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The Unknown Spiritual Blessing of Being Gay or Lesbian

The gay and lesbian experience is the most misunderstood of the human states. Because important information about how we all evolve spiritually over many lifetimes has been hidden from Western Civilization for the last 1,500 years, unnecessary guilt and shame of an incredible gift is experienced around the world.

Modern Christianity views everything through the lense of one life, one chance for salvation. Since we have lived many lives over the centuries in the darkness of our true nature, we have lost out on one of the great opportunities for spiritual growth.

Most souls incarnates over and over in a body of the same sex. After just a half dozen or so incarnations, a soul will only feel comfortable in a particular sex. Past life regression studies have found that the average soul will incarnate in an opposite sex body about every 7 lifetimes.

What I am about to reveal is knowledge lost for millinea. The lifetime you incarnate in a sex you normally do not incarnate in is a lifetime that is predisposed to be a lifetime of celibacy. Take Joan of Arc. That was a specific lifetime for a specific purpose. Her power and abilities to lead men stemmed from her celibacy and prowess in strategic thinking.

The reason the Old Testament has such harsh words against homosexual behaviour is because the desires and activities of the homosexuals had been hijacked by evil gods who lured these souls into destructive hedonistic behavior. Had this planet been properly cared for spiritually, instead of secret hedonistic cultures, the individuals who found themselves attracted to members of the same sex would recognize it for what it was. A life where the incarnate soul was in a body that was sexed differently than it normally incarnated in. This would allow the individual to enter into a holy and divine life of celibacy. Incredible spiritual progress can be achieved when the sexual energies are redirected into the upper chakras. Instead of the powerful lower chakra's energies dissipated by sex, if its energies are redirected into the upper chakras, the life forces are intensified.

You don't have to be gay to do this, its just a lot easier to live a life of celibacy in a culture that is predominately heterosexual when you are a homosexual. Modern homosexuals can still benefit from their life gift regardless of whether they are sexually active or not. Regardless of whether one is homosexual or heterosexual, monogomy is the ideal partner state. Life problems, diseases and spiritual decay are all the results of a hedonistic. promiscuous lifestyle. Since marriage is essentially the legal recognition of monogomy, gays and lesbians should be encouraged to enter healthy, monogomous relationships that are also legally recognized via marriage.. For a society to create a barrier to a superior spiritual state (monogomy vs promiscuity) is to essentially encourage some of its citizens into promiscuity by denying them the right to marry.

In biblical times, gays and lesbians engaged in religious ceremonies that were orgiastic and idolatrous. Its evil effects were so bad in sodom and gommorah, that destroying all the souls and allowing them to incarnate later in healthier societies was the only way YHWH could prevent them from being lost forever.

Until Christ returns and establishes his Kingdom on Earth, mankind will continue to be ignorant of their own divinity and the purpose of life. Every life is an opportunity to learn the secrets to eternal life. To enter into a lifetime with all the skills and opportunities to be pure, holy, celibate and thus achieve immortality in that lifetime is a blessing to be embraced.

In the book called "ANCIENT SECRET TO THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" by Peter Kelder; there is a 6th excercise that is more powerful than the other 5 put together.


In the bonus, unexpected 6th excercise, was a powerful action for individuals who could make the commitment to celibacy. It redirects the powerful lower chakra energy up so that it is redistributed into the other 6. This equalization of these rotational spiritual energies are essential to preparing the spirit for death. Only a spirit that has all 7 chakras in synchronous rotation and equivalent energies is capable of staying connected to the soul after death.

Celibacy isn't absolutely necessary to achieve this but it makes it much easier. So, if someone in their 50s or 60s, is able to make the transition from an active sexual life to a celibate one and can live to be 110 or 120, they can put as many celibate years into their kundalini energy development as has been the average life span for the last 3 centuries. The reason I mention 110 to 120 years, is because we now have the ability to live to be 110 to 120 years old if the proper diet, excercise and medical care is employed. To live to be 120 requires a low calorie, nutrient rich diet. I will cover this diet and how you can impliment in another newsletter.

So here would be the ideal life for achieving immortality. You are born into a culture that knows and understand what life's true purpose is and it knew the following:

  • Ideal conduct for a life of holiness
  • Meditation techniques for a pure mind
  • The secrets to Eternal Life Forces which include Celibacy

    So, in this environment, an individual who is born gay isn't someone subject to scorn and ridicule. No, it would be universally recognized as someone who had the opportunity to achieve the ultimate Spiritual Goal. Union with the Divine. Also known to mystics as Yoga.

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