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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The History of God
    The Absolute Realm

    The Absolute Realm The Master instructed Chester, "God created all things and all things were created by him. Everything that exists or has existed was created by God.

    Before the beginnings, there was and is and always will be, the Absolute Realm. The Absolute Realm is composed of Infinity, Eternity and Awareness. These three transcend all things and come before all else. These three are the source of all beginnings. These are the foundation and the sustaining of all.

    All realities and planes of existence emanate from the Absolute Realm. Pouring out of the Absolute Realm is the love and wisdom of God toward all of his creation."

    Patterns - The Three Dimensional Construct

    The Master inquired Chester, "Were you going to tell me about last night's vision? This morning you were very excited and now I'm ready to hear it."

    Chester looked up and tried to remember the vision. He took a deep breath and said, "Ok, yes, I remember I saw the Absolute Realm in its non-dimensional completeness and I watched God creating the first dimensional construct!"

    The Master seemed keen on hearing Chester next words. "I saw a white line suddenly pierce the dark nothingness. Then another 90 degrees to it suddenly sprang into perspective. A third line, 90 degrees to both of those, shined into existence. I saw the birth of three dimensions. I can barely remember what happened next. It was so overwhelming. God filled the space created by the three dimensions with beautiful intricate patterns of white lines and white circles and white curls all intertwined like visual music.

    An Infinite expanse of patterns and light swirls expanded into 3 dimensions like an explosion of ideas. I can't remember much else but the awesome joy and delight in re-experiencing God creating the first simple, yet beautiful patterns in the new three dimensional construct was just awesome!" Chester stopped for a breath. "There, that is the best way I can share the vision."

    "Ahhhh..." The Master smiled, "You saw the very beginnings of the Dreams of God and of the Realm of Chaos."

    The Realm of Chaos

    The following is an incomplete sampling of extensive notes Chester took while in India with the Master:

    I experienced the time* God first dreamed. The cup of dreams ran over like unto rivers that overflow their banks. For God dreamed an Infinity of dreams in an instant, and the Infinity multiplied by infinity for an Eternity created all possibilities in one awesome Now. It was the Realm of Chaos. God began to create outside the Absolute Realm and started the first realities based on dimensions and textures.

    For eons, Uncreated God just observed the dreams. Uncreated God was delighted when Created God began to alter their flow and pattern by switching from observer to participant. For God grew tired of the confusion and started controlling the dreams until they became patterns of joy that grew with beauty, precision and majesty. When God learned to completely control the dreams, the time of chaos was over and the dawn of the Perfect Realm began.

    * time - Actually the use of the word time here is inaccurate, but it will have to suffice for lack of a better term. From God's perspective there is no time, only an ever changing now. Our use of time is a way to express beginnings and ends and is used here to mark the beginning of chaos.

    Continue with History part 2.

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    The Story

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  • Why the Flood of Noah
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    History of God

  • The Absolute Realm
  • The Perfect Realm
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  • The Three Archangels
  • The Jewel called Mother Earth
  • Early Man before Adam
  • The Rebellion of Lucifer
  • God repairs the Earth
  • Tree of Good and Evil
  • Why the Flood of Noah
  • The Tower of Babel