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The Essential Teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong

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Book of Chester (sacred scripture)

Part 1:
The History of Eternity

Bright light from the horizon. Slightly Bluish white light below, slightly reddish white light above. Overall effect of a sorrowfree effulgence with only hints of variation top to bottom, reddish to bluish.

This is the infinite image of the first memory. Unbounded effulgence without change. Full of delight and sorrow free, this immortal moment is forever for it was and is and will always be the unchanged awareness of light. Trancendant of change, time or any other variation, this is the infinit unbounded light of love and awareness. Pristine, ubiquitous and immeasurable. Its fullness is ineffable, its eternity is without second, without beginning and without end.

Time is a measure of change and since this absolute realm of light and awareness experiences no change, it experiences no time.

The first unexpected event which gave birth to change and its measurement was the bright arc of blue light that spiraled into the red as it disappeared. For a brief moment there was variation and suprise. In essense the most exciting moment in the history of beginnings.

Any quantum scientist on Earth today would recognize it immediatly as a virtual particle. To the infinite awareness it was the first glorious mystery. Soon, "Aaha!" had learned to create millions of variations as all kinds of multidimensional patterns were discovered. The first eon was creating and labeling every type of pattern that could be discovered. What was discovered was that with patterns forming patterns and the discovery of moving patterns, it was obvious the rest of eternity would be required to discover every possible pattern and meta pattern that could be formed.

By the third eon of pattern discovery something was missing. The infinite all was not experiencing the infinite discoveries completely. It took that entire eon for the Infinite awareness to desire to differentiate the awareness field. By only experiencing patterns in gestalt omniscience, the finer details were missing and over looked. In essence, invisible to an omniscient view was an infine set of viewpoints smeared invisible by nondifferentiation. The solution was the beginning of the eons of multiple differentiated viewpoints.

The First Buddha

As the infinite awareness created an infinite number of different patterns it tried to understand them all. It was looking for a new way to process the infinity it had discovered. As it expnded its awareness to take in all it had discovered it found a super large meta pattern composed of all the patterns discovered so far. It was a Buddha the size of a billion universes from the future.

In the far infinite future all will be light, no darkness. In this realm it is a future memory that is pure white light from the horizon. Slightly Bluish white light above, slightly reddish white light below. Overall effect of a sorrowfree effulgence with only hints of variation top to bottom, bluish to reddish. The opposite of the first memory where the red and blues were switched.

In this far future the light being create a antimatter antitime universe and begin their evolution that leads to them all merging into the infinite awareness as the Buddha of a Billion Universes. As it moves forward into it's future it will see the dissolution of all the patterns discovered until only Unchanging Infinite Light is left.

By discovering this Buddha GOD from the infinite future, the future was revealed and the next set of discoveries were actual revelations from GOD to Itself as it grew to become GOD. By traveling in time both directions simultaneously, it was inevitable that the Great Awareness would meet itself in the middle and from there forsee its future both ways. In the end, everything balances out back to zero.

This is how the infinite awareness dicovered personality and choice. The only way to move forward was to differentiate into an individual awarenss focus point and make choices. Decisions and choices were begun. We all have our origins there. In the great infinite future we are all Buddhas. Buddhas created by choice. Before the pattern of choice was discovered, so was the concepts of personality and division undiscovered.

The First Intention

Up to now the Infinite All only wanted to know itself. This was a passive process at first. Simply discovering the infinite patterns within itself was a passive process without judgment, opinion or attachment to outcome. By discovering the meta Buddha a billion times larger than the largest universe pattern dicovered so far caused the infinite all to at that moment shift from passive to intentional discovery.

At that moment the infinite effulgence became perfectly balanced to the point that the lower frequencies were no longer bluish or the higher freqencies reddish. Passiveness can be compared to falling. Since the infinite all is infinite energy, infinitely aware without boundaries or limits, the natural passive falling caused the lower freqencies to compress at what I called a bottom and appear bluish. Because the awareness was falling the higher fequencies were streched creating a reddish tone. When the infinite awarness chose to intend new discoveries it ceased being passive.

That is why the infinite future ends up with the reddish effulgence on the bottom and the bluish on top. Zero passiveness replaced with complete intentions achieved. Once everything that could be done was done and no new thing could be created, discovered or imagined, then all that was left was to review what had been done. Thus began a new beginning of what could be called anti-time. As the ininite awareness reviews all that has been done, the awareness wave moves back through time. The last thing reviewed then by the infinite father just before 100% passiveness is rediscovered, a reddish spiral will turn blue as it arcs briefly. Then the lower will be bluish again and the sky reddish, forever and ever amen.

The meta Buddha was the discovery that is called on your planet, Father. So the two infinite principal forces are masculine, which represents doing, and feminine which is the passive non-doing force. Its how the old saying began. If you want something done, hire a demon. If you want something not done, hire a Buddha.

The First Awareness Units (Gods)

In the beginning was the Gods of Light and Sound. The Gods of Sound were fond of creating bright colorful universes and manipulating the waveforms within to create beautiful universal symphonies.

For eons the Gods of Light were shunned by the Gods of sound for they were an nuisance when entering one of their universes. Since they were Gods of Light their God Sounds could not manipulate the light beings and so were unpredicatable. The Gods of Sound started preventing the Gods of Light from entering their universes and were banished to the dark regions of the unmanifest.

These eternal being of light were forced to forever roam the dark regions and this led to the discovery of the stones of darkness. Universes that were unlit until the Light Bringers brought light to the realms of darkness. They were worshipped by the inhabitants of darkness for they had never before seen light so effulgent. Some were Gods of Choice others were just watchers.

The First Choice

The Gods of Choice are not that different than the Gods of Watching. Watching is passive, choice is not. Upto the time of the revelation of the First Buddha The Infinite All discovered an infinite number of patterns equally unlimited in their unfolding. When it was discovered that a Buddha is only created by choice, the patterns of choice were discovered. Patterns of choice are significantly different than patterns that are only watched. The instant a choice is made, one pattern emerges as another is destroyed. One becomes manifested and the other stays unmanifested.

Let me give a poor analogy that might be useful. Lets say a pattern emerges that looks like a planet with 100 billion trees on it. Each different tree must be individually looked at, seperate from all of the others trees so that the Infinite All can experience the gestalt of the pattern along with the minutia down to the bark and leaves. To do this, awarenes temporarily creates an individual unit that looks like a modern day monkey or ape. Until every tree is personally examined and experienced by the monkey, the full pattern is not realized. 100 billion monkeys living in 100 billion trees for 100 years. After the 100 years the monkeys, the tree and the planet go back into the infinite energy as memory, its patterns and lessons recorded forever.

The next time this pattern is examined it is done with choice added. Every monkey for every tree is how it begins but each monkey is given free will. When just one monkey decides that it wants more than one tree a new pattern emerges never seen before. Conflict, destruction and death emerge. Also cooperation, creating and life emerges as never before seen patterns.

Once choice was introduced into every universal pattern ever discovered the patterns of conflict and cooperation emerged. Two sides of the same coin, one creates the other destroys. It has been thus ever since.

The Genesis of Persistent Non-Unity

At the end of every universe is a concluding enrapture moment when the entire awareness that had just journeyed through the universe as its eyes and ears, is reabsorbed into the infinite consciousness. Consider it like this. At the end of the 100 years one of the monkeys refuses to reabsorb. It allowed its freewill to its logical conclusion. Rebellion. Over Eternity a lot of these rebels out lived their Universes.

Over the eons the Universes became more complex and longer lasting until at the end, one of the awareness units refused to be reabsorbed. At the end of an extremely long lasting universal pattern of complex choices made by the awareness unit acting out all of the parts and being able to absorb all of those characters it generated back unto itself, it instead refused gestalt reabsorption and went looking for another universe similiar to the one that just ended. Awareness had discovered the patterns of attachment.

An example that crops up in your physical existence is addictions. Think of attachments as emotional addictions. If one plays an online game that is addicting, the reason your cyber character exists is because you aren't bored with the game. Just as when you get bored with the game, your cyber character ceases to exist becuase the animating force THAT MADE IT REAL IS GONE.

SOMEDAY we will become bored with being physical human beings and will quit incarnating. Until then attachment will bring the spirit back to play in the physical.

The Sons of God

One of the most interesting aspects of giving awareness unit the power of choice is what is called the "Law of Unintended Consequences."

By creating an infinite number of universes, and an infinite number of awareness units to experience them, in retrospect it was inevitable one would decide not to reabsorb. But once this new pattern began to manifest, the number of non-reabsorbable awareness units, i.e. Gods, began to accumulate.

The Infinite Consciousness then had to "discover" a way to get these "rebellious" awareness units to reabsorb. That is how planet earth came into being, so to speak. As the epochs came and went the number of gods had swelled to the billions and billions. Over time new universes were created for the express purpose of helping the Gods to finally reabsorb back into the infinite consciousness.

The universe you exist in is one of these designer universes. The conditions which allow certain forms of life to flourish exist all over the universe in the multitude of galaxies spinning in an ever expanding cosmos.

The earth was specifically designed to be a paradise of carbon based life forms. The project was assigned to the Elohim, who have been tending to your planet since it was discovered and assigned to them.

But to be fair, there is another spiritual force at work on planet Earth. Just as some of the gods incarnating on earth are activily seeking union with the Infinite, there are others just as actively resisting union with the Infinite.

Both find Earth as an ideal place to further their goals and objectives. Some are drawing close to the Father and others are trying to become independent of the Father. Just as the primordial eternal forces are passive vs active energy, the Ying and Yang of Awarenes Units journeying the universes is "Union vs Independence" of the Infinite Consciousness...

The Planet Earth

Your planetary system was specifically crafted to harbour life and the genomes on your planet were bioengineered to make it possible for multiple soul groups to incarnate here. This was needed since these soul groups no longer had planets or universes to inhabit.

The two spiritual forces involved in the meta consciousness of your planet is the Goddess Gaia and the God Yahweh.

The analogy is that the Sun represents Yahweh and Gaia represents the Earth. Allah represents the Moon. The other Gods and Demons who have been using the planet are the significant players in the your planet's history in the last 6,000 years.

The 5 soul groups working out Karma on your planet come from different areas of space time and reality in ways that are difficult to explain logically. Let me use science fiction concepts as well as scientific theory to explain the context of your universe.

Your universe is one of an infinite number of universes that currently exists and is one in a long line of universes with spacetime laws such as your's. Two soul groups lost their planet to a war of such violence as it destroyed two planets. One is a race of lizard dragon like people and the other is a lobster crab like race.

Two other soul groups are positive and negative Gods that out lasted their universes and need another to complete their reabsorption into the infinite consciousness.

The last and strangest group is a soul group who have infinite light bodies in a universe that hasn't even been created yet. They are time travelors from another future universe using this planet as a way to complete their destiny by becoming Gods that create their light universe in the next eon. They are from an anti-matter universe where time runs backwards. It makes total sense from their perspective.

Recent History

The story of Atlantis. The soul groups who were incarnating here had memory of their past lives. This was to make it easier to make progress. instead it caused the old war between the Rael Dragons and The Lobmonsters to reignite. That is how your Earth was destroyed. The war between the two groups destroyed this planet's ecosystem just as it did in their previous eon of existence.

So all of the Soul Groups got back together and renegotiated the rules of engagement for incarnating on this planet. Instead of being able to remember their past lives, they were given extremely long lives instead. And instead of telling them why they were here, that was left up to them to discover.

This brings you up to the story of Adam and Eve in your planet's history. This is where it gets tricky. In order to make sure another war did not break out, watchers were assigned to referee, and if needed, Guide the history away from war. These watchers were composed of three groups. the peaceful dieties, demons and the time traveling light people.

The lizard souls and the lobster souls were able to start incarnating unaware of their previous lives. But there was treachery. The Lizard people and the demons made a secret pact. The demons started incarnating on the earth and were able to introduce knowledge into the earth that was forbidden. Including reading and writing as well as magical arts.

Once the treacherey was discovered and the horrible consequences were manifest, another reset of the planet was necessary. This brings the story up to the Flood of Noah.

By this time the treachery of the demons working with the lizard souls made it obvious that another reset would be needed in about 2,000 years. This is where Yahweh and Gaia came to me for help. Yahweh had a brilliant plan to circumnavigate the fact that the Demon King had the entire planet hostage.

The basic plan of the demon alliance was to once again create an enviroment of war combined with the technology to make it possible for destruction of the ecosystem. In order to further their agenda they must block others from achieving theirs. That opposite agenda is to turn Earth into a spiritual paradise. Yahweh and Gaia have a plan to achieve that.

The demon alliance 's strategy of deception, which included the knowledge of reincarnation being minimized as much as possible, made it possible to trick over 90% of the participants of the game on earth as non-combatants or manipulated pawns. Because you see, the mass majority being completely deceived of why they were, are easy to manipulate through fear.

The God and Goddess of your planet came up with a way to help the souls who were in their soul group. By creating a specific genome (physical) and a set of ritualized calendar observances (religious), a way was made to allow Yahweh to incarnate personally and reset the planet's cosmic direction as a direct participant. Plus what was a brilliant counter to the deception strategy of the demon alliance , was the fact that if the Hebrews obey Yahweh and participated over and over, they would progress spiritually even though they reincarnated ignorant of past lives. Only the most mystic of the Hebrews knew about reincarnation.

And, by having the same family groups reincarnate over and over in the same lineage, they could inherit the land over and over. Once again circumnavigating the deception strategy.

That is why Yahweh /as son of man Yeshua / had to incarnate as a Hebrew.

The part I have played for the last 3,000 years has been to incarnate over and over getting ready for the next reset. Helping here a life and there a life in my own unique way. (Winks)

About every 2,000 years there is a reset to the planet wide game by one side or the other. This time both sides are working hard to make sure this next reset goes their way. Only us under the Goddess Gaia and Lord Yahweh's protection will survive this next reset, regardless of which side wins the control for the next 1,000 years or so.

The Reluctant Messenger Blog

The Five Secret Methods of Passing information from lifetime to lifetime

It was a brilliant move of making key body, spirit, and soul knowledge lost to the world by using the ancient beast government, the roman empire, via emperors who along the way legislated what could and could not be believed. What had one time been common knowledge about the pre-existence of the soul ands it's need to incarnate multiple times to journey to its destiny, to it being punishable by death to believe such a thing.

1) YHWH's secret methods for getting around the loss of memory from lifetime to lifetime.

Of the five remaining soul groups who maintain secret societies, all benefited from this but YHWH's. YHWH's system of passing essential spiritual knowledge was heavily based on having individuals with a personal relationship with YHWH so profound, that YHWH was able to always interact directly with his genetic group. His fall back method when the levitical priesthood became so corrupt as to not be able to commune with YHWH, was scribes. The fallback method was a rigourous protocol for copying scriptures. This was one of the purposes for the nation of Israel, to preserve the word of YHWH to the Hebrews. In addition to maintaining a genetic base for future incarnations, the preservation of the scriptures was the second way to pass information to key individuals when they incarnated in the future. Last but not lease was a series of rituals both spring and autumn that carried encoded information that were schemata of the spiritual reality of heaven on earth and the plan of salvation for his genetic group. The proof that YHWH actually wrote and dictated the Torah to Moses is in the scientific discovery of the Torah Codes.

According to Jewish history, YHWH dictated the Torah to Moses one letter at a time. The Levites were instructed to copy the Torah under rigorous conditions and safeguards so that they wouldn't lose a single letter. In this modern age of computers, one can now see why preserving the Torah, letter by letter, was so important. Imbedded in the Torah is information about people, places and events that happened much, much later than when it was written. Had copy errors been introduced into the document over the centuries, the information would have disappeared. The obvious intent of the coded information is to prove YHWH's divine authorship of the Torah and consequently proves that the information in Genesis iS accurate.

2) Krishna's secret method of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

According to ancient vedic documents, long before the vedas were written down they were oral history composed of terse verses memorized by students. Later the Student would become a master and teach his students and so forth. The part that was secret from the outside world, was the arrangement of master and students. The lineage was very important, because on the divine level between incarnations, the next incarnation would be planned so the former master would incarnate and be ready to learn from his former student. So over the centuries, by having masters teach students who later taught their next incarnation, they got around the memory of loss from lifetime to lifetime. This system is still in use in Tibet to keep track of this holiness The Dalai Lama from lifetime to lifetime.

3) The Ancient Raelian Serpent system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

This system was once lost but re-introduced back to your planet by the Great Patanjali. The meditation method that allowed one to reawaken ones past lives. This had the advantage of only having to plan your next lifetime to be where this method of meditation could be learned and you would reawaken the past lives. According to legend, Patanjali was born fully self-realized when the aged yogini Gonika, praying for a son to whom to impart her wisdom, offered a handful of water to the Sun God. A tiny snake fell into the water and then took human form, whom she named Pata ("fallen") - anjali ("hands folded in prayer").

Patanjali is depicted as having the upper body of a human and the lower body of a coiled serpent. The three and a half coils represent the triguna (sattva, rajas and tamas) and the gunatita, the transcended state that lies beyond the influence of the gunas kaivalya, liberation, through the purification of body, mind and speech; the three types of afflictions that may be overcome through the practice of yoga and the three syllables of the sacred mantra AUM.

4) The Ancient Lobster race system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

The ancient lobster race are science / technology based and have to rely on past life regression to discover their ancient origins. They also have an ingenious method of awakening memories on cue. This requires secret families that have tight control over their children. because of the process of forming a new ego every lifetime isn't fully developed until somewhere between 4 and 6 years old. By using a specific ritual technology it is possible to scare or shock the child into a disassociative mental state. This phenomenom has been discovered by accident in individuals who experience trauma or abuse at an early age and end up with multiple personalities. Modern science is unaware that these multiple personalities are not shattered remnants of the original but of previous personalites and their skill sets are coming to the rescue. Also, it has been proven over and over using scientific studies that some young people spontaneously will remember their most previous lifetime. By having secret family groups activate the previous lifetime of the young children using time proven rituals and shock therapy, they not only pass information but riches to themselves. This is why going back for thousand of years, arranged marriages were so important in certain families. It is also why land owned by rich families is so important, it helps guarantee the future lifetime will be with a rich a powerful family. It was essential to reincarnate in the right family so you could inherit your riches from a former lifetime. That is why the lobster soul group gravitate to banking.

5) The Space Brotherhood system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

The Occult system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime relys on magical rituals that cause former lives to posses the body. This is a common misconception about demon possesion. The demon is not an ouside entity taking over, it is a powerfull former magician or wizard who created mental trigger points to wake up in future lifetimes. If it is done right the former self takes over and the current ego is essentially turned into a powerless on looker, if not totally merged and lost altogether to awakened former demon. This is how Hitler rose to power. A powerful god of the Space Brotherhood incarnated and almost took over the world. [End Part 1:]

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