life. 23 And many of the people were enraged; they said, How can this man give us his flesh to eat, his blood to drink? 24 And his disciples were aggrieved becaude he said these things, and many turned away and followed him no more. 25 They said, This is a fearful thing for him to say, If you eat not my flesh and drink my blood, you cannot enter into life. 26 They could not comprehend the parable he spoke. 27 And Jesus said, You stumble and you fall before the truth; What will you do when you shall see this flesh and blood transmuted into higher form? 28 What will you say when you shall see the son of man ascending on the clouds of heaven? 29 What will you say when you shall see the son of man sit on the throne of God? 30 The flesh is naught; the spirit is the quickening power. The words I speak are spirit; they are life. 31 When Jesus saw the many who had been so loud in their professions of their faith in him, turn back and go away, he said unto the twelve. 32 Will you desert me inthis hour and go away? 33 But Peter said, Lord, we have no place else to go; you have the words of everlasting life; we know that you are sent to us from God.


Scribes and Pharisees visit Jesus. They censure him for eating with unwashed hands. He defends his acts and teaches a lesson on hypocrisy. Privately explains to the twelve his public teachings.

A COMPANY of scribes and Pharisees came from Jerusalem to learn wherein the power of Jesus lay. 2 But when they learned that he and his disciples heeded not the custom of the Jews, regarding washing of the hands before they ate, they were amazed. 3 And Jesus said, Hypocrisy is queen among you scribes and Pharisees. Oh you Isaiah wrote: 4 This people honour me with lips; their hearts are far away. In vain they worship me; their doctrines are the dogmas and the creeds of men. 5 You men who pose as men of God, and still reject the laws of God and teach the laws of men, 6 Stand forth and tell when God gave unto the ceremonial laws that you observe; and tell these people how the spirit life is sullied if one washes not before he eats. 7 His critics answered not, and then he said, 8 Hear me, you men of Israel! Defilement is a creature of the heart. The carnal mind lays hold of thought, and makes a monstrous bride; this bride is sin; sin is a creature of the mind. 9 That which defiles a man is not the food he eats. 10 The bread and fish and other things we eat, are simply cups to caryy to the cells of flesh material for the building of the human house, and when their work is done as refuse they are cast away. 11 The life of plant and flesh that goes to build the human house is never food for soul. The spirit does not feed upon the carcasses of animal, or plant. 12 God feeds the soul direct from heaven; the bread of life comes from above. 13 The air we breathe is charged with Holy Breath, and he will may take this Holy Breath. 14 The soul discriminates, and he who wants the life of Christ may breathe it in. According to your faith so let it be. 15 Man is not a part of his abiding place; the house is not the man. 16 The lower world builds up the house of flesh, and keeps it in repair; the higher world provides the bread of spirit life. 17 The loveliest lilies grow from stagnant ponds and filthiest muck. 18 The law of flesh demands that one should keep the body clean. 19 The law of spirit call for purity in thought and word and deed. 20 Now, when the evening came and they were in the house, the twelve had many things to say, and many questions to propound. 21 Nathaniel asked, Was what you said about the house of flesh a parable? If so, what does it mean? 22 And Jesus said, Can you not yet discriminate? Do you not yet perceive that what a man takes in his mouth defiles him not? 23 His food goes not into his soul; it is material for flesh and bone and brawn. 24 To spirit everything is clean. 25 That which defiles a man wells up from carnal thoughts; and carnal thoughts spring from the heart, and generate a host of evil things. 26 From out the heart comes murders, thefts and foolishness. All selfish acts and senual deeds spring from the heart. 27 To eat with unwashed hands does not defile the man. 28 And Peter said, Lord, What you said to-day has grievously offended scribe and Pharisee. 29 And Jesus said, These scribes and Pharisees are not the scions of the tree of life; they are not plants of God; they are the plants of men, and every foreign plant shall be plucked up. 30 Let all these men alone; they are blind guides; they lead a multitude of people who are blind. 31 The leaders and the led together walk; together they will fall into the yawning pits.


The Christines cross the sea to Decapolis. Jesus finds a retires place where he privately teaches the twelve. They remain three days, then go into a village by the sea.

NOW, Jesus took the twelve and with them crossed the sea at night and came unto the borders of Decapolis, 2 That he might find a secret place where, all alone, he could reveal to them the things to come. 3 They went into a mountain pass and spent three days in prayer. 4 Then Jesus said, Behold, the time is near when I will walk with you in flesh no more. 5 Lo, I have taught that he who counts his life of so much worth that he would give it not in willing sacrifice to save his brother man, is worthy not to enter into life. 6 Lo, I am come as pattern for the sons of men, and I have not refrained from helpfulness. 7 When I had passed the seven tests in Heliopolis, I consecrated life and all I had, to save the world. 8 In the Judean wilderness I fought the strongest foes of men, and there I reaffirmed my consecration to the service of my fellow man. 9 In troubles and intrials I have wavered not; when false accusers came, I answered not. 10 God gave the saving Word to me, and I have often spoken it and healed the sick, drove unclean spirits out, and raised the dead. 11 And I have shown you how to speak the Word; and I have given you the Word; 12 In just a little while we turn our faces toward Jerusalem, and one of you who hear me now will then betray me into wicked hands. 13 The scribes and Pharisees will bring false charges up and hale me into court, and, by consent of Rome, I will be crucified. 14 Then Peter said, My Lord, it shall not be. The Roman soldiers will tread on twelve dead men before they reach our Lord. 15 But Jesus said, A saviour of the world cannot resist. 16 I came to save the world and I have taken up your names before the highest courts of heaven, and you have been confirmed as saviours of the world. 17 And not a name, excepting that of him who shall betray, will ever be disgraced. 18 I go my way, and though my flesh shall pass, my soul will stand beside you all the way to guide and bless. 19 And wicked men will seize you in the streets, and as you kneel in prayer; will charge you with some legal crime, and think they serve their God by putting you to death. 20 But falter not; the load will heavy be, but with the consciousness of duty done, the peace of God will lift the load, dispel the pain and light the way. 21 And we will meet where carnal executioners come not; there we will serve the cruel men, who in their ignorance had tortured us to death. 22 Can we prevent this outrage and this slaughter of our lives? If not we are but creatures of the ebb and flow of carnal things. It would not be a sacrifice of life. 23 But we are masters of the things of time. Lo, we can speak, and all the spirits of the fire, water, earth and air will stand in our defence. 24 We can command and many legions of the angel world would come and strike our enemies to earth. 25 But it is best that not a power of heaven or earth should come to our relief. And it is best that even God should veil his face and seem to hear us not. 26 As I am pattern unto you, so you are patterns for the human race. We show by non-resistance that we give our lives in willing sacrifice for man. 27 But my example will not end with death. My body will be laid within a tomb in which no flesh has lain, symbolic of the purity of life in death. 28 And in the tomb I will remain three days in sweet communion with the Christ, and with my Father-God and Mother-God. 29 And then, symbolic of the ascent of the soul to higher life, my flesh within the tomb will disappear; 30 Will be transmuted into higher form, and, in the presence of you all, I will ascend to God. 31 Then Jesus and the twelve went to a village by the sea.


Jesus goes at night to a mountain to pray. His disciples and the villagers find him and he teaches them for three days. Feeds four thousand people. The Christines go to Caesarea-Philippi. They consider the personality of Christ. Peter is chosen as apostolic leader.

NOW, in the night while the disciples slept, lo, Jesus rose and went alone into a mountain pass, six miles away, to pray. 2 And in the morning when the twelve awoke they could not find the Lord, and all the people of the village sought, and when the sun had passed its highest point they found him in the mountain pass. 3 And multitudes of people came and brought their sick, and Jesus taught and healed. 4 And when the night came on the people would not go; they slept upon the ground that they might be a-near the Lord. 5 Three days and nights the multitudes remained, and none had aught to eat. 6 And Jesus had compassion and he said, If I should send the multitudes away they might not reach their homes, for they are faint, for some have journeyed many miles. 7 And his disciples said, Where shall we get enough of food to feed them all? There are four thousand men, besides the women and the little ones. 8 And Jesus said, How many loaves have you? 9 They answered, Seven, and some little fish. 10 And Jesus said, Go to, and seat the people as you seated them the other day when all the multitudes were fed, in companies of twelve. 11 And when the people were sat down in companies of twelve the loaves and fish were brought. 12 And Jesus looked to heaven and spoke the Word; and then he broke the seven loaves in little bits, and likewise cut the fish. 13 And every bit of bread became a loaf, and every piece of fish became a fish. 14 The twelve went forth and gave to every one; the people ate and they were filled; and all the fragments that were left were gathered up, and there were seven baskets full. 15 and then the people went their ways, and the twelve took boats and came to Dalmanatha by the sea. 16 Here they remained for many days, and Jesus told the twelve about the inner light that cannot fail; 17 About the kingdom of the Christ within the soul; about the power of faith; about the secret of the resurrection of the dead; about immortal life, and how the living may go forth and help the dead. 18 And then they went into their boats, and came unto the northern coast of Galilee, and in Chorazin where the kin of Thomas lived, they left their boats and journeyed on. 19 They came to Merom, where the crystal waters seem to catch the images of heaven and to reflect the glory of the Lord of hosts. 20 And here they tarried certain days in silent thought. 21 And then they journeyed on, and came into the land of Caesarea-Philippi. 22 And as they walked and talked among themselves, the master said, What do the people say about the son of man? Who do they think I am? 23 And Matthew said, Some say that you are David come again; some say that you are Enoch, Solomon, or Seth. 24 And Andrew said, I heard a ruler of the synagogue exclaim, This man is Jeremiah, for he speaks like Jeremiah wrote. 25 Nathaniel said, The foreign masters who were with us for a time, declared that Jesus is Gautama come again. 26 James said, I think that most the Jews believe you are the reappearance of Elijah on the earth. 27 And John spoke out and said, When we were in Jerusalem I heard a seer exclaim, This Jesus is none other than Melchizedek, the king of peace, who lived about two thousand years ago, and said that he would come again. 28 And Thomas said, The Tetrarch Herod thinks that you are John arisen from the dead; 29 But then his conscience troubles him; the spirit of the murdered John looms up before him in his dreams, and haunts him as a spectre of the night. 30 And Jesus asked, Who do you think I am? 31 And Peter said, You are the Christ, the love of God made manifest to men. 32 And Jesus said, Thrice blessed are you, Simon, Jonas' son. You have declared a truth that God has given you. 33 You are a rock, and you shall be a pillar in the temple of the Lord of hosts. 34 And your confession is the cornerstone of faith, a rock of strength, and on this rock the Church of Christ is built. 35 Against it all the powers of hades and of death cannot prevail. 36 Behold, I give to you the keys to open up the doors of safety for the sons of men. 37 The Holy Breath will come upon you and the ten, and in Jerusalem you shall stand before the nations of the earth, and there proclaim the covenant of God with men. 38 And you shall speak the words of Holy Breath, and whatsoever God requires of men as earnest of their faith in Christ, you shall make known. 39 Then turning to the twelve he said, What you have heard this day tell not to any man. 40 Then Jesus and the twelve went up and were Susanna's guests for many days.


Jesus teaches the people. He takes Peter, James and John and goes to a high mountain and is transfigured before them.

THE news soon spread that Jesus and the twelve were come, and many people came to see. 2 And Jesus said, Behold, you come to see, but that means naught. If you would have the benedictions of the Christ, take up your and follow me. 3 If you would give your life for selfish self, then you will lose your life. 4 If you will give your life in service of your fellow men, then you will save your life. 5 This life is but a span, a bauble of to-day. There is a life that passes not. 6 Where is your profit if you gain the world and lose your soul? What would you take in payment for your soul? 7 If you would find the spirit life, the life of man in God, then you must walk a narrow way and enter through a narrow gate. 8 The way is Christ, the gate is Christ, and you must come up by the way of Christ. No man comes unto God but by the Christ. 9 The kingdom of the Christ will come; yea, some of you who hear me now will not pass through the gates of death until you see the kingdom come in power. 10 For seven days the master and the twelve remained in Caesarea-Philippi. 11 Then Jesus, taking Peter, James and John, went forth unto a mountain top to pray. 12 And as he prayed a brilliant light appeared; his form became as radiant as a precious stone; 13 His face shone like the sun; his garments seemed as white as snow; the son of man became the son of God. 14 He was transfigured that the men of earth might see the possibilities of man. 15 When first the glory came the three disciples were asleep; a master touched their eyes and said, Awake and see the glory of the Lord. 16 And they awoke, and saw the glory of the Lord; and more, they saw the glory of the heavenly world, for they beheld two men from thence stand forth beside the Lord. 17 And Peter asked the master who awakened them, Who are these men who stand beside the Lord? 18 The master said, These men are Moses and Elijah, who are come that you may know that heaven and earth are one; that masters there and masters here are one. 19 The veil that separates the worlds is but an ether veil. For those who purify their hearts by faith the veil is rolled aside, and they can see and know that death is an illisive thing. 20 And Peter said, Praise God! And then he called to Jesus and he said, My master and my Lord, this is the gate of heaven, andit is well that we remain. 21 May we go down and bring three tents; a tent for you, a tent for Moses, and for Elijah one? But Jesus answered not. 22 And Moses and Elijah talked with Jesus on the mount. They talked about the coming trial of the LOrd; 23 About his death, his rest within the tomb; about the wonders of the resurrection morn; the transmutation of his flesh, and his ascension on the clouds of light; 24 And all symbolic of the path that every man must tread; symbolic of the way the sons of men become the sons of God. 25 The three disciples were amazed, and suddenly the ethers were surcharged with song, and forms as light as air moved all about the mountain top. 26 And then from out the glory of the upper world they heard a voice that said, 27 This is the son of man, my chosen one to manifest the Christ to men. Let all the earth hear him. 28 When the disciples heard the voice they were afraid; they fell upon the ground and prayed. 29 And Jesus came; he touched them and he said, Arise, fear not; lo, I am here. 30 Then they arose, and as they looked about they saw no one; the men had gone. The master only stood with them. 31 As Jesus and the three came from the mountain top they talked about the meaning of the scene, and Jesus told them all; and then he said, 32 Till I have risen from the dead tell not to any one what you have seen. 33 But the disciples could not comprehend the meaning of the words, Till I have risen from the dead. 34 And Jesus told them once again about his death, and rising from the grave; about the kingdom of the soul that was to come in glory and in power. 35 But Peter said, The scribes have taught that e'er the king shall come Elijah must appear. 36 And Jesus said, Elijah has already come; but scribes and Pharisees received him not; 37 And men reviled him, bound him, cast him in a prison cell, and shouted with a fiend's delight to see him die. 38 What men have done to him, that they will do to me. 39 Then the disciples understood that Jesus spoke of John whom Herod slew.

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