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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Tao of Sabbath

    Tao of Sabbath Painting The Master showed Chester one of his paintings. It was a traditional Ying and Yang swirl about a foot across. The background was golden and the dark portion was red. On the red side it showed a man carrying the world on his shoulders. On the white side it showed a man sitting on the world meditating.

    The Master explained, "The ancient Taoist mystics knew that wisdom comes from balance. They knew that opposites define everything. By meditating with a calm mind, one can rise above duality and be at one with the Tao for the Tao is non-dual. This is the essence of Sabbath meditation, to cease from doing one day in seven. To find balance in not doing."

    Chester stroked his chin, "So you're trying to show the importance of Sabbath rest and meditation using Taoist symbols so Taoist will value the Sabbath?"

    The Master chuckled, "Unfortunately, too many professing Taoist don't see much value in other religions. However, a true Taoist views all belief systems as valid to one degree or another. For example, Zen is the blend of the Tao mixed with Buddha's teachings. In fact, Zen owes its ability to accept other beliefs due to the philosophies within Taoism. I painted the Sabbath as the Ying and Yang of work and rest for the Taoist, and I also painted it so Sabbath keepers would value Tao."

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    Photo of the Framed Picture

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