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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Seven Sabbath Meditations

    God placed his Holy Awareness into the Seventh day. God made the Sabbath available to all as a simple connection to the Holy God. The Master motioned toward a large pillow that Chester usually meditated on. Chester started to speak but remembered his bet with the Master about not speaking for a day. It was about to drive him nuts!

    The Master sat across from Chester and got a new candle out and ceremoniously placed it between them. Chester was confused at first because this was new. Normally the Master just started teaching.

    The Master looked at the candle then looked at Chester. Chester felt a tension in the room. It felt like a pent up expectation. Why wasn't the Master speaking? The Master was patient and kept looking at the candle then at Chester. Suddenly Chester knew he had to light it. He had forgotten that unspoken speach could be heard. He laughed off the excess energy and remembered not to speak as he lit the candle.

    The Master smiled and got up to turn off the lights. In the soft light of the candle he sat down to teach Chester the Seven Sabbath Meditations. The Master lit an incense stick and placed it upright in a bowl of sand.

    "Chester, close your eyes and focus only on the smell and my words. Im going to teach you the Seven Sabbath Meditations. For the next seven sabbaths you will follow a ritual of stillness, quiet and contemplation."

    Chester closed his eyes and focused on the smell of the sweet incense. By now he knew to try and calm his thoughts but it was so hard. The thoughts were like fizz in a beer. Chester shook his head to get rid of the thoughts about beer and tuned back into the Masters words."

    As Chester focused on the words he heard the Master continue a thought "...every seventh day for 7 days, 49 days in all, you start the new focus for each week. I will give you the progression tonight and you will begin next Sabbath with the first meditation. Every Sabbath has a different focus until you have covered all 7. Later I will tell you what you move up to after you finish the first 7 weeks."

    Chester felt excited and skeptical at the same time. But he found it hard to focus on his breathing and listen at the same time. His mind starting getting calmer and calmer as he felt a peace between each thought.

    The Master continued, "The first Sabbath is the Sabbath of Eternity. As you sit and calm your mind, energy will bubble through your soul that normaly escapes as thoughts. If you cannot stop thoughts from bubbling up use the following technique. As soon as you recognize a thought is starting to form, before it can express itself without your control turn it into one word or two words such as Now, or Eternity or Eternity Now. Stay focused for as long as you can on the Now. This is the nature of Eternity, it is Now, always has, always will. By learning to connect to the present, the now, you can begin to understand what it means to be Omnipresent. Always in the present! Always in the Now!"

    The Master paused to let the words soak in before continuing. "The second Sabbath is the Sabbath of Balance. Remember these 7 Sabbaths each build on each other. This one allows you to achieve balance by being in the now. This time as you sit and calm your mind you only allow thoughts of balance. Understand that all of reality as we experience it is composed of balances. Male, female. Hot, cold. Large, small. The list is endless. The Sabbath of Balance."

    The Master paused even longer letting the room fill with silent wisdom. Chester felt his inner energy become calmer yet more powerful, a parodox of balance. An intense joy seemed to leak into his mind at the very center of the paradox. The beautiful sensation of happiness vibrated like a sweet note on a violin."

    "The third Sabbath is a Sabbath of Awareness. This is the Sabbath of no thought. Only Awarness. When your mind is like a lake so calm the lake reflects the moon like a vast mirror, then you can know that you are a reflection of Absolute Awareness revealing existence!"

    This time the silence was like an exultation so intense that Chester felt tears well into his eyes and drip down from the lowered lids.

    The Master took Chester to the next level or Chakra. "The fourth Sabbath is the Sabbath if Infinity, of the unlimited, the unbounded. After you have lit the candle and incense, you will use the following visualization as your tool to tap the infinite."

    Chester felt his entire body resonate with joy, transcending pleasure, as his soul traveled the infinite with the Master's words.

    The Master had to stop and sip some water. "In your mind picture a series of four dimensional levels, some larger some smaller, all clustered around you. You do this by picturing one world slightly smaller yet in 3 dimensional parallel, sorta like a smaller box within a box, only a mirror image. Then imagine another world slightly larger, yet in 3 dimensional parallel, sorta like a larger box over your box only a mirror image. Now take them both in your mind to infinity, infinitely small and infinitely large like a reflection of a mirror in a mirror in a mirror forever......" The Master's voice trailed off into the silence as he waited for Chester to struggle with his new task. "Now you see why you have to dedicate a whole Sabbath to this."

    For brief flashes in his mind, Chester was able to visualize an infinite progression inwardly and down, it was the infinite progression up and outward that was the most difficult yet the most satisfying."

    The Master explained a little further.... "The downard infinite is the infinite number of bad decisions one can make and the worlds of possibility those bad decisions will create. The infinite out, the infinite larger is the infinte set of realities that result from making good decisions. The Sabbath of Infinity is the Sabbath of Decision.

    Chester felt a shift in the energy. The silence had an infinite point of balance that was unchangeable once a decision was made. The gravity of this understanding staggered Chester.

    The Master went on. "The fifth Sabbath is the Sabbath of paradox for it is in opposition with the Sabbath of the Infinite for it is the Sabbath of Oneness. Each Sabbath is more challenging than the former. The Sabbath of Oneness is the Sabbath that begins the Understanding of truth. To be One with everything is Truth. [pause] To be One with God is Truth. [pause] Oneness is Truth. [pause] Oneness [pause] Truth."

    "The sixth Sabbath is the Sabbath of Knowing. The Sabbath of Faith. The Sabbath of Expectation. The Sabbath one sits and Knows. Find your center and Know."

    Chester couldn't help himself. The Joy was so intense, even tears didn't release it all, and he started giggling... [giggling] When he settled down the Master continued.

    The seventh Sabbath is the Sabbath of Holyness. During The Sabbath of Holyness one remembers the sevenfold truth of Holyness. There are three Holy ways. Right Thoughts, Right Decisions and Right Actions. There are four fruits of Holyness. Peace, Joy, Love and Patience."

    Chester's mind snapped right there and it was like he came back to earth. He couldn't hold the focus any longer. He opened his eyes and felt the afterglow of what he had just experienced....... The Master got up and left Chester with his reverie.

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