The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age

Who was Levi?

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Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

Chapters 179 - 182


Jesus appears, fully materialised, to the apostles at the sea of Galilee. Appears to a multitude of people. Tells his apostles to go again to Jerusalem and he would meet them there.

NOW, the apostles were at home in Galilee; the women tarried in Judea until the Pentecost. 2 And Peter, James and John, and Andrew, Philip and Nathaniel were in Capernaum. They joined with Jonah and with Zebedee, and in their boats went out to fish, 3 They toiled all night and when the morning came they had no fish. 4 And as they neared the shore a man stood on the shore and said, How many fish have you? 5 And Peter answered, None. 6 Again the man called out and said, A school of fish is passing now upon the right side of your boat; cast out your net. 7 They cast their net, and it was filled; and John exclaimed, It is the Lord who stands upon the shore. 8 And Peter plunged into the sea and swam to shore. The other men brought in the net, and it contained a hundred fifty and three fish and yet it did not break. 9 And Jesus said, My children, ley us break our fast together here. 10 They found some living coals upon the beach and Peter brought and dressed the fish; they had some bread. 11 And when the meal had been prepared they broke their fast, and Jesus ate of both the fish and bread. 12 Now, after breakfast all the men were sitting on the beach, and Jesus said to Peter, Do you love the Lord your God with all your heart, and do you love your neighbour as you love yourself? 13 And Peter said, Yea, Lord, I love the Lord my God with all my heart; I love my neighbour as I love myself. 14 And Jesus said, Then feed my sheep. 15 And then he said to James, Do you love her, the Holy Breath, with all your heart, and do you love your neighbour as you love yourself? 16 And James replied, Yea, Lord, I love the Holy Breath with all my heart; I love my neighbour as I love myself. 17 Then Jesus said, Protect my sheep. 18 and then he said to John, Do you love Christ, the love divine made manifest, with all your heart, and do you love your neighbour as you love yourself? 19 And John replied, Yea, Lord, I love the Christ with all my heart; I love my neighbour as I love myself. 20 And Jesus said, Then feed my lambs. 21 Then Jesus rose and said to Peter, Follow me. And Peter followed him. 22 When Peter saw that John was following him he said to Jesus, LOrd, behold, John follows you! What shall he do? 23 Now Peter did not hear the master when he said to John, Then feed my lambs. 24 And Jesus spoke to Peter and he said, It matters not to you what John shall do; not even though I will that he remain until I come again. 25 Just do your duty; follow me. 26 And Jesus passed, they knew not where he went. 27 The news soon spread through all Capernaum that Jesus had risen from the dead, that he had walked with his disciples by the sea and ate with them the morning meal. The multitudes came forth to see. 28 Now Peter, James and John, together with the other men who had been called to be apostles of the Lord, went to the mountains near Capernaum to pray. 29 And as they prayed the master came; they saw him and they talked with him. 30 He said to them, The Pentecost is near at hand; go to Jerusalem and I will meet you there. 31 And as he talked, a multitude of people came; they saw the Lord; they said, 32 Behold, for now we know that he, the Nazarene, has risen from the dead for we have seen him face to face.


Jesus appears, fully materialised, to the apostles in Jerusalem. Gives them his instructions. Promises them a special endowment for their work on Pentecost. Goes to Mount Olives and in full view of many disciples ascends to heaven. The disciples return to Jerusalem.

THE eleven apostles of the Lord were in Jerusalem and in a spacious room that they had chosen by the Lord's command. 2 And as they prayed the Lord appeared to them and said, 3 Peace be to all; good will to every living thing. And then he talked with them a long, long time. 4 And the disciples asked, Will you restore the kingdom unto Israel now? 5 And Jesus said, Be not concerned about the governments of men; the masters will direct. 6 Do that which has been given you to do, and wait and murmur not. 7 All power in heaven and earth is given unto me, and now I bid you go to all the world and preach the gospel of the Christ, the unity of God and man, the resurrection of the dead, and of eternal life. 8 And as you go and preach, baptise the people in the name of Christ. 9 They who believe and are baptised shall rise up in the newness of the life of Christ, and they who disbelieve shall rise not in the newness of the life of Christ. 10 And you shall give to men the power I give to you. 11 They who believe and are baptised shall heal the sick; shall cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk; 12 Shall cast the unclean spirits out of those obsessed; shall tread on deadly serpents and be not harmed; shall pass through flames and not be burned; and if they drink a poisonous draught it shall not kill. 13 You know the sacred Word, which is the word of power. 14 The secret things that I have told to you that may not now be told to all the world, you shall make known to faithful men who shall in turn reveal them unto other faithful men. 15 Until the time shall come when all the world may hear and comprehend the words of truth and power. 16 And now I will ascend to God, as you and all the world will rise to God. 17 Behold, upon the day of Pentecost you all shall be endowed with power from on high. 18 But here you shall remain till then in holy thought and prayer. 19 Then Jesus went to Olivet, and his disciples followed him, and in a place not far removed from Bethany, he met the Marys and Salome; 20 Met Martha, Ruth and Miriam; met Lazarus and a host of others who had come from Galilee. 21 And Jesus stood apart and raised his hands and said, 22 The benedictions of the Holy Ones, of the Almighty God, and of the Holy Breath, of Christ the love of God made manifest. 23 Will rest upon you all the way till you shall rise and sit with me upon the throne of power. 24 And then they saw him rise upon the wings of light; a wreath encircled him about; and then they saw his form no more. 25 But as they gazed up into heaven two men, in robes of white, appeared and said, 26 You men of Galilee, why gaze you htus so anxiously upon the ascending Lord? Lo, he will come again from heaven as you have seen him go to heaven. 27 Then the eleven and Lazarus, and other men from Galilee together with the faithful women, not a few, returned unto Jerusalem and there abode. 28 And they were constantly in prayer and Holy thought. They waited for the Holy Breath, and for the coming of the promised power from on high.

Establishment of the Christine Church


The eleven apostles make choice of Matthias to fill the place made vacant by the deflection of Judas. The Christines are glad. Miriam sings a song of praise. Apostolic roster.

The fact that Jesus had arisen from the dead was not denied by many of the rulers of the Jews. 2 And Pilate gave an order that the followers of the Nazarene be not molested in their worship any place in his domain. 3 The day of Pentecost was near at hand and every one was looking for a manifest of Spirit power. 4 Now, in Jerusalem the eleven had met to choose a man to fill the place of Judas who betrayed his Lord. 5 And Peter said, the Lord called to this ministry twelve men as twelve foundation stones on which the Christine temple should be built. 6 This Judas who betrayed his Lord, has gone to his own place beyond the veil. 7 Of him the prophet wrote: His habitation shall be desolate; no man shall dwell therein; his office let another take. 8 From those who have accompanied us from Gigal, where the harbinger baptised, until this day, shall one be chosen to complete the number twelve, to fill the place from which our brother by transgression fell. 9 And then the eleven spent a long, long time in prayer, and when they cast their lots, Matthias, from the valley of the Nile, was chosen for the place. 10 Matthias was an Israelite indeed; but he was learned in all the wisdom of Egyptian schools, and he had taught the mysteries of Mizraim in Jericho. 11 He was among the first to greet the harbinger; among the first to recognise the Nazarene as Christ, the son of God; 12 He had been with the Christine band in all their journeys in the land of Galilee, Judea and Samaria. 13 A messenger was sent who found Matthias, and he came and joined the eleven, and for a time the twelve were lost in silent prayer. 14 The Christines who had come from Galilee and places in Judea, about six score, were there, and Peter told them of Matthias, and how, by lot, he had been chosen an apostle of the Lord. 15 The Christines all were glad and praised the name of God; and Miriam sung a song of praise. 16 These are the names of the apostles of the Lord; Peter, john and James; Philip, Andrew and Nathaniel; 17 Thomas, James the son of Alpheus and Simon Zelotes; Matthew, Jude, the son of Alpheus and Matthias.


Events of the day of Pentecost. Endowment of the apostles. The Christine Church is established. Peter preaches the introductory sermon. The sermon. Three thousand people are baptised and become members of the church.

NOW, when the day of Pentecost had come Jerusalem was filled with pious Jews and proselytes from many lands. 2 The Christines all were met and were in perfect harmony. 3 And as they sat in silent prayer they heard a sound a-like the distant murmur of a coming storm. 4 The sound grew louder still, until, like thunder peals, it filled the room where the apostles sat. 5 A brilliant light appeared, and many thought, The building is afire. 6 Twelve balls, that seemed like balls of fire, fell from heaven-- a ball from every sign of all the circle of the heavens, and on the head of each apostle there appeared a flaming ball of fire. 7 And every ball seven tongues of fire toward heaven, and each apostle spoke in seven dialects of earth. 8 The ignorant rabble treated lightly what they heard and saw; they said, These men are drunk, and know not what they say. 9 But men of learning were amazed; they said, Are not these men who speak all Jews? how is it that they speak in all the languages of earth? 10 And Peter said, You people of Jerusalem, and you live beyond the city's gates; Peace be to you, and all namkind. 11 This is time that holy men of old desired to see, by faith they saw this hour, and now they stand with us in ecstasy. 12 The prophet Joel in olden times told of the things you see and hear. The Holy Breath spoke with his tongue and said, 13 And it shall come to pass in latter days, that I will breathe upon the sons of men, and fill them with the blessedness of holiness. 14 Your sons and daughters will stand forth and prophesy; your young men will be seers; your old men will dream dreams. 15 And I will show wonders in the heavens above, and marvellous signs in earth. 16 Sounds will proceed from heaven and voices will be heard that men will fail to comprehend. 17 The sun will fail to shine, the moon will wade in blood before the coming of the great day of the Lord. 18 And it will come to pass that they who call upon the name of God in faith shall be redeemed. 19 This is the day of Christine power; the day that he, the man from Galilee, is glorified. 20 He came as a babe in Bethlehem and from his day of birth the kings of earth went forth intent to take his life. 21 God held him in the hollow of his hand. 22 Men called him Jesus, and they called him well, for he was sent to seek and save the lost. 23 And Jesus grew to manhood and was subject unto all trials and temptations of the sons of men, that he might know the loads that men must bear, and know the way to succour them. 24 In distant lands he lived and by the sacred Word he healed the sick, threw prison doors ajar, and set the prisoners free, and everywhere he was proclaimed, Immanuel. 25 But wicked men despised him and rejected him, and by bribed men they proved him guilty of a score of crimes; 26 And inthe presence of a multitude of men who hear me now, they nailed him to a cross; 27 They sealed him with the seal of death; but death was all too weak to hold him in the tomb and when immortal master said, Adon mashich cumi, he burst the bands of death, and rose again to life. 28 He showed himself alive, not only to the rulers in Jerusalem, but to the many in the distant parts of earth; 29 And then, before the wondering eyes of many who now hear me speak, attended by a retinue of courtiers of the angel world, he ascended to the throne of God. 30 and being now exalted high, and having breathed to full the Holy Breath, he breathes again on us, and thus sheds forth what you now see and hear. 31 You men of Israel, Know that God has made this man from Galilee would you abused and crucified, both Lord and Christ. 32 And then the people said, What shall we do? 33 And Peter said, This Christine Lord has sent us forth to open up the gates of dawn. Through Christ all men may enter into light and life. 34 The Christine Church stands on the postulates that Jesus is the love of God made manifest; that love is saviour of the sons of men. 35 This Christine Church is but the kingdom of the Holy One within the soul, made manifest. 36 This day the Christine Church is opened up, and whosoever will may enter in, and, by the boundless grace of Christ, be saved. 37 again the people said, How may we enter in that we may share the boundless grace of Christ? 38 And Peter said, Reform and be baptised, and turn away from sin and lead the life deep hid with Christ in God, and you shall enter in and be redeemed. 39 Three thousand people turned away from sin and were baptised and sought to lead the life deep hid with Christ in God. 40 And in one day the Christine Church became a mighty power; and Christ became a mighty word that thrilled the multitudes in many lands.

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