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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Infinite Meditation

    It was Sunday morning and the Master was enjoying the soft sounds of nature shaking off the effects of a light rain. The random patters of falling droplets sounded like God whispering to him. The Master was so focused on the moment that his entire sense range was experienced in extreme slow motion. The world jarred into regular speed when Chester entered the porch, mouth going full speed. “I just have to tell you what happened last night. I’m sorry were you doing something?”

    The Master contemplated a dozen ways to answer and chose to reply with. “Last night?”

    Chester blurted on, totally unaware of the violent transition the Master experienced because of his noisy entrance. “I had the most amazing experience. I was meditating on the Wisdom of Infinity and discovered the very architecture of reality.”

    His focus now was on his student, his serenity returned but it took more energy than before. “Go on.”

    Chester sat on one of the pillows scattered about on the porch and crossed his legs. “Okay, well, I was thinking of how Quantum Physics and the Wisdom of Infinity have so much in common. There has been a revival of a theory that says that all sub-atomic particles are a vibrating string. I was imagining in my mind what an almost infinitely small vibrating string was when I fell into a total knowing. The next thing I know it is a half hour later and I can’t remember anything. It took me almost ten minutes to try and figure out what I had been meditating on to even remember it was the Wisdom of Infinity. I started over and began focusing on the concept of all of reality being formed out of super tiny vibrating strings and it happened again. This time is was almost 45 minutes later and I couldn’t even remember why I was sitting in the room.”

    The Master cleared his throat. Chester paused to hear what the Master was going to say. “You are exceeding your abilities. A coarse way of saying it is that you keep blowing your mind. Whatever you have discovered, it is literally kicking you back into this realm without memory. It’s as if you found an off limits area.”

    Chester sat up straighter. “I wasn’t beyond my limits because I did it one more time and this time I came away with partial memories!”

    “Partial memories?”

    “Yes. The best way I can explain it is like this. I can remember the first party I ever went to. But I can’t really recall the entire party, but certain things are like portraits hung in the halls of my mind that I can revisit any time I want. But the rest is a blur. Part of the reason I can’t remember a lot is because it was also the first party I ever got drunk at. The next day I barely remembered my name. It wasn’t until later that I was able to recall bits and pieces.”

    “How is mediating on Infinity like that?”

    “That’s the cool part! When I refocused on the concept of vibrations all interacting I was transported in my mind’s eye to a perspective of seeing my life as a long vibrating tube. I can’t describe it, but I was able to see everybody I had ever interacted with and how my vibrations effected their vibrations and how theirs affected mine. I was able to pull back and see the entirety of all reality. It looked as if trillions and trillions of vibrating light tunnels stretched back into eternity and the closer to God we all got the brighter and whiter and more powerful were our vibrations. I was able to look back into 60 trillion years of history and see how all of us had our vibrational beginnings in the infinite eternal vibration of God. I was able to discover why I kept forgetting the experience.”

    The Master was amazed at how much insight his student had attained. He was progressing so fast. “The third time you didn’t look forward into eternity you only looked into the next few thousand years.”

    Chester’s jaw dropped open. “How do you know that?”

    “I once looked into the fabric of all of reality and I saw each life as a thread in a large rug. My vision was similar to yours, but if I looked forward and saw how it all turns out trillions of years from now I experienced a type of amnesia. When I learned to restrict my psychic explorations to the past I was able to retain everything I remembered.”

    “Yeah, this experience has changed me. Instead of the oneness of everything being a concept, I have actually experienced it. The experience is like an incredible party on a scale beyond imagination. But when I came back from the third exploration I was only able to remember bits and pieces. But I do remember that God is one incredibly fun party. I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s the best I can do given the limitations of speech.”

    The Master smiled. “Let me show you what I was doing when you came in. You might like that too.”

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