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THE KEY To Immortality

Revealed at Last.

Sayings of Eternal Life Rather than go into detail on how the KEY To Immortality was rediscovered and how I came to possess this key. I only have space to record a terse summary of the essentials.

The Soul is GOD. Soul is without definition, without beginning, is boundaryless, eternal and Infinite. The effulgent ineffableness cannot be described or imagined but can be directly experienced and realized. Your Spirit is your unique waveform of karmic energy vibrating as a reservoir of the sum total of your actions and inaction in the created realm. Your body has once again brought your soul and spirit together. Just as science understands that it takes a proton in balance with an electron to create the simplest element of matter, the science of immortality understands that it takes a spirit in balance with soul to create the simplest element of life.

Currently your spirit and soul are in close enough proximity to illuminate the world of matter through your body. Just as a mirror or prism will direct light, your spirit reflects and directs the light of SOUL into reality. Your body makes it possible for the two, to be togther.

There was a time when it was a death penalty to preach a message that said the individual had to be in charge of their salvation. This caused the spirit and soul component of our makeup to become simplified into interchangeable synonyms, thus hiding the key to immortality ion plain sight. If one doesn't know they are composed of divisible halves that are destined for separate realities unless they can be married together, then death is a fearful experience to be put off and delayed. However, after one has married the spirit and soul together in life, then they will stay together in death and thus the second death will be avoided.

Birth is the risk, Death is the reward. Christ made sure that the unmistakeable results of conquering death would be known world wide. His enemies have convinced the world that only Christ was able to conquer death and that you can not. The message you have been convinced to be true is that Christ achieved something so that you don't have to. The truth is he showed you the way, you still must walk the path.

It takes about 20 years to prepare the body for a fully awakened Spirit that is 100% ready for marriage to Soul. Only a celibate individual with a healthy vibrant body, on a totally meat free diet can do it that fast. A sexually active individual who also eats meat needs about 60 years to properly prepare the body. A sexually active vegan can do it in 40 years and a celibate meat eater can do it in about the same amount of time.

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