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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Advanced Meditation

    Meditation Postures Master said to Chester, "Its time you learned some advanced meditation techniques. How has your meditation been going?"

    Chester shrugged and said, "Ok, but just about the time I get into a center of knowing a thought comes along and disturbs the stillness and I start following the thought. Most times the thought is related to the knowing intuition I was experiencing, but a thought stream seems crude compared to the other."

    The Master smiled for he could tell that Chester was ready for what he had to teach him. "The center that knows is like a lake that is so perfectly calm that the moon is reflected brilliantly and serenely. A thought is like a breeze that ripples across the surface of the lake and shatters the image of the moon into a thousand sparkling lights. I can give you some techniques that will help you still your thoughts like the calmest of lakes. Once your soul is still and receptive it can reflect the light and love of the Supreme Father. Achieve your normal meditation posture and breathing and then I will instruct you."

    Chester smoothly sat on a pillow with his legs crossed. As he began his breathing exercises he remember that just a short eight weeks ago he thought meditiation had no value. Now he was eager to receive advanced instruction.

    The Master waited for Chester's breathing to become slow, deep and measured. Calmly and quietly the Master began his instruction. "Listen to my words and find the spot within your awareness that the sound centers on. Discover the hearing focus. Soon I will quit speaking. See how long you can thoughtlessly focus on your hearing center. As soon as a thought begins find where the thought originates. Focus on that new spot and connect the source of thought and the source of hearing together. As long as you can keep your hearing source and your thought source touching you can block thoughts completely. Now try this yourself."

    Chester focused on the Master's instruction. As soon as the Master's word stopped the hearing source felt stronger. All of his thoughts seem to originate at the base of his throat as if he was about to speak. Within the silence of his mind he brought them together like touching a finger tip to his thumb tip. The energy within vibrated higher and higher almost instantly. It was almost like holding a live wire within. It was a subtle joy that went from a whisper to a shout.

    The Master left as soon as he realized that Chester was in the throes of God Joy. He smiled as he quietly walked out. Chester was becoming a quick study of the ways of God Realization.

    Very Advanced Meditation

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