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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger


    Awareness is one of the three Absolute aspects of God.  God's awareness pervades the infinite realms.  Your self is a small drop of the Infinite Awareness of All. Your eternal destiny is to share the ultimate Awarenss, The Awareness of God. The weather was perfect in the contemplation glade. The Master and Chester both finished the joined meditation together. The Master held a gold coin up in front of Chester's face as his eyes fluttered open from the deep meditation he had just experienced. The Master softly challenged, "Tell me what you experienced when your mind was completely void of thought and I will give you this gold coin for the right answer."

    Chester licked his lips as he eyed the ancient coin. "Well, it was black from my eyes being closed and I was aware of black and I heard the wind and felt the breeze and I was so aware of my breathing. Then there was a knowing, but I couldn't seem to string a sentence together to explain it. It was beyond logic or reason, it just was."

    The Master acted as if to take the coin away. "What did you experience when your mind was completely void of thought and logic."

    Chester was at a loss as to how to answer so he closed his eyes and tried to remember. With inspiration he opened his eyes and said. "I experienced pure awareness! I Am Awareness!"

    The Master grinned and gave him the gold coin. Still smiling he reached for another. As he held it up he challenged Chester. "Tell me why I gave you the gold coin and you can have this one also."

    Chester just stared at the Master, completely baffled. "I just now told you."

    The Master smiled as he pocketed the coin, "What is Now?"

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