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Book of Chester (sacred scripture)

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The Practice

by Chester Messenger
SUCCESS FAILURE SIGN The following information is presented as a practice I synthesized over the years. I've known most of this for decades but it wasn't until 3 years ago that I started following it rigorously. Once I did, I got spectacular results! Christ Consciousness!

I asked my master long ago what was I supposed to practice. The reply was ZEN SABBATH. This is a combination of Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Jewish Mysticism and Apostolic Christianity. (The Christianity actually practiced the decades following Christ's death before ROME corrupted the teachings.)

The most important part of this is that Zen Sabbath is actually 5 spiritual paths fused together. I told my Master I refused to teach others until I proved it works. That discussion occured ten years ago. I have proved to myself it works and now have no qualms letting you know what it is.

For years I have had the ability to achieve anything I want or to get anything I want. I sometimes forget that others do not have this knowlege. I share the secret here not as a way to make you rich and famous or even just rich. Even though it could make you rich and famous, but if your goal is Christ Consiousness, using the practice to make you rich is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. However, if you take the same principals of success that allow people to become rich and famous and apply it to achieving Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Enlightment, [insert phrase you like better here] and you will achieve your spiritual goal. Its that simple. Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you. So, if you use the 7 harmonies, I call The Practice, to achieve the Kingdom of God; YOU WILL!! Its that simple.

You have to practice harmony of actions, thoughts and will. For example. If you are an alcoholic and are determined to be sober, opening a liquor store is an action that CANCELS your goal to be sober. By making every action, thought and deed harmonious to your objective, they enhance each other similiar to the effect on the oceans known as rogue waves.

Anytime you can get 7 actions, thoughts and habits to all harmonise on a specific goal, it is inevitable. The goal will be reached. How soon depends on the goal being achieved.

These are the 7 harmonies of practice which when followed as detailed allow the practioner to achieve anything, even CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS!

VISION: When you can "SEE" in your minds eye exactly what you are trying to manifest you have done the hardest part. The easiest way to do it is to write it down as if it was already a reality. since time is an illusion and the future possibilties are reality unmanifested, by accurately and specificly detailing a future possibility you bring awareness and future together which causes it become manifest. A short mantra you can make your everyday language will work as a reminder for you all day. Mine is when asked how I am doing I pause and thoughtfully say, "I am calm and centered." Or I say, "I'm Happy." That is because those two states of mind are more important to me than riches or fame.

I have the ability to "SEE" in my mind exactly what a perfect Chester would do, act like, and be. The perfect Chester is a calm, kind being who helps others around him without prejudice. This perfect Chester has a motto: If I can't be part of the solution I have to make sure I'm not part of the problem." In this way Chester does no harm, ever and when any being, physical or spiritual interacts with Chester, he is kind, respectful and peaceful in his dealings with those beings.

By describing and affirming what habits, practices, beliefs, actions and character I should and can have, I manifest it. I am not perfect at it yet but I am habitually trying every day to become that kind of person.

DESIRE: When you DESIRE something, you give whatever that thing or characteristic is energy. Whether it is the desire to someday own a 1909 s VDB lincoln wheat cent in mint condition, or to have a loving life partner you can love and cherish for a lifetime, or even to achieve omniscient buddhahood. Rael magic happens when you combine VISION with DESIRE. Without desire it is a wish and wishes don't come true unless one can envision them and you truly desire it. The basic principal is, you can have anything you want, you just can't have everything you want. Besides, where would you put it all. But even more than things is your own character.

KNOWLEDGE: Vision and desire are not enough. The next step is to learn everything you can about what it is you are trying to manifest in your life. 17 years ago I told God I wasn't going to do one single thing for him until I found the wife of my dreams. I said, "If I can't find the wife of my dreams then none of this works and I will not teach something that does not work." After that conversation I did my part. I bought at least 15 books about dating and relationships. Barbara De Angelis wrote the most informative books that helped me the most. By learning everything I couyld about dating, what makes relationships work and how to find a mate, i was able to overcome my NERDNESS and find my soul mate. In my case, it really was a miracle. Tghis is how I know the 7 harmonic practices work.

Now, since I want to become an omniscient buddha, I have became an expert on the subject and am practicing the 7 harmonious techniques in order to achieve it. But desire, vision and knowledge still isn't enough. You have to do your part. I call it giving GOD something to work with. It is called Effort.

EFFORT: The energy to manifest your reality comes from your personal effort to make it so. In this case you actually do whatever you must to accomplish your objective. If you are not ready to put your entire life's effort into it then you don't really want it in the first place. So, if you have to post 1,000 resumes to get the job you want, you post 1,000 resumes. The efort you put into achieving your miracle is what makes the knowledge, desire and vision turn into reality.

FAITH: This is a essential part of manifesting reality. Faith is not belief, it is a knowing. To achieve a doubtless state about the reality you are manifesting, is to be as certain it will come to pass as you are certain the sun will rise in the east tommrow morning. In this case, there is no straining or effort, it is EXPECTATION. Expect it and it will happen. So as you learn and apply your personal effort, EXPECT it.

INTENTION: This is the most important part. To intend something is to fix your mind and your will/ spirit to making this VISION you DESIRE which you are an EXPERT and EXPECT to happen. That is why you cheerfully put all your EFFORT into it because you are confident the time and effort is WORTH IT. Intention is a focused form of mind energy and can literally change your life as you make your dreams into reality.

HABIT: Last but not least, The six mentioned before must be done habitually and constantly. You don't just desire and intend one day. You do it every day until it is reality. Then you do everything to maintain your reality. It must become habit to do all six all the time or it like a cloud that shaded you yesterday but is no longer here. To not be habitual is to just be wishful. To be habitual is to give the reality you desire inertia to bring it into form.

The Spiritual Practice

by Chester Messenger

These spiritual practices described below, when combined with THE PRACTICE allows you to synthesise 5 spiritual diciplines into a habit that super accelerates spiritual growth.

It begins with the Sabbath. I am going to assume you know what the Sabbath is and what it is for but if you don't start here.

By combining Yoga and Zen Buddhism with the Sabbath you supercharge the Sabbath. Here is the easiest way to essentially practice a form of Yoga and Buddhism on the Sabbath

Once you have begun to habitually keep the Sabbath and can achieve a calm mind totally focused on GOD you are ready for a more advanced and powerful way of life the rest of the week.

a It begins with Bhakti Yoga. Essentially you practice every waking and sleeping moment the following lifestyle as detailed in these holy scriptures: Narada's Bhakti Sutras of Spiritual Devotion.

When you are ready for advanced meditation to make every Sabbath like a week of Sabbaths begin reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali every Sabbath for 7 sabbaths. This will help you learn exactly what must be done and what will happen when you learn to surrender to the SUPREME LORD.

Begin to habitually meditate using the advanced techniques taught by Patajali and live your every moment for GOD with the path of Bhakti Yoga and practice Karma Yoga whenever possible.

Karma Yoga: The path to GOD through selfless service to others is Karma Yoga. By working in this spirit, the GOD within each person is worshipped.

To create a body capable of handling the divinity you are awakening you need to do Kundalini work. Kundalini work is specifically designed to energise and activate the 7 chakras. A book I read 30 years ago called The Fountain of Youth is the easiest and most effective way i have found to keep the chakras energized.

The one thing I have done almost evey sabbath for years is listen to a CD specifically designed to activate the 7 chakras.... That CD is called Chakra Meditation in Seven Parts. I highly recommend listening to it (with head phones) after doing your kundalini exercises. Together the kundaline exercises and the Chakra Music make it easy to energise and syncronize your chakras. Listening to the CD is like being in a room full of chanters who are properly doing the Mudras needed to activate yout chakras.

I was instructed to make what worked for me available to others. This webpage fulfills that.

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