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Discover the Fountain of Youth A secret revealed.

Until recently I wasn't absolutely sure the information in this book was credible. Something recently happened to make me believe it is.


When I was younger I was on a lot of mailing lists. One of the offers I got was for a book I bought called


It had this story about a traveler who stumbled across a hidden valley in India where people lived 120 or more years and looked 30 or so. In it were 5 exercises which will make your chakras line up allowing the kundalini energy to flow properly. The exercises are simple. I've done them off an on all my life and I look like a man in his late 30s or early 40s, but I'm 55. Here is the story of how I rediscovered the same secret a different way.

One of the weird things that will happen to me is certain items show up in my life over and over. An example is that book. When I want to read the book I can't find it. When I give up and don't even think about it, it shows up.

So, recently I found it again when I was trying to find something else. But what was suprising was it was the same day when another book arrived in the mail. "Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga: 18 Postures of Relaxation & Rejuvenation" I always pay attention when something arrives in pairs coincidently.

According to Legend, there is a hidden valley in India where a man, who appears to be 16 years old is actually 2,000 years old. That man is Babaji. And in his book that was delivered to me were 18 exercises, 5 of which were identical to the exercises in the book about the Fountain of Youth!

So why did I order a book on Hatha Yoga in the first place. In my research into obtaining Eternal Life I discovered that there was an actual scientific approach to achieving Immortality that was tested and provable because the individuals who had achieved this feat were still alive. After all, they are immortal!

There are two parts to achieving eternal life, one is a spiritual component and the other is physical.

The spiritual part is becoming Holy.

The physical part is making the body a vessel for that Holiness. Hatha Yoga is the practice of postures that allow the body to be a receptacle to holy divine energy. Everyone has divinity within. But just as a leaky bucket must be constantly refilled, so is a body not properly in line with the cosmic energies of life. A proper vessel will allow the energy within to fill them up, not just flow through them.

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    Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga: 18 Postures of Relaxation & Rejuvenation

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