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    Reluctant Messenger



    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    God Talking To You

    Please don't focus on the individual or the medium delivering this message; it only gets in the way of our connection. Focus on the message. If it seems like nonsense to you, thatís perfect, your most likely approach will be to ridicule it. Thatís ok, itís the built in mechanism imbedded in the message to prevent those who aren't ready for it from waking up prematurely .

    You've been asking for this for a long time. So don't be surprised you get it. That is the first thing you need to learn about communicating with God. If you limit yourself to allowing the communication to express itself only through certain channels then you miss some. Sometimes itís the urge to take the back road instead of the highway that you ignore. A few minutes later you wish you had heeded the urge because the traffic is snarled due to a major accident. So don't ignore this message. Itís actually difficult to get anyone to listen to me, let alone write it all down.

    You have a lot of questions and I have all the answers but you have to understand, since I know everything, my difficulty lies in picking the essentials you need to know.

    Of course you want to know why I allow suffering. And I'll get to who I am soon enough. But rather than deal with each question separately, I will give the highlights so you can experience the ďahaĒ of solving the paradoxes in your mind yourself.

    Who is God? In other words, who am I? The question could be phrased better. Who are we? They are all the same question. Once you understand why these three questions are all the same question you will have your answer.

    If you have read this far without the nonsense-circuit kicking in then you are ready for the next step. You and I have always existed. We have always existed. We always will exist. The only unknown is how much suffering can we avoid?

    Why is there suffering? Why is there pain, war and the host of other evils present in this world? It was unavoidable when we agreed to the game. Where we come from there is no evil nor is there any goodness. Where we come from it is neither small nor large, big nor little, dark nor light. There is no goodness, no evil, no suffering, no happiness. Our true origin is that which is not created. We are the uncreate and the uncreate is where we come from. It is our source.

    We created the game we call reality. It is the opposite of our true nature. It is composed of a balance of forces for the purpose of play. Let me put it this way. God is an experience junky. I am an experience junky. We are experience junkies. You are an experience junky. You are the part of me that agreed to leave the void to have experiences on my behalf. Remember? Nothingness and the bliss of non-duality got boring? Weíve played this game over a quadrillion times.

    For those of you unable to handle pure unadulterated truth, the next few statements should be considered as nonsense or as heresy. Once again, Iím cutting to the chase. The messenger Iím using is seldom this receptive so Iím going to cut to the chase. I donít know how long I can keep this connection. Last time I got this close to revealing the truth he went to the bathroom and when he got back he checked his e-mail and I had lost the opportunity.

    You are God. Not all of God but the part of God that agreed to enter the game of experience, reality if you will. You knew the risks involved but you also knew the risk would be limited to a few trillion years or so before you came back. You also agreed to forget where you came from so you could enjoy the thrill of discovering who you really are.

    I have to be brief, I donít have much more time before he checks his email again. How is all this possible? Why are there so many religions? Why is there war if we are all God? Iíll give several examples in case one is more effective than the others. Take your computer for example. When they first came out they were single tasking machines. Later operating systems were created to allow the computer to run several programs at once. In order to achieve this, the program was given the illusion that it had control of all of the computer when in fact it is just one of possible thousands of programs using the computer. Just as the program is unaware of the other programs, you are unaware that you are part of the greater whole. (God is a workable term for the greater whole.) If you are reading this on a Mac or a Windows machine, you can use the analogy of windows. Every window you open on your computer screen is like a part of the computer unaware of the others. Other programs are aware of all other programs. If you hit Control Alt Delete on a Windows machine you can access the part of the computer that sees all the other programs. God is like that. Only God is the operating system, the hardware, the individual programs and all the drivers, etcÖ

    Letís try another approach. When you dream, are there other characters in the dream besides yourself? They do whatever they should, as is appropriate to the dream situation, yet never let on that they are really you, performing whatever task your sub-consciousness has dreamed up. The part of you that is awareness, your consciousness, is unaware it has fragmented into multiple personalities for the dream reality. Have you ever dreamed, yet were aware you were dreaming? Ever controlled the dream once you were aware you controlled the reality you were in? What if you told the other individuals in your dream that they werenít real but were really you. Try it, the individuals in the dream will insist they are actually real and donít be surprised if some are indignant when you suggest they are part of a dream.

    Ok, here is the next level of nonsense that is actually true. You are a character in my dream that will participate in the dream world until you decide to wake up. Itís that simple. You can join me anytime you want to by waking up. Buddha woke up and joined me. Enoch woke up and joined me.

    Lets discuss Jesus Christ. I have reserved a part of myself that is like the program you can call up on a windows machine using Control-Alt-Delete. That part of me has access to all of the programs running in God Dream World, Our Dream World. Whenever necessary the Christ Program manifests within the dream, within the duality based reality, composed of illusion, and does what is necessary to keep the rest of God on track towards the end. Mind you, the end is still trillions of years away. If I can maintain this link longer I will give you more on that later. History has recorded three manifestation of the Control Program at work. The Hindus called it Krishna. The ancient mystics were aware of the Control Program and called him Melchizedek. The Hebrews also call him YHWH. The most recent manifestation of the Control Program was known as Yeshua the Anointed One. Later the Roman Empire renamed Yeshua the Christ to be Son of Zeus (The Head Roman God) Son of Zeus in English sounds like Jesus. Jesus, Yeshua, Melchizedek, Krishna, they are all the same; the control program showing up every 2,000 years or so to keep the overall program on track. Think of Jesus as your big brother in control of the program governing illusion.

    Letís get back to the truly big picture that concerns us. You will be unaware of your true divinity until you are able to see past the ego for what it is. The ego is the part of God that creates the illusion of separateness. The reason for the illusion is because you are the part of god still addicted to experience. So when the age of non-duality ends and the illusion world is allowed to expand, you are the part of God that agrees to leave the boredom of the void and enter the world of experience. The illusion will unfold over about 64 trillion years. The part of you that leaves oneness and infinity to plunge into the illusion of separateness and to partake in the illusion of the finite agrees to be bound by the laws of duality. Some call it Karma, others call it the law of God. Cause and effect: Once God has shed infinite awareness and takes on limited awareness that part of God is bound by cause and effect all the way to the end. Sometimes the Control Program has to show up and intervene to prevent a build up of negative karma in the dream of God.

    Let me discuss Illusion while the link is holding. In the part of US (God) that is permanent, there is nothing. No movement, no opposite. There is neither stillness nor movement. On the other hand, the created illusion is all about movement. Without getting too technical, the part of me known as Science is in the process of figuring out the illusion down to the most paradoxical parts. I can explain it but I need to give you some truths to absorb before I get to the part that will help you the most. Later, meditate on these truths because I donít have time to elaborate on them but none the less they are true. Nonsense disguised as truth is still nonsense. Truth disguised as nonsense is still truth.

    Truth One: In the created realm there is no such thing as stillness.

    Truth Two: In the Created realm everything has an opposite. Everything is made up of a balance of forces. Not all force is physical. Hate and Love are forces manifesting as opposite ways of life.

    Truth Three: The Created realm is a participation realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers.

    Truth Four: All of reality is actually an impermanent pattern changing and morphing into a reality created by the participants.

    Truth Five: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

    What scientists want to know:

    Time is an illusion, there is only now. How it works is based on a simple principal. Constant movement towards a prearranged pattern. At the smallest unit of matter science has found vibrating strings. These ordinate in the void as light and sound. Vibration is the most sophisticated simple form of movement. Ever complex patterns can all originate from simple patterns. Mathematicians discovered this truth among the Mandelbrot fractal geometries.

    Reality is actually composed of a complex pattern moving through a ten dimensional hyper-sphere. Itís not a single pattern but it is all of the possible patterns in an infinite number of realities. Scientist have determined a paradox imbedded within Quantum Reality. It appears that the future creates the present instead of the past creating the present. Just as paradoxically the present creates the past.

    Scientist have also discovered another paradox imbedded within reality. It appears that all vibrations at the extremely small end of reality donít actually exist unless observed. Unobserved they are probability waves and manifest by existing in all vibration states of probability simultaneously. In effect they have discovered our secret. How did we create a reality that appears to be finite and limited when in fact we are infinite and unlimited?

    Itís important you get this part of the message.

    You are God vibrating within a pattern of possibilities. Its takes some 64 trillion years, to use a phrase you can comprehend, for all of the possible patterns to play out. But we have put in some controls based on what we have learned in past epochs when we played this game. This game of creating an expanse of illusion and having it finally dissipate back into the void has occurred trillions of quadrillions of time. Each time the pattern has been more complex. After 64 trillion years of exploring the possibilities within the patterns we abandon the realm of experience and digest, so to speak, what we learned over the last 64 trillion years and compare that to the previous billion or so games. Then we use the new information to plan the next 64 trillion year game.

    The game is played within a ten dimensional hyper-sphere that contains every possible pattern already created from the previous games. Every disaster, every heroic deed, every possible good deed and every possible perversion all exist inside the ten dimensional hyper-spheres. The hyper-sphere exists within the unmanifest realm. This realm is devoid of consciousness or awareness. At the center of the hyper sphere is the entry point, for lack of a better word, for awareness units. Awareness units consist of an ďI amĒ viewpoint. When an awareness unit enters the 10 dimensional hypersphere of infinite possibilities it sheds awareness of its connection to the infinite and begins a journey that ends with it once again shedding its I am-ness and rejoining the infinite awareness, losing nothing but gaining all. The possible occurs when decisions or choices are made. Our actions and our choices cause the unmanifest to become the manifest.

    Over the course of eternity, our entry and exit into the 10 dimensional sphere of experience is like going down a water slide. But for God the journey is like a bolt of lightening down a trillion waterslides. How does this explain the future creating the present and the present creating the past? Actually it is modeled quite well using one of the static electricity generators within a large glass globe. The globe with the dancing purple static electricity represents all possible experience paths. The lightening within the ball is the actual paths taken by the awareness units traversing the shared realities. Think of Godís Hand outside the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of all possible experience. Where Godís hand touches the outside boundary it causes a bias within the infinite possibilities, causing the most ideal of all infinite possibilities to be lit like lightening between the entry point and the exit points. We are still dealing with an infinite number of paths but that is what the Control Program does. It prevents awareness points from getting lost within the infinite possibilities. Right now, there is a guy on LSD playing with his Van de Graaf Generator who is getting it right now with a mind blowing wow of total divine understanding. He is GOD and knows everything and wonders how he got stuck in such a tiny body. Trouble is, tomorrow he will have forgotten his connection with everything and his ride on the lightening bolt of GOD MEMORY. He will go on to be fascinated by electricity and become an electrical engineer but I digress. Before I lose my link entirely, it has held up much longer than I expected this time, lets discuss heaven and hell.

    Heaven and Hell:

    Since you and I have agreed to play the experience game based on the rules of cause and effect, the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience is based on cause and effect regardless of what level you achieve. The most positive and wonderful patterns of vibration are found in the heavenly realms. The most negative and perverse patterns are found in the hell realms. As both heaven and hell are found in the middle, there will come a time when there will be no middle ground. Both the violent and the peaceful will have their way. At the appointed time, all ďI amĒ units vibrating peacefully will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where peace and happiness is the predominate pattern that is further enhanced by the creative energies of the participants. Also at the appointed time those ďI amĒ units that vibrate to the violent and the perverse will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where violence and the suffering it produces is the predominate pattern. Its destructive and perverse reality will be further warped and intensified by the ďI amĒ units that revel in darkness. Because these realities are filled with destruction and war, they frequently burn and smolder. The cycle of life and death is very short in the hell realms. In the heavenly realms the cycle of life and birth is extended into the millions and billions and even trillions of years.

    Regardless of whether your path will be among the pleasantries of heaven or the atrocities of hell, the vibrational pattern you are establishing in your life today, and the lives that will follow, will determine whether you play out the next 64 trillion years in the positive creative splendor of the peace realms or the negative destructive ugliness of the violent realms.

    The thing that must be understood: those that want violence will get it. Itís the way of cause and effect within the experience realm. Those that want peace and happiness will get that also. Within the next 1,000 years the Control Program will decide which realm the ďI amĒ units under his control will go. The decision to send ďI amĒ units toward the infinite pleasures of heaven or the infinite sufferings of hell is based totally on the vibrational pattern established by the previous lives preceding the day of decision.

    Regardless of which realm you chose to spend the next 64 trillion years or so, there will be suffering. There is very little suffering in the heavenly realms, and the suffering can be intense in the hell realms, thus the constant escape into death. But in the long run The only way to escape suffering is to leave the ďI amĒ behind and rejoin me in the void. But I know you. Regardless of when you rejoin me, after about 64 trillion years of absolutely no new experiences at all, you will want to start over in the new 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience. I know it and you know it after all, we are experience junkies. Itís in our nature to explore the possibilities. Iím losing my link. Yep, there he goes, he is checking his email. I just hope he remembers to send this out.

    God, over and out.

    God Talking To You Too

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