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The Healing Power of Tia Chi and Qi Gong (Qigong)

Tia Chi DVD - 6 Forms 6 easy lessons

Western Medicine has made incredible progress in the last 100 years. Lately, western medicine has benefited from eastern wisdom as well. Eastern wisdom speaks of the body's ability to heal itself.

Dr. Roger Jahnke is a medical doctor living in the US who teaches Tai Chi. He travels the USA giving lectures and demonstrations of how easy Tai Chi is.

What most people in the western culture understand about wellness can be broken down to three simple but universally agreed upon steps to good health. They are:

  • A Good Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Proper Medical Care when needed
  • Dr. Jahnke is not critical of traditional western medicine, but he does focus on the positive aspects of eastern medicine. He teaches that Tai Chi's simple gentle exercises are very effective in helping the body to heal.

    In the spring of 2002, Dr. Jahnke taught Tai Chi for three days at the Omega Conference held in Austin Texas. On the second day he told of a documented medical story of how Tai Chi healed a man who had an incurable brain cancer. He was given a year to live. His brain cancer was not only malignant, but had expanded into an aggressive tendril producing network that was close to entwining his entire brain. Surgery was impossible and there were no chemo-treatments for this type of cancer. Traditional western medicine advised him to go home and die as comfortably as possible. Instead, this man went to China and found a Tai Chi Master who would help him come up with a diet and exercise program that would release the body’s inner medicine. He stayed for one year. At the end of one year, (he was supposed to be dead by then,) he went back to the top notch medical team and had them examine him again. They found that after one year of practicing Tai Chi and eating a special diet, his brain cancer had shrunk and it had become benign. Because of the change in the tumor, they were able to successfully use surgery to remove what was left. By combining both eastern and western medicine, the impossible had become possible.

    Science discovers how Tai Chi works

    Scientist have been able to discover why this ancient but simple set of exercises provides such healing benefits to the body. Traditional exercise helps us to loose weight and build muscle. Whenever we exercise, our bodies produces chemicals that are not produced when we are still. Most exercise causes the body to damage some muscle. When this is repaired the muscle grows back stronger. The chemicals produced by the body is the medicine that allows the muscle to heal.

    When Tai Chi is practiced, the movements are so gentle that muscle isn’t damaged. However, the body still produces the same chemicals as it does during normal exercise. Since there is no damaged muscle that needs healing, the healing chemicals can be utilized by the other parts of the body.

    Our bodies produce the very medicine needed to heal itself. Normal exercise produces them and uses them up. Tai Chi releases the healing chemicals but doesn’t use them up.

    Another important ingredient in Tai Chi is the utilization of oxygen’s ability to heal. During normal exercise we breathe hard and increase our intake of oxygen. The hard work causes cells in the muscles to become oxygen starved. The deep breathing provides the needed healing oxygen. Part of Tai Chi practice is to breathe deeply and slowly while performing the gentle movements. The same principle again applies. The deep breathing provides more oxygen than the muscles need. The extra oxygen is available to the other cells. This also helps the heart, brain and other organs to receive a double dose of oxygen and the healing chemicals, increasing the healing power of both.

    Dr. Roger Jahnke has written two books from the perspective of a medical doctor who has grown up in the west. His knowledge of both contemporary western medicine and ancient eastern healing arts is impressive. He teaches a form of Tai Chi he calls EASY TAI CHI.

    Easy Tai Chi

    The Healer Within

    In his book, The Healer Within, he teaches the reader four easy techniques that will cause your body to release its own medicine. You do not have to become a Tai Chi Master to benefit from these traditional Chinese techniques. The methods he describes in the book are, gentle movements, self-applied massage, breathing exercises and quiet meditation. Just ten minutes a day can increase your endurance, vitality, and longevity. Self-care has never been so easy.

    Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong Tai Chi

    The Healing Promise of Qi

    Qi – the energy that sustains life – holds the key to health and longevity. Dr. Jahnke not only practices Oriental medicine, he lives it authentically. His teaching is pure and potent, combining mind and heart to give you the practical skills you need to be your best self. The Healing Promise of Qi is a gem that you will benefit from for the rest of your life. Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – Author of Minding the Body, mending the mind.

    Tai Chi and Qigong literally means life force and mastery. Long kept as a carefully guarded secret from the Chinese public, Dr. Jahnke brings it to the west as a health enhancing self improvement program. Ancient tools for self-improvement and a safe, gentle, and proven approach to treating pain and disease.

    Tia Chi DVD - 6 Forms 6 easy lessons

    Tai Chi: 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons moves at a steady and fluid pace that is accessible to all levels of fitness. The instructor, Dr. Paul Lam, condenses this practice into six lessons, taught with meticulous explanation and repetition. The constant recap of each form aids in creating an approachable and easy-to-follow learning environment. Each routine is added piece by piece, which makes comprehending the overall continuity easy. Although effective in practice, video instruction may not be ideal in theory because Tai Chi lacks the same calming effects when performed in front of the television set. But this method offers such practical and basic instruction that all levels will soon be doing Tai Chi in the atmosphere of their choice. Each of the segments can be put together to form a cohesive and continuous workout or performed separately if participants want to zero in on specific forms. In addition to Tai Chi, the DVD includes a 3-in-1 Qi Gong workout. Qi (or vital life energy) Gong is based on traditional Chinese medicine and acts as a complementary addition to the overall experience. This regimen is ideal for anyone who desires both a mentally and physically focused workout. Participants with compromised backs, joints, and muscles will find a safe and nonaggravating practice that can alleviate tension and increase flexibility and balance. Tai Chi: 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons extends a warm invitation to old and young alike with this safe and educational format. --Olivia Voigts

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    The Healer Within
    The Healer Within - Release Your Body's own Medicine

    The Healing Promise of Qi
    The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi

    Tia Chi DVD - 6 Forms 6 easy lessons
    Tia Chi Video - 6 Forms 6 easy lessons

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