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God and the Devil

I had a dream I died and I was walking along the road to Heaven or Hell. I as walked along an effulgent path covered in a bright white mist, an angel appeared in the bend of the road and floated along beside me. My eyes were dazzled by the brilliance while my ears clearly heard, "Along the way you will meet GOD and the Devil. The Devil will always lie to you and GOD will always tell you the truth. But you only get to ask GOD one question and the DEVIL one question.

As the Angel started to fade and before I could ask anything, "Don't worry, you should have no trouble figuring out what the question should be."

I was walking along the when my worst enemy appeared along the road and started walking along side looking disgusted and said, "I am GOD and I will show you the way to Heaven."

As I walked along in disbelief and before I had really recovered my best friend appeared from the white mists and joined us and laughed while gently touching my arm, "I am GOD and I will show you the way to Heaven."

At that moment we were at a fork in the road. The worst enemy I had ever met in my lifetime was standing to my right and the best friend I had ever had was standing to my left. I turned to my best friend and realized the devil could form a pleasing shape so I hesitated. So I turned to my worst enemy and realized that if I couldn't recognize GOD in my worst enemy I couldn't recognize GOD. Yet still I hesitated.

They both were content to wait and I was baffled. Then I remembered something I had learned from my Master. He would always say, "Duality is an illusion." The memory of that phrase made me realize simultaneously that it didn't matter which one was the Devil and which one was GOD; As long as I asked a question they both would answer the same, the Wisdom of Balance would come to my rescue!

I bowed before them both and said, "If I asked the Devil which was the way to Heaven, where would he point?" As I looked up they were both pointing to my left, so I went to my right and entered the Kingdom of HEAVEN.

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