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    The Reluctant Messenger


    Chester challenged the Master concerning Buddha. The Master listened as Chester claimed Buddha seemed to ignore God. "Buddha is known as the enlightened one. But I read that it claims even the gods trembled when Buddha announced he could see past their illusions. Buddha didn't seem to be connected to God."

    The Master sipped his tea then began, "Buddha was familiar with the teachings of the Supreme Personality of the Godhead from the teachings of the Hindu priests that attended the court. When Buddha achieved the enlightened state he connected completely to the state of Absolute Awareness which trancends all created realities."

    Chester said, "You keep bringing up the awareness thing."

    The Master continued, "The Buddha was necessary because the Wisdom of Infinity which is kept alive in Hinduism and the Wisdom of Balance which shines in Taoism had caused the The Wisdom of Awareness. to be lost to the planetary consciousness. God gave the Buddha full measure of Absolute Awareness so the Wisdom would be available to all mankind once again.

    Buddha achieved Nirvana as Union with the Absolute Bliss. You can't have bliss without awareness. He achieved bliss through meditation. Buddha saw past all illusion and remerged with the true onesource. Buddha achieved all viewpoints. Buddha became part of the Uncreated God again. Buddha trancended birth and death by becoming One with that which has never been born nor has ever died!. Buddhist call it Nirvana. Nirvana is the Absolute Bliss of the Uncreated.

    The Absolute Awareness led Buddha to understand the The Four Noble Truths."

    The Four Noble Truths

    How to Meditate

    Buddha: Atheist or God?

    Sabbath and the Buddha

    Zen - Blended religion

    The Gospel of Buddha

    The Lotus Sutra

    The Diamond Sutra

    The Cosmic Dance

    The Parable of the King's Diamonds

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