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The Great Feast of the Lord

Great Feast In a far away land, long, long ago, lived a great King. This wise King had accomplished everything he had ever sat out to do. As he grew older he wanted to do something grand and glorious for his legacy. He gathered his greatest advisors and most trusted aides and asked for ideas on what magnificent accomplishment should or could be his legacy before he died. He listened and pondered calmly and deliberately to all of their suggestions. A Great Cathedral for the Great God was his favorite project until it was pointed out it would take all of his subjects, and his subject's children, 100 years to quarry the rock and build the edifice. He considered waging war on his enemies yet he had none. After weeks of careful deliberation and exhaustive council he still was undecided. The King needed a grand moment.

Then news came of a great prophet who was known to be able to communicate directly with the Supreme Lord. He was traveling with a caravan that was headed south for the winter. It was a very cold winter . The King immediately dispatched a messenger to implore the great prophet to visit his castle and stay the winter there. When his messenger returned the King was first dismayed to see the prophet had not also.

News spread quickly throughout the Kingdom after the incredible message was delivered of what the prophet had said. "The Lord has seen your need and will eat the same food as the King and his guests sometime after sunset, twelve days hence at the festival square in the middle of your great castle. And if the food is pleasing the Supreme Lord will bestow a gift to the King and Kingdom. He will do what no one else would do as proof the Supreme Lord loves the King and his subjects even more than his most loyal friends and servants."

For twelve days the Kingdom was all abuzz with preparations for the great Feast of the Lord. The finest musicians were hired for entertainment. The greatest chefs prepared culinary delights never tasted before and will never be tasted again. The tailors and dress shops sold out as all of the citizens wanted to look their very finest for the Lord of the Universe. Everyone was involved in one way or another. Even the children were there to help serve the enormous amounts of food. The King declared that on that day no one shall go hungry. Even the animals were to be given extra helpings of food.

At sunset of the day the prophet had said the Lord would appear, all of the town was seated from the greatest to the least on a table a hundred cubits long. Next to the King's velvet throne was a golden throne and both were before settings of gold and silver. The food in the kitchens was hot and ready to be served as court musicians played songs of delight and joy. As the red sun went down in a glorious sunset, beautiful children proudly waited to serve the resplendent guests.

The Supreme Lord did not show right away. The first hour the King ate light appetizers as soon did everyone else. After the appetizers were gone it was obvious that no Supreme Lord was going to claim the gold throne. The wise King stood up to make a toast. The music stopped, a silence filled the space all around. The King raised a silver goblet filled with the finest wine and declared boldly so all could hear, "To the Supreme Lord who resides in each and every heart. May the feast be pleasing to all and may no one leave hungry, for if one is hungry, then the Lord is hungry!"

Thunderous applause erupted up and down the long lavishly set table as the toast became what would be the opening toast to every great feast, "If one is hungry, then the Lord is hungry!"

Soon all were enjoying the greatest feast the King had ever given or would ever give again. Artist's were making sketches as they planned the murals and paintings to honor the great feast. Already riches were being made as wise merchants struck deals around the table. By this time next year the wine and fine food business will be more profitable than ever. As the evening wore on the fortunes of families for years to come were already set. Next year's prices were already rumored to be double for gowns and jewelry. The entire economy and culture of the Kingdom were changed forever that night. The entire year would be a long set up for the yearly Great Feast of the Lord! No one would be hungry and the merchants would be rich!

As the midnight hour struck, one of the honor guards came and told the King a beggar was asking for the right to eat the food left over. The guard looked uneasy bringing such news to the King. "Sire, this old man was attracted by the sounds and the smells and asked if he could have some food. He has been trying to get in for hours."

The honor guard hesitated then stepped aside allowing the King to see an old man in filthy rags and unkempt hair and dirty beard. The beggar kept his eyes downcast as he nervously shuffled his feet. The King could see the dirty old man's ribs. Happy but sleepy, the King looked around and saw no one was cleaning up and gave one last command before heading off to bed, "He can eat all he wants as long as he wants,." The King paused and slowly gestured wide with his arm to encompass the pile of dishes and stacks of goblets on a table that stretched as far as the eye could see. "But tell him he can't leave until all of this is cleaned up."

With that the King dismissed the guard and the beggar. That night the King went to sleep proud he had turned potential disaster into a feast worthy of his legacy. Legend has that it took three days and three nights to clean up after the Greatest Feast ever given by the Greatest King who had ever lived.

Many years later the prophet was heading south again for warmer climes for it was a bitterly cold winter once again. The King quickly sent a messenger to ask the prophet to come and let the King offer him hospitality and a warm bed. The old prophet kindly accepted for the travel was slow and the wind was harsh.

The prophet was surprised when the town came cheering "You are the one who gave us the Feast of the Lord!"

For the King had declared that a great feast be held in every town every year to commemorate the first great Feast of the Lord. Everyone knew, it was all because of the message from the prophet, that all had prospered and everyone had food for the winter.

The King's castle had an extra lavish feast that year for the Prophet of the Supreme Lord. It was a great honor for the King to be seen dining with such a holy man. The King went out of his way to honor the prophet and had personally chosen the entertainment for the evening so as to be in the highest in taste and decorum.

It was rumored the King was of ill health and that was why the prophet had come, to give the greatest gift to the King as promised in the Legend. Of course for years the saying promoted by the Merchants every year was that "The Feast itself was a gift from the Lord."

Of course the King was determined that this special feast of the Prophet would be remembered as one of the most lavish and well attended in recent memory. All of the Kings advisors and aids were in their finest state wear. The ladies with their exquisite gowns were breathtaking to behold.

The King gave the wise prophet the honor of sitting in the Gold Throne that the King had made for the first Great Feast. Of course the King himself owned the rights to the Gold Throne. Only the richest and most honored families can afford an heirloom Replica Gold Throne of the Great Feast. Only twelve a year are made to commemorate the twelve days of preparation and the waiting list is over 50 years long.

Later in the feast when the warm wine had loosened the King's tongue he smiled and leaned over to the prophet and whispered quietly so no one else could hear. "Please don't take this the wrong way wise one, but the Supreme Lord never actually showed up you know."

The prophet didn't hesitate but whispered back, "The Supreme Lord was there and did what no one else would do and did it for you and your great kingdom to prove his love for you and your subjects."

The King didn't realize his whisper wasn't really a whisper when he said. "Look old man, I made it right with the toast, you should be grateful! We all got what we wanted that way. Any other way and you would have looked like a fool!"

All ears strained to hear the prophet's response. Everyone around acted as if they were eating as the prophet said in his low calm voice, that all could hear but all feigned they couldn't, "The Supreme Lord cleaned your tables and washed your dishes for three days and three nights, remember?"

The prophet politely left without a fuss as the entire court looked with mouths agape, their faces twisted in shock. The King's ego never recovered and soon, neither did the King.

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