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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Sabbath and the Buddha

    Lucifer hated the Buddhas
and destroyed our world
to stop the reincarnations. 
So God gave mankind
the Sabbath and his 
Son to save us from
Lucifer's Plan of

    Chester couldn't believe what he was hearing. "There is no way that the Sabbath of Judaism is connected to the Buddha. You have gone to far with this blended religion stuff. There is no way they can be related!"

    The Master sipped his tea then plainly stated, "I didn't understand the Sabbath until I understood the Buddha." The Master waited for he knew Chester's pattern.

    Chester grinned as if he had the perfect rebuttal. "The Buddhist don't believe in God. In Genesis, God created the Sabbath. Buddhist don't even believe in a God much less in a Sabbath he created!" Chester exulted in his logic and chortled.

    The Master kept on as if Chester's words were no obstacle. "Buddhist believe in Nirvana or the Unbounded Bliss. Nirvana is simply the supreme state of the Uncreated God. If it hadn't been for the Buddhas then Lucifer wouldn't have rebelled and started the War of the Angels. Lucifer's whole purpose for the War of the Angels was to stop the rest of humanity from achieving Buddhahood. If Lucifer had never rebelled then there would have been no need for the sacrifice of God's only begotten son, Christ. If Lucifer had been willing to perform the task God had set for him, he would have helped billions of souls achieve Buddhahood, or another way to say it, their God consciousness, instead he chose to rebel against God's plan."

    Chester tried to find a flaw. "After God repaired the Earth why couldn't the Plan of God start back up as before?"

    The Master looked sad. "God knew Lucifer would deceive mankind just like Lucifer deceived the Angels in his charge. Lucifer is the spirit of deception. If Lucifer could get mankind to destroy themselves and their planet, then no more Buddha's. Buddha achieved enlightenment by taking the path of renouncing the world and becoming homeless as a way to become non-attached to this world of matter. The path of non-attachment is very difficult. Most people aren't willing to do that. That is where the Sabbath comes into the Plan of God. Instead of renouncing the world 7 days a week to commune with the Absolute, just one day a week is set aside as a special day to commune with God. I will show you next Sabbath what I mean. The Sabbath is part of our Cosmic Dance.

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