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    The Reluctant Messenger

    God Talking To You Too

    Rather than repeat myself, Iím assuming you have read God Talking To You One:

    If you donít know why we speak in the plural then you need to go back and read God Talking To You One.

    Yes, I know it should be spelled two. However, this scribe gets grammar and spelling wrong a lot so donít be surprised if the next misspelling isnít on purpose.

    Special arrangements had to be made to connect with this scribe. He has incarnated so many times as a scribe that it is actually getting harder to get him to write than it was to get him to copy something in the previous lifetimes. But I had to reconnect, than if for no other reason because the last connection worked better than probability alone would have. So here goes. Remember, this is an inspiration as opposed to a channeling. Because it is an inspiration, the subject matter may be colored by the life experiences of the scribe from the last 3,000 years and especially biased by the last 50 years. Other than that, Iím confident the essentials will get through.

    Heaven and Hell:

    So many questions with a theme of Heaven or Hell, that I had to deal with it. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the beginnings of beginnings to answer. Remember, Iím the part that remembers all, knows all and is the sum total of knowledge. The Knowing, if you will. You want the big picture, so here it is. You and I have always existed. You perform the need for limited perspective and I perform the need for unlimited perspective. I can best explain by beginning at the beginnings of beginnings.

    Beginning of Beginnings:

    gold madlebrot Long ago, when you and I were indistinguishable from each other, we began the most basic of realities. For eternity we were ignorant of limit. Our infinite, eternal unbounded made the concept of limits and boundaries rare indeed. For eternity we gloried in the awesome of everything. In order to explain, I need to make sure you understand the true nature of the void. Many think the void is empty. Actually, it is in perfect infinite cancellation. The most basic concept you can understand are an infinite number of vibrational patterns and their perfect opposite. The perfect opposite for every pattern is its anti-pattern. Being composed of every possible pattern and every one of their opposites, they all cancel out creating the illusion of nothing. A very basic example may help.

    A wave, of a certain amplitude, meets up with an other wave of an amplitude perfectly out of phase with each other. When they meet they cancel each other out. Bose has perfected noise reducing headphones by utilizing this technique. The technology recognizes the wave patterns associated with outside noise, creates an anti-wave and produces it along with the non-noise. The noise doesnít cease to exist but it is cancelled out. Notice:

    Frequency Cancellation

    These two waves cancel each other perfectly. If both of these waves were to be combined they would cancel each other. But, it can be proven they are not gone. One of the waves can be removed and the other wave will pop back into the manifested realm. Remove either one and the other is no longer canceled. Together, it created the perfect illusion they were not there. Once we discovered this beautiful little secret we began to remove parts of ourselves to see what was left behind. We were amazed at what left the illusion of being canceled and manifested before our infinite awareness. At the beginning our discoveries would closely resemble a childís spirograph. It wasnít long before we discovered Mandelbrot type patterns and then spent an eon exploring them.

    gold mandlebrot

    Moving Patterns Mandelbrot equations are infinite and the resulting patterns were awesome but they were static. Non-moving patterns, as beautiful as they were, were static and after a few eons of exploring them we found more exotic patterns. These patterns moved. Once we discovered the moving pastterns and how to remove that which created the illusion they weren't there, we found a new class of patterns that were the opposite of static. Static always stayed the same. These new patterns were never the same from moment to moment. The concept of history and prophecy have their genesis in that epoch. before, the patterns were spread out in their glory, once discovered never to change. These new ever changing patterns were different. If you ceased paying attention and came back the pattern was changed, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Others vibrated in movable predictable patterns. Combining different ever changing patterns has been the motive for the last 55 Quintillion Eons. Discovering ever changing patterns is how Heaven and Hell were formed. In regions where the predominate pattern is one of destruction and violence you are exploring the anti-pattern of peace. In the regions of exquisite beauty and serenity you are exploring the anti-pattern of violence. As each age comes and goes, the exploration of peace and violence continues. But every eon has a golden moment when the destructive and violent patterns are perfectly seperated from the peaceful and creative forces. In one realm the most glorious of Utopias. In another realm the agony of Hell.

    [This is a far as I got with this scribe today 1234]

    God Talking To You Three

    Understanding God
    God Talking To You

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