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Great Feast

GOD and the Atheist

GOD was bored again. It doesn't happen a lot but every now and then it happens. After all, GOD knew everything that had happened, everything that was happening and knew everything that was going to happen. And to make matters more boring, GOD had been doing this for eternity.

At that moment an atheist wrote in his journal, just as he was about to go to sleep, that he had come up with a way to prove GOD did not exist. GOD was familiar with this individual's particular obsession of proving that GOD did not exist. What the atheist didn't know was that tonight GOD would enter his dreams and prove he did exist.

That night when the atheist was in dream mode, GOD entered his dream and made introductions by saying, "I hear you have a way to prove I don't exist."

Now the atheist was able to realize he was dreaming and knew that obviously GOD was a projection of his own subconscious, so felt no paradox in addressing GOD by saying, "Actually I have proven that GOD does not exist, and obviously neither do you."

GOD was impressed enough to no longer be bored and decided to see if the atheist was right. "Well, if you can prove I don't exist then I will leave. If you can't prove I don't exist, I will never leave."

The atheist smiled for he knew he had his subconscious beat and replied, "I know you don't exist for I can name an activity that GOD cannot do. If GOD can do anything, and I can name something GOD can't do, then I prove GOD doesn't exist." Laughing in his dream, the atheist almost woke himself up laughing out loud in his bed for he was so pleased he had baited GOD onto proving he doesn't exist.

GOD was patient and eager simultaneously and replied, "Please tell me what I cannot do and I will do it."

Realizing that he had tricked GOD he said in triumph, "If GOD knows everything then it is impossible for GOD to forget everything."

GOD paused and remembered he was bored. If I forgot everything, including I was GOD, I wouldn't be bored for a very long time if I was trying to remember who I am. With that profound conclusion made the atheist a deal. "I will prove I exist if you are willing to trade places with me."

The atheist was stunned. Of all of the replies he had anticipated, he hadn't expected this one. "Well, since you don't exist, I can't trade places with you, but if you did exist, I would be happy to become the all powerful, the all knowing GOD." Before GOD could reply, the genius of the atheist made a leap of brilliance and continued with another requirement, "And when you wake up as me you cannot remember this happened or it proves you really don't exist."

And GOD said without hesitation, "Deal."

At that moment the atheist switched places with GOD and instantly in a flash knew everything that had ever happened, including every mystery, secret conspiracy and lost treasure in an infinite number of worlds. The atheist felt unbearable joy at knowing everything that was happening at that moment and was pleased to see everything would happen in the future exactly as he had planned it all along.

At that exact moment the atheist, now as GOD unaware, woke himself up laughing. He sat up laughing and when he had finally quit hooping and hollering he said, "Wow, what did I just dream that was so funny?"

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