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Awareness is one of the three Absolute aspects of God.  God's awareness pervades the infinite realms.  Your self is a small drop of the Infinite Awareness of All. Your eternal destiny is to share the ultimate Awarenss, The Awareness of God.

The Master looked serious. "I am now going to give you very old information that has been passed down from Master to Master since before the time of Enoch."

Chester settled further into the grass under the tree in the contemplation glade to listen.

"Awareness is not your thoughts or feelings or your mind. You would not experience those without awareness. You can have awareness without thoughts, feelings or mind but you can't have thoughts, feelings or mind without awareness."

Chester frowned as he looked at the Master. "That isn't logical. I am my mind."

The Master held up his hand. "You use your mind. Your mind is part of the ego. The ego is what holds the illusion of self. Your mind is the boundary between the pure unlimited Awareness of God and the world of the material you are experiencing. The mind is what holds the tool of decision. Your ego is that which thinks, feels and decides."

Chester tried to understand. Looking down for a moment he pursed his lips. Looking up he attempted to explain to the Master what he was trying to absorb. "You once told me that all true masters from the most ancient, including Buddha and Christ, were just trying to explain in the context of the culture they were in who we really were. Buddha claimed to have become one with Brahma by seeing past the illusion of ego. Christ taught we are the Children of God."

The Master smiled. "Yes, Christ said; 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.' To be pure of heart is to identify totally with God and not with the world or with one's ego. But there is more to awareness. Who you are, which is pure awareness, is attached to the ego and rides the infinities as the ego mind makes decisions. Each decision of the ego plucks an aspect of reality from the imfinite unmanifested realities and brings them into the manifested reality which is finite."

Chester had the look of one who just comprehended a truth. "Oh yes, of course. The Many Worlds Theory of Infinite Parallel Universes as described by quantum physics!"

Master got up to let Chester contemplate. Chester didn't see the Master go for he was so absorbed in the wonder of truth.

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