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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger


    Eternity is one of the three Absolute aspects of God. God is eternal, ever existing and forever self-existent.  Time is an illusion, there is only an Eternal Ever Changing Now! As Chester continued with the Master he said, "I can understand almost anything, but the idea that God had no beginning. How can something have no beginning?"

    The Master peeled a banana and said, "All things have a beginning."

    Chester scorned, "You just said God had no beginning now you say everything has a beginning. You are a paradox of words. You can't have both at the same time!"

    The Master looked silly as he grinned and ate the banana. "Examine your assumptions and listen to your bias that limits you."

    Chester shook his head. The Master waited. Chester started several times to say something. The Master ate some plums. Chester's logical mind pondered until finally he brightened! "I assumed God is a thing."

    The Master leaned forward and whispered, "The Wisdom of Balance tells us that to understand the opposites is to resolve the paradox. What is the opposite of thing?"

    Chester slowly responded, "Nothing."

    The Master sat up and looked for fruit and casually said, "So obviously God is no thing and is that which preceeds all things."

    Chester complained, "Eternity isn't logical!"

    The Master finished his fruit and smiled. "Perhaps there is another way for you to understand Eternity. Instead of trying to comprehend it logically, experience it instead."

    Chester laughed. "You can't experience eternity. Come on get real!"

    The Master laughed back. "You are experiencing Eternity Now. Right now you are experiencing Now. Can you ever remember a time when it wasn't Now? All you have is right Now." The Master reached up and grasped an invisible pole and pulled down in front of his heart as he emphasized. "All there is, all there ever has been, all there ever will be, is Now."

    Chester frowned as if trying to get it. "How is right now Eternity?"

    "Eternity and Now are the same thing." The Master repeated, "Eternity creates the Now. There always has been and always will be Now. Eternity is one of the Three Absolute Aspects of God. And God has always been Aware of Now. There has never not been Now."

    "Now and Eternity are the same thing?" Chester began to think the Master was delusional.

    "Try it this way. There is only an Ever Changing Now. What we call the past is the memory of Now as it has been and the future is the Now we look forward to."

    Chester sighed. "I think I need to meditate more on this. I can't believe I'm even saying the word meditate, let alone doing it."

    Master said, "Meditate on Now."

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