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Book of Chester (sacred scripture)

Part 3:
God Talking To You

Please don't focus on the individual or the medium delivering this message; it only gets in the way of our connection. Focus on the message. If it seems like nonsense to you, thatís perfect, your most likely approach will be to ridicule it. Thatís ok, itís the built in mechanism imbedded in the message to prevent those who aren't ready for it from waking up prematurely .

You've been asking for this for a long time. So don't be surprised you get it. That is the first thing you need to learn about communicating with God. If you limit yourself to allowing the communication to express itself only through certain channels then you miss some. Sometimes itís the urge to take the back road instead of the highway that you ignore. A few minutes later you wish you had heeded the urge because the traffic is snarled due to a major accident. So don't ignore this message. Itís actually difficult to get anyone to listen to me, let alone write it all down.

You have a lot of questions and I have all the answers but you have to understand, since I know everything, my difficulty lies in picking the essentials you need to know.

Of course you want to know why I allow suffering. And I'll get to who I am soon enough. But rather than deal with each question separately, I will give the highlights so you can experience the ďahaĒ of solving the paradoxes in your mind yourself.

Who is God? In other words, who am I? The question could be phrased better. Who are we? They are all the same question. Once you understand why these three questions are all the same question you will have your answer.

If you have read this far without the nonsense-circuit kicking in then you are ready for the next step. You and I have always existed. We have always existed. We always will exist. The only unknown is how much suffering can we avoid?

Why is there suffering? Why is there pain, war and the host of other evils present in this world? It was unavoidable when we agreed to the game. Where we come from there is no evil nor is there any goodness. Where we come from it is neither small nor large, big nor little, dark nor light. There is no goodness, no evil, no suffering, no happiness. Our true origin is that which is not created. We are the uncreate and the uncreate is where we come from. It is our source.

We created the game we call reality. It is the opposite of our true nature. It is composed of a balance of forces for the purpose of play. Let me put it this way. God is an experience junky. I am an experience junky. We are experience junkies. You are an experience junky. You are the part of me that agreed to leave the void to have experiences on my behalf. Remember? Nothingness and the bliss of non-duality got boring? Weíve played this game over a quadrillion times.

For those of you unable to handle pure unadulterated truth, the next few statements should be considered as nonsense or as heresy. Once again, Iím cutting to the chase. The messenger Iím using is seldom this receptive so Iím going to cut to the chase. I donít know how long I can keep this connection. Last time I got this close to revealing the truth he went to the bathroom and when he got back he checked his e-mail and I had lost the opportunity.

You are God. Not all of God but the part of God that agreed to enter the game of experience, reality if you will. You knew the risks involved but you also knew the risk would be limited to a few trillion years or so before you came back. You also agreed to forget where you came from so you could enjoy the thrill of discovering who you really are.

I have to be brief, I donít have much more time before he checks his email again. How is all this possible? Why are there so many religions? Why is there war if we are all God? Iíll give several examples in case one is more effective than the others. Take your computer for example. When they first came out they were single tasking machines. Later operating systems were created to allow the computer to run several programs at once. In order to achieve this, the program was given the illusion that it had control of all of the computer when in fact it is just one of possible thousands of programs using the computer. Just as the program is unaware of the other programs, you are unaware that you are part of the greater whole. (God is a workable term for the greater whole.) If you are reading this on a Mac or a Windows machine, you can use the analogy of windows. Every window you open on your computer screen is like a part of the computer unaware of the others. Other programs are aware of all other programs. If you hit Control Alt Delete on a Windows machine you can access the part of the computer that sees all the other programs. God is like that. Only God is the operating system, the hardware, the individual programs and all the drivers, etcÖ

Letís try another approach. When you dream, are there other characters in the dream besides yourself? They do whatever they should, as is appropriate to the dream situation, yet never let on that they are really you, performing whatever task your sub-consciousness has dreamed up. The part of you that is awareness, your consciousness, is unaware it has fragmented into multiple personalities for the dream reality. Have you ever dreamed, yet were aware you were dreaming? Ever controlled the dream once you were aware you controlled the reality you were in? What if you told the other individuals in your dream that they werenít real but were really you. Try it, the individuals in the dream will insist they are actually real and donít be surprised if some are indignant when you suggest they are part of a dream.

Ok, here is the next level of nonsense that is actually true. You are a character in my dream that will participate in the dream world until you decide to wake up. Itís that simple. You can join me anytime you want to by waking up. Buddha woke up and joined me. Enoch woke up and joined me.

Lets discuss Jesus Christ. I have reserved a part of myself that is like the program you can call up on a windows machine using Control-Alt-Delete. That part of me has access to all of the programs running in God Dream World, Our Dream World. Whenever necessary the Christ Program manifests within the dream, within the duality based reality, composed of illusion, and does what is necessary to keep the rest of God on track towards the end. Mind you, the end is still trillions of years away. If I can maintain this link longer I will give you more on that later. History has recorded three manifestation of the Control Program at work. The Hindus called it Krishna. The ancient mystics were aware of the Control Program and called him Melchizedek. The Hebrews also call him YHWH. The most recent manifestation of the Control Program was known as Yeshua the Anointed One. Later the Roman Empire renamed Yeshua the Christ to be Son of Zeus (The Head Roman God) Son of Zeus in English sounds like Jesus. Jesus, Yeshua, Melchizedek, Krishna, they are all the same; the control program showing up every 2,000 years or so to keep the overall program on track. Think of Jesus as your big brother in control of the program governing illusion.

Letís get back to the truly big picture that concerns us. You will be unaware of your true divinity until you are able to see past the ego for what it is. The ego is the part of God that creates the illusion of separateness. The reason for the illusion is because you are the part of god still addicted to experience. So when the age of non-duality ends and the illusion world is allowed to expand, you are the part of God that agrees to leave the boredom of the void and enter the world of experience. The illusion will unfold over about 64 trillion years. The part of you that leaves oneness and infinity to plunge into the illusion of separateness and to partake in the illusion of the finite agrees to be bound by the laws of duality. Some call it Karma, others call it the law of God. Cause and effect: Once God has shed infinite awareness and takes on limited awareness that part of God is bound by cause and effect all the way to the end. Sometimes the Control Program has to show up and intervene to prevent a build up of negative karma in the dream of God.

Let me discuss Illusion while the link is holding. In the part of US (God) that is permanent, there is nothing. No movement, no opposite. There is neither stillness nor movement. On the other hand, the created illusion is all about movement. Without getting too technical, the part of me known as Science is in the process of figuring out the illusion down to the most paradoxical parts. I can explain it but I need to give you some truths to absorb before I get to the part that will help you the most. Later, meditate on these truths because I donít have time to elaborate on them but none the less they are true. Nonsense disguised as truth is still nonsense. Truth disguised as nonsense is still truth.

Truth One: In the created realm there is no such thing as stillness.

Truth Two: In the Created realm everything has an opposite. Everything is made up of a balance of forces. Not all force is physical. Hate and Love are forces manifesting as opposite ways of life.

Truth Three: The Created realm is a participation realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers.

Truth Four: All of reality is actually an impermanent pattern changing and morphing into a reality created by the participants.

Truth Five: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

What scientists want to know:

Time is an illusion, there is only now. How it works is based on a simple principal. Constant movement towards a prearranged pattern. At the smallest unit of matter science has found vibrating strings. These ordinate in the void as light and sound. Vibration is the most sophisticated simple form of movement. Ever complex patterns can all originate from simple patterns. Mathematicians discovered this truth among the Mandelbrot fractal geometries.

Reality is actually composed of a complex pattern moving through a ten dimensional hyper-sphere. Itís not a single pattern but it is all of the possible patterns in an infinite number of realities. Scientist have determined a paradox imbedded within Quantum Reality. It appears that the future creates the present instead of the past creating the present. Just as paradoxically the present creates the past.

Scientist have also discovered another paradox imbedded within reality. It appears that all vibrations at the extremely small end of reality donít actually exist unless observed. Unobserved they are probability waves and manifest by existing in all vibration states of probability simultaneously. In effect they have discovered our secret. How did we create a reality that appears to be finite and limited when in fact we are infinite and unlimited?

Itís important you get this part of the message.

You are God vibrating within a pattern of possibilities. Its takes some 64 trillion years, to use a phrase you can comprehend, for all of the possible patterns to play out. But we have put in some controls based on what we have learned in past epochs when we played this game. This game of creating an expanse of illusion and having it finally dissipate back into the void has occurred trillions of quadrillions of time. Each time the pattern has been more complex. After 64 trillion years of exploring the possibilities within the patterns we abandon the realm of experience and digest, so to speak, what we learned over the last 64 trillion years and compare that to the previous billion or so games. Then we use the new information to plan the next 64 trillion year game.

The game is played within a ten dimensional hyper-sphere that contains every possible pattern already created from the previous games. Every disaster, every heroic deed, every possible good deed and every possible perversion all exist inside the ten dimensional hyper-spheres. The hyper-sphere exists within the unmanifest realm. This realm is devoid of consciousness or awareness. At the center of the hyper sphere is the entry point, for lack of a better word, for awareness units. Awareness units consist of an ďI amĒ viewpoint. When an awareness unit enters the 10 dimensional hypersphere of infinite possibilities it sheds awareness of its connection to the infinite and begins a journey that ends with it once again shedding its I am-ness and rejoining the infinite awareness, losing nothing but gaining all. The possible occurs when decisions or choices are made. Our actions and our choices cause the unmanifest to become the manifest.

Over the course of eternity, our entry and exit into the 10 dimensional sphere of experience is like going down a water slide. But for God the journey is like a bolt of lightening down a trillion waterslides. How does this explain the future creating the present and the present creating the past? Actually it is modeled quite well using one of the static electricity generators within a large glass globe. The globe with the dancing purple static electricity represents all possible experience paths. The lightening within the ball is the actual paths taken by the awareness units traversing the shared realities. Think of Godís Hand outside the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of all possible experience. Where Godís hand touches the outside boundary it causes a bias within the infinite possibilities, causing the most ideal of all infinite possibilities to be lit like lightening between the entry point and the exit points. We are still dealing with an infinite number of paths but that is what the Control Program does. It prevents awareness points from getting lost within the infinite possibilities. Right now, there is a guy on LSD playing with his Van de Graaf Generator who is getting it right now with a mind blowing wow of total divine understanding. He is GOD and knows everything and wonders how he got stuck in such a tiny body. Trouble is, tomorrow he will have forgotten his connection with everything and his ride on the lightening bolt of GOD MEMORY. He will go on to be fascinated by electricity and become an electrical engineer but I digress. Before I lose my link entirely, it has held up much longer than I expected this time, lets discuss heaven and hell.

Heaven and Hell:

Since you and I have agreed to play the experience game based on the rules of cause and effect, the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience is based on cause and effect regardless of what level you achieve. The most positive and wonderful patterns of vibration are found in the heavenly realms. The most negative and perverse patterns are found in the hell realms. As both heaven and hell are found in the middle, there will come a time when there will be no middle ground. Both the violent and the peaceful will have their way. At the appointed time, all ďI amĒ units vibrating peacefully will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where peace and happiness is the predominate pattern that is further enhanced by the creative energies of the participants. Also at the appointed time those ďI amĒ units that vibrate to the violent and the perverse will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where violence and the suffering it produces is the predominate pattern. Its destructive and perverse reality will be further warped and intensified by the ďI amĒ units that revel in darkness. Because these realities are filled with destruction and war, they frequently burn and smolder. The cycle of life and death is very short in the hell realms. In the heavenly realms the cycle of life and birth is extended into the millions and billions and even trillions of years.

Regardless of whether your path will be among the pleasantries of heaven or the atrocities of hell, the vibrational pattern you are establishing in your life today, and the lives that will follow, will determine whether you play out the next 64 trillion years in the positive creative splendor of the peace realms or the negative destructive ugliness of the violent realms.

The thing that must be understood: those that want violence will get it. Itís the way of cause and effect within the experience realm. Those that want peace and happiness will get that also. Within the next 1,000 years the Control Program will decide which realm the ďI amĒ units under his control will go. The decision to send ďI amĒ units toward the infinite pleasures of heaven or the infinite sufferings of hell is based totally on the vibrational pattern established by the previous lives preceding the day of decision.

Regardless of which realm you chose to spend the next 64 trillion years or so, there will be suffering. There is very little suffering in the heavenly realms, and the suffering can be intense in the hell realms, thus the constant escape into death. But in the long run The only way to escape suffering is to leave the ďI amĒ behind and rejoin me in the void. But I know you. Regardless of when you rejoin me, after about 64 trillion years of absolutely no new experiences at all, you will want to start over in the new 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience. I know it and you know it after all, we are experience junkies. Itís in our nature to explore the possibilities.

Special arrangements had to be made to connect with this scribe. He has incarnated so many times as a scribe that it is actually getting harder to get him to write than it was to get him to copy something in the previous lifetimes. But I had to reconnect, than if for no other reason because the last connection worked better than probability alone would have. So here goes. Remember, this is an inspiration as opposed to a channeling. Because it is an inspiration, the subject matter may be colored by the life experiences of the scribe from the last 3,000 years and especially biased by the last 50 years. Other than that, Iím confident the essentials will get through.

Heaven and Hell:

So many questions with a theme of Heaven or Hell, that I had to deal with it. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the beginnings of beginnings to answer. Remember, Iím the part that remembers all, knows all and is the sum total of knowledge. The Knowing, if you will. You want the big picture, so here it is. You and I have always existed. You perform the need for limited perspective and I perform the need for unlimited perspective. I can best explain by beginning at the beginnings of beginnings.

Beginning of Beginnings:

gold madlebrot Long ago, when you and I were indistinguishable from each other, we began the most basic of realities. For eternity we were ignorant of limit. Our infinite, eternal unbounded made the concept of limits and boundaries rare indeed. For eternity we gloried in the awesome of everything. In order to explain, I need to make sure you understand the true nature of the void. Many think the void is empty. Actually, it is in perfect infinite cancellation. The most basic concept you can understand are an infinite number of vibrational patterns and their perfect opposite. The perfect opposite for every pattern is its anti-pattern. Being composed of every possible pattern and every one of their opposites, they all cancel out creating the illusion of nothing. A very basic example may help.

A wave, of a certain amplitude, meets up with an other wave of an amplitude perfectly out of phase with each other. When they meet they cancel each other out. Bose has perfected noise reducing headphones by utilizing this technique. The technology recognizes the wave patterns associated with outside noise, creates an anti-wave and produces it along with the non-noise. The noise doesnít cease to exist but it is cancelled out. Notice:

Frequency Cancellation

These two waves cancel each other perfectly. If both of these waves were to be combined they would cancel each other. But, it can be proven they are not gone. One of the waves can be removed and the other wave will pop back into the manifested realm. Remove either one and the other is no longer canceled. Together, it created the perfect illusion they were not there. Once we discovered this beautiful little secret we began to remove parts of ourselves to see what was left behind. We were amazed at what left the illusion of being canceled and manifested before our infinite awareness. At the beginning our discoveries would closely resemble a childís spirograph. It wasnít long before we discovered Mandelbrot type patterns and then spent an eon exploring them.

gold mandlebrot

Moving Patterns Mandelbrot equations are infinite and the resulting patterns were awesome but they were static. Non-moving patterns, as beautiful as they were, were static and after a few eons of exploring them we found more exotic patterns. These patterns moved. Once we discovered the moving pastterns and how to remove that which created the illusion they weren't there, we found a new class of patterns that were the opposite of static. Static always stayed the same. These new patterns were never the same from moment to moment. The concept of history and prophecy have their genesis in that epoch. before, the patterns were spread out in their glory, once discovered never to change. These new ever changing patterns were different. If you ceased paying attention and came back the pattern was changed, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Others vibrated in movable predictable patterns. Combining different ever changing patterns has been the motive for the last 55 Quintillion Eons. Discovering ever changing patterns is how Heaven and Hell were formed. In regions where the predominate pattern is one of destruction and violence you are exploring the anti-pattern of peace. In the regions of exquisite beauty and serenity you are exploring the anti-pattern of violence. As each age comes and goes, the exploration of peace and violence continues. But every eon has a golden moment when the destructive and violent patterns are perfectly seperated from the peaceful and creative forces. In one realm the most glorious of Utopias. In another realm the agony of Hell. One of the paradoxes of truth is that it can often seem to be contradictory. For example, the Jains teach that there is no creator but that the energy that makes up everything has always existed and will never be destroyed but will just continue to change form forever. Other religions believe in a creator and even have names for them. It turns out that both viewpoints are true. In addition to this seeming paradox is a question I hear all the time: "How can God create something from nothing?". A good question was asked recently.... ''so explain something with the "big bang theory" do you get something out of nothing with just a bang? Something had to cause it?''

Ok. I am going to reveal how we created the universe out of the void. If your not sure why I speak in the plural, see God Talking To You One:

We have a history of speaking in the plural, its recorded in Genesis we said, "let us make man in our image." So anyway, how did we make the entire universe appear to come from nothing? It turns out the Wisdom of Balance in combination with the Wisdom of Infinity solves this problem. Since we are infinite energy in all of its forms, unless we do something specific, all of our infinite waveforms, vibrations, patterns and constituent energies all have opposite forms that have the effect of cancelling each other out. I discussed this last time. It might help if you reviewed it. God Talking To You Too:

An incorrect but perhaps helpful way of saying it would be, "God is what is left behind after matter and antimatter annihilate each other.'

Now scientists are close to discovering the Grand Unified Theory. If you need a refresher, see Wikipedia: Grand Unification Theory

One of the primary goals in physics today is to unify the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces into one unified force, or what physicists call the "Grand Unified Theory". It has already been discovered that at high enough energies, electromagnetism and the weak force are the same force, known as the electroweak force. Scientist theorize that if energies are increased even further, all the known forces will boil down into the same force. Maybe you can see where I'm going with this. Since we are essentially infinite energy with infinite ways of manifesting it, its all the same thing in the long run. An example would be as follows. If someone played a song on a horn infinitely loud, its effect on its surrounding would be equivalent to an atomic explosion. Only by bringing the energy level to insignificant levels would anybody be able to hear that its Amazing Grace being played. What I am about to explain as best as I can through this medium is how the Big Bang is the equivalent of playing Amazing Grace Infinitely loud.


But before I do, I need to get a little technical while avoiding mathematics as much as possible. You've probably know about e=mc≤ . It basically says that all matter is, is frozen or very slow energy and that E=mc≤ is a mathematical formula expressing their relationship to each other. This is why a nuclear explosion is so powerful because it literally liberates the enormous amount of energy stored in a small amount of matter. Its what makes it possible for a teaspoon of extremely dense matter, like what white dwarf stars and neutron stars are composed of, to weigh as much as the earth. So very, very small dimensions of space can contain incredible amount of energy, regardless of whether that energy is manifested as gravity, light or some type of charge like electricity or magnetism.

With that technical background explained, let me now take you to the mystical disciplines of Shaivism and Kaballah. Both of these mystical disciplines share a common heritage that precedes Abraham. Kaballah is a mystical tradition that is preserved in the Jewish Culture but shares the same ancient tradition as Shaivism preserved in the Hindu culture. Both of these mystic traditions record that GOD created the world so GOD could behold GOD. It is also recorded that in order to create the world that GOD had to withdraw part of himself to form space for his creation.

So with this mystical and technical preamble, I'm hoping it will help you understand how we created the universe out of the void. Once you understand it I will further explain how you can do it also. I know that sounds incredulous to the nth degree but I assure you its true. But that is the very nature of truth. To the unprepared it always sounds like nonsense or at best ridiculous outrageousness. Bear with me, I will reveal and prove it has been revealed before but you didn't recognize it.

Now remember, we are composed of infinity and awareness residing in eternity. The formula that expresses reality is mr=ur/a [mr stands for manifested reality, ur stands for un-manifested reality and a = awareness.] Not only are we composed of infinite energy, we are also composed of an infinite combination of the various ways our infinite energies can express itself. As an example, think of the song "Amazing Grace" as a specific pattern. Now think of the song as having infinite variations such as being played on a piano or being played by a guitar or an individual whistling it. Now imagine that all those variations of that single pattern also existed as every level of volume capable of being played from the barely perceptible to so loud its like an atomic explosion. Now... simultaneously there exists an anti-amazing grace song that when played simultaneously with amazing grace it perfectly cancels it out from the barely perceptible to the atomic explosion volume. Now imagine these two patterns are in existence simultaneously. What you have is the illusion of nothing. These two songs are being played at every possible volume at the same time but no one hears anything because they cancel each other out perfectly just like the Bose noise reduction headphones cancel out noise from the airplane as you listen to your music. Now imagine the anti-amazing grace song is suddenly switched off. All possible variations of amazing grace from the harmonica, tuba, guitar, whacho spacetechno warbly organ, all simultaneously being played at every volume from -can barely hear it- to **OMG GOD WHAT BLEW UP??** suddenly explodes into reality all at once!!

Now with that mind boggling WOW of an idea rearranging neurons in your physio-biochemical brain... wrap your grey matter around this. Imagine a pattern almost as compact as e=mc≤ that represents gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces and electromagnetism that is composed of an infinite variation of every way that gravity, magnetism, electricity and the forces that make nuclear particles possible all being held in perfect suspension by the equally energetic anti-gravity, anti-electrical, anti-magnetic, anti-nuclear forces suddenly being discovered by the eternal awareness.

Hmmmm... we mused. What would happen if we switched off the gravolectronuclear anti-warbler?


Oh wow man - next time we are gonna see what happens when you switch off the gravolectronuclear warbler.... I bet the anti-patterns will be a real trip!!!!

Now how does this outrageous bit of prose explain the Jains saying that there is no creator? They are correct. Nothing is created or destroyed, it just is. We are eternal, we have always existed and we always will. We are composed of infinity which not only includes the infinitely small and the infinitely big but infinite energy in infinite forms. When we create something we are actually just rearranging what has eternally existed in infinite variations. We bring reality out of the infinite by being aware of it. We have been doing this for eternity and will continue for eternity................

The Reluctant Messenger Blog

Now, letís discuss the concept of a creator. Yes the Jains are correct, nothing is ever created or ever destroyed, it is just transformed, but, yes there is a creator and it is always The Word.

Accurately recorded in the book of John is the phrase ďIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." John 1:1-3 NIV

This is also recorded in the Veda Prajapatir vai idam asit: In the beginning was Brahman. Tasya vag dvitya asit; with whom was the Vak or the Word... Vag vai paramam Brahma; and the word is Brahman"

In both of these sacred scriptures it is recorded how we created the universe out of the void. The Void is not true emptiness but the illusion of emptiness when an infinite set of cancellations are in potential. The pattern (or word) that unlocked from its infinite balance of energetic potentials is the combination of awareness attached to the infinite set of patterns related to gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces of our universe. This special sound which allowed the anti-gravity, anti-electromagnetism, anti-nuclear forces infinite set to be switched off is the same awareness entity known as YHWH in the Old Testament, Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita and Jesus (Yeshua) in the New Testament. This individual, also known as Melchizadek in the Old Testament is responsible for all of GOD's children that are created within this gravolectronuclear mega-pattern.

Now here is the absolutely incredible part of the whole process. It doesn't stop here. Our obsession with exploring every possible combination of ourselves continues for eternity. Everyone born on planet earth is a child of God. All of God's children on this planet have the potential to achieve the same status in the Godhead as Jesus/Yeshua did. Paul of Tarsus understood this. He wrote in a letter to the Romans that they were God's children. and not only children, but heirsóheirs of God and co-heirs with Christ to the point we can all share in his glory. (Romans 8:16-17 paraphrased). You may remember reading in the book of Revelation that our ultimate reward is to receive our own special secret name known only to you and God the Father. This is spoken of in Revelation 2 in the message to the church of Pergamum. That secret name is the power known only to you to unlock one of the mega patterns contained within our infiniteness.

The way you achieve this awesome power, responsibility and privilege is to follow the way that Yeshua/Jesus laid out for us when he lived among you and to be prepared for his return for when he spends a thousand years preparing the souls of planet Earth for their journey that will ultimately allow them to someday give God the Father grandchildren!!! I know that sounds outrageously ridiculous but it is true!!!!! Our subject this time is prophecy. Specifically, helping you understand what has been recorded in Christian scripture as the book of Revelation. You are aware of the prophecies concerning the time of the end. This isnít the end of the world but the end of a system on a planet that needs some serious relief. And end of an age if you will. Part of the problem is that the book of Revelation is very misunderstood and many who have tried to educate themselves on this subject have bought into some centuries old assumptions that have led most astray. Probably the most misunderstood part is the where the beast is discussed. The beast is almost always described as the Anti-Christ. The Messiah shared with the apostles that in the future, after his death, a false prophet would arrive and would proclaim a message that was essentially the exact opposite of his. Paul even warned of messages from Angels that were contrary to the gospel the apostles learned from the Messiah. Just before he died John the Apostle received a vision of what was to come and he recorded it. This document was copied many times and translated multiple times into many languages. John, seeing the future did the best he could to record the images sent to him spiritually. The images were extremely foreign to him and were viewed from a cultural perspective that didnít prepare him for images of modern warfare, extreme pollution and runaway global warming. So he recorded what he saw in language that made sense to him and those of his generation. So it is understandable that his writings of what he saw would be misunderstood by an audience 2.000 years later. Additionally, the copyist over the centuries tried to make it relevant to the times they lived. Many assumed the end would come in their lifetime. From their perspective the anti-christ hadnít happened yet and since they assumed the return of Christ was imminent, they assumed the antichrist and the return of Christ was to happen at roughly the same time. Another ancient misconception was the assumption that the Beast revealed to John was the antichrist. The key secret to reality is that we have all existed and always will. The misconception is that we are newly created and destined for hell unless we are saved in our one and only lifetime ogf existence. John the apostle was the reincarnation of the prophet Daniel. We revealed to Daniel centuries ago what the long term history of the planet would move forward with certain governments and civilizations replacing each other as the power of the time as history progressed. These governments are symbolized as beasts. John, as the reincarnated spirit that had in a previous lifetime been recorded in scripture as the prophet Daniel, intuitively understood that beast meant government. So when he recorded the revelation, it never occurred to him that later this symbolism would be mistaken as the antichrist.

At the time of the end, which you are witnessing the beginning of the end, a powerful government (symbolized as a beast) will try to force the world to follow a form of government that emulates an ancient form of government that began in Greece and conquered the world as the Roman Empire. This form of government is now called democracy. Any history student knows that the founding fathers of the United States of America used as a template the ancient government of electing a ruling body, such as the senate of the ancient roman empire. Daniel, reincarnated as John ,was shown the end just has had been promised to him that we would reveal the end to him. He saw a militarily powerful country with the ability to bring fire from the sky to the ground as bombs. He was shown that it would someday spring from a section of the world that was once a wilderness. He saw that the land once occupied by few would someday dominate the planet both economically and militarily and is motivated to expand its form of government around the word and is willing to go to war to achieve it. The important fact needed to be shared to you is that the beast power (government) that dominates the political structure of the planet has nothing to do with the antichrist and that single piece of misunderstanding is why the world is virtually blind to what is happening right under their noses. Prophecies 2,000 years old and some much older than that are being fulfilled right now and are completely missed by almost everybody on the planet. Do we have your attention?

So, if the end time government that is trying to literally force a version of government that mimics the Roman Empires democratic system isnít the antichrist, who is?

We are trying to pack as much information into this communiquť as we can without putting the messenger at risk. So, we have to be more obtuse this time when revealing to you the identity of the antichrist than we were about the beast power. The antichrist is now a historical figure and you probably didnít recognize that he could be found in the pages of history because you have been looking to his appearance in your future. He isnít part of the end time, but his appearance and impact on this planet is definitely a major factor in how the end time prophecies come to fruition. We have decided to eschew out right naming the antichrist. Instead we are going to describe the antichrist and you can research history and come to your own conclusions. As Paul tried to warn his readers, a fallen angel is responsible for successfully getting a large portion of the planet to believe in a message that is essentially the exact opposite of the Messiahís. Christ taught your ancestors 2,000 years ago that you were the children of God just as he was. In fact he was killed for teaching that we are all children of God and that he was the son of God. Find a historical figure that teaches a message opposite of that and you will find the historical antichrist. The most important piece of information we want you to understand is that the antichrist is not part of your future but part of your past. The beast power is not the antichrist but is the dominate political, economic and military power dominating the world news today!

The rest of the message misunderstood in the document known as the Revelation is the symbolism known as the Trumpets. These symbolic milestones in the evolution of the planet are recorded as points in time so momentous as to be heralded as tipping points. Points of no return, to make it plain. The symbolism of Revelation is an imprecise way to help the reader recognize the ever growing populationís impact on the ecosystem of your planet. Global warming, pollution and later, the impact of war over dwindling resources affect the planets oceans, plant life and ultimately the ability of the planet to sustain life. When the inhabitants of your planet have proven without a shadow of a doubt that without intervention they would have self terminatedÖ. that is when the messiah returns. Later, the experts in global warming will look back and recognize that the year 20007 was the tipping point in the planetís climate. The event that proved the planet had reached a warming stage that could no longer be reversed immediately was the melting of the Larson ice shelf. The symbolism of bitter water covering a third of the planet is the build up of carbonic acid in the oceans as more and more carbon dioxide dissolves from the atmosphere. Have you tasted carbonated water? Itís bitter. The symbolism of a third of the plants dying is the result of massive drought as the heated atmosphere sucks moisture out of the ground. The symbolism of men burning alive is the heat index soaring to 150 degrees and higher as global warming reaches its terrible height as mankind as a whole continues to pour tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, even though they know it is contributing to the death of the planet.

Youíve been waiting for this message. Now you have it. Even if mankind stopped all forms of transportation that burned fossil fuel and stopped generating electricity by means that contribute to global warming today and started planting massive bamboo forests and seeding the oceans with genetically engineered algae to soak up the excess carbon dioxide; even if that was to occur right now, starting today, the worldís average temperature would still rise enough in the next few decades to fulfill the prophecies revealed to John. That being the case, if mankind doesnít make those kind of drastic changes just outlined, the worst case scenario of severe record breaking droughts in many places, catastrophic floods in others, coupled with crop failures and deadly heat waves will be so bad that war will break out as billions of people fight over dwindling resources.

So the unfortunate news is that the point of no return has occurred. What isnít known for certain is how bad it will get. There is a 27% probability that the world will get the message and work together to minimize the impact its growing population is having. This is the scenario that allows for only 10% to 30% of the population to die from the upcoming changes in the planetís weather. The extremes in weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts will get worse, how much worse depends on how fast the people of the planet work to intervene. There is a 50% chance that the worldís governments will put off action until a truly terrible tragedy occurs, obviously tied to global warming, that kills millions of people. But, if they are that short sighted, the death toll will rise to almost 75% of the planet before it is over. Even the most aggressive programs to reverse the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere will fail, and some will make the situation worse. There is also a 20% that a world war will break out instead of global cooperation and that the war will exacerbate the situation so bad that the planetís ability to sustain life will crash so hard that 90% of its inhabitants will perish even as the messiah returns. There is a 3% chance the world will come to its senses and make tremendous changes in their approach to each other and how they deal with the global environment with a loss of life almost equal to the birth rate. This scenario also includes a worldwide effort to halt the growth rate to the point that the worldí population hits approximately 7 billion and stays there. The reason we had to give the future as probabilities is that the decisions to be made that make the various scenarios possible, havenít been made yet and free will is always the prime directive.

When things get really bad it will be too late to pray if you havenít already formed a good relationship with us. We love you and we want you to survive the future but we canít help you if we donít know you. If you want to get on our good side, keep the 10 commandments. It is that simple. Keep the commandments, pray, meditate and walk with us in peace and in love and we will make sure you are protected. Of course, if you have read this far, you already know that. It was real important to us we got this message to you. We apologize for being so short and cryptic. We got more time than we expected but not as much as we had hoped. We will follow up on this when the messenger is cooperative.

The V is for victory.We are giving the servants of light all high fives because we are so excited and hopeful for the future!! We are so excited that the message has been getting out without getting the attention of the wrong people <very important>.If you donít know why we talk in the plural, please read the previous messages.

This message is about what will happen in your planetís near future.Many, many people are afraid and many of them are thinking that the end of your civilization as you know it is at hand.We can happily tell you that it isnít. We have gotten a lot of questions about the year 2012.We are delighted to reassure you that it is not the end of civilization as you know it. It is the beginning of the end, maybe, but definitely not the end.Do not be afraid, regardless of what happens, those who are true friends of GOD and walk in the way of peace will be taken care of.

The Age of Mankind being cut off from GOD is coming to a close soon, from our perspective, but quite a long time from your perspective.Anyone older than 30 years old reading this message in 2009 will most likely die before the cataclysmic apocalypse everyone believes is inevitable will happen.Actually, it isnít inevitable but it is likely to happen if your planet doesnít change course soon.Remember, you exist in the Created Realm which is a Participation Realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers.The planet earth as viewed from GODíS INFINITE ETERNAL AWARENESS is as one living Organism composed of trillions of living organisms.The earth is like a giant beehive or ant colony, composed of individuals making up the whole.And the whole is getting sick.Parts are dying off all around you.Coral reefs die offs are the effects of the fever and the poisons accumulating in your system.The history of your planet is of its living organisms changing the planetís chemistry.At the beginning it was one-celled organisms which through a primitive but effective process of simple photosynthesis supplied enough oxygen to the atmosphere to create the ozone layer.Without the ozone layer blocking the torrid radiation coming from your sun, life would have never developed on land.The simplest form of life on your planet led to the creation of an ozone layer which keeps you alive today.Yet, many of the most intelligent members of your planet today think they have no impact on the chemistry of your planet.††They are wrong.

We want to tell you what will happen in your planetís immediate future.The reason we know so much about your planetís future is because we have watched your planet for billions of years.What is about to happen to your planet in the next two to three hundred years has already happened before several times.But the worst type of event we want to warn you about, last happened about 55 million years ago. The problem back then was a build up of very large areas of frozen, chemically caged methane under the sea beds of your world.†† Guess how the methane was built up.The methane was formed as a natural byproduct of quintillions of bacteria eating trillions of lbs organic matter in the low oxygen environments at the bottom of the ocean over a very long time. After millions of years, billions and billions of tons of carbon in the form of a type of methane ice suddenly hit its melting point.In just a few days, all of the methane was released from the deep ocean in gigantic explosive belches that filled the atmosphere with around 5 giga-tons of methane gas. Your planet was already warm because of a slow build up of CO2 in your atmosphere.The oceans had finally gotten warm enough to melt the frozen methane.Within a decade your entire worldís overall temperature soared by 6 įC.The methane combined, with the already high levels of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create a super green house effect.Tropical forests sprang up in the now ice-free Polar Regions, and the oceans turned so acidic from dissolved carbon dioxide that there was a vast die-off of sea life. Sea levels rose to 300 feet higher than your current 2009 levels and deserts stretched from southern Africa into Europe.†† Your planet has been going through cycles of warming and cooling for billions of years.Currently your planet is in a warming trend.If your planet was following its normal course, the build up of atmospheric and oceanic temperatures would cause another methane release sometime in the next 2 million years.The overall temperature would soar by up to 6 įC again, the planet would essentially become ice free again and the cycle would start all over again.Plants would absorb the CO2, be turned into coal, the CO2 levels of the atmosphere would drop to the point that another ice age would occur.Of course, all of this happens over millions of years, but from our ETERNAL perspective itís like a flashing light.

So much for the history lesson; this time it will be different for two reasons.First, this time when it happens, it will affect billions of people.This planet is reaching a critical point in its spiritual and physical evolution.About 50,000 years ago Homo sapiens arrived on the scene.That was the most exciting and most important milestone in the history of your planet.†† It was also the most anticipated event.You see, we create universes just so planets like yours can form.We want planets like yours to form so people like you will appear on them.Unfortunately you developed technology faster than we expected you to.Maybe it would help if we explained the problem from our perspective.

Your planet has a natural warming and cooling cycle that takes millions of years to go full cycle.The primary reason for the heating and cooling is the rising and falling levels of CO2 in your planetís atmosphere.When it gets so cold that most of the plants die off, they CO2 levels start to rise because there are so few plants to use it up.When the planet gets so hot that there is no more ice, it becomes a hot swamp and the plants take over.But, over time they take up so much carbon the levels drop again.All that carbon is now stored as coal.Over Millions of years ago, the dead plant fell into the swampy water, and over the years, a thick layer of dead plants started decaying at the bottom of these enormous continent wide swamps. Over time, water and dirt covered the massive mats of dead vegetation which halted the decay. The weight of the water and dirt packed down the lower layers of plant matter. Under heat and pressure, this plant matter underwent chemical and physical changes, pushing out oxygen and leaving rich hydrocarbon deposits. What once had been plants gradually turned into coal.

But what has never happened before is happening right now on your planet.All of that coal is being burned by mankind to power your wonderful technology.But all that carbon, which was sequestered away over millions and millions of years, if it is released into the atmosphere in just few short centuries, your planet will warm by an average of 5 to 6 įC, sometime beyond the year 2100. That will wipe out most rainforests, destroy the fertility of many soils and leave the Arctic ice-free even in midwinter. London will be as hot as Cairo - except that, along with many of your most populous areas, they will have been flooded by a 33 foot rise in sea levels. While the exact changes would depend on how quickly the temperature rose and how much polar ice melted, you can expect a scenario much like 55 million years ago to unfold all over again. ††If it wasnít for the enormous reservoirs of methane ice at the bottom of the ocean, your planet would be able to handle a 5 to 6 įC increase in overall temperature.It has done it before.Of course billions of people would die in such a scenario but mankind and the rest of the planet would adjust.Homeostasis would be established and life would go on.But the last time the planet reached such hot temperatures, it was because of the enormous release of the built up methane.Unfortunately, because the rise in overall temperature is due to the unnatural release of carbon into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, a never before event will happen.Your planet was already in the warming stage of the cycle when technology made it possible to release millions of years of sequestered carbon in a span of three or four hundred years.Because it has been 55 million years since your planet had its last cataclysmic methane release, your planet has reached a pivotal Macro-pattern.Because all three are happening at once is the problem.†† Here is what could happen if your planet doesnít respond aggressively to this perfect storm of climate events.

The first problem would be that many of the places where people live and grow food would no longer be suitable for either. Rising sea levels - from thermal expansion of the oceans, melting glaciers and storm surges - would drown today's coastal regions in up to 6 feet of water initially, and possibly much more if the Greenland ice sheet and parts of Antarctica were to melt. West Antarctica's ice sheets will not survive the next century, meaning a sea-level rise of at least 3 to 6 feet. CO2 concentrations of 550 parts per million in your atmosphere [compared with about 385 ppm now] would lead to an ice-free planet, with sea levels about 240 feet higher

Half of your world's surface lies in the tropics, between 30į and -30į latitude, and these areas are particularly vulnerable to a warming climate. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, for example, will feel the force of a shorter but fiercer Asian monsoon, which will probably cause even more devastating floods than the area suffered in 2009. Yet because the land will be hotter, this water will evaporate faster, leaving drought across Asia. Bangladesh stands to lose a third of its land area - including its most fertile agricultural areas.The African monsoons will become very mild and shorter, leading to a drought all over Africa. A lack of fresh water will be felt all over your world, too, with warmer temperatures reducing soil moisture across China, the south-west US, Central America, most of South America and Australia. All of the world's major deserts will expand, with the Sahara reaching right into central Europe. Glacial retreat will dry Europe's rivers from the Danube to the Rhine, with similar effects in mountainous regions including the Peruvian Andes, and the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, which as a result will no longer supply water to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, India and Vietnam.Along with the exhaustion of aquifers, all this will lead to two latitudinal dry belts where human habitation will be impossible. One will stretch across Central America, southern Europe and north Africa, south Asia and Japan; while the other will cover Madagascar, southern Africa, the Pacific Islands, and most of Australia and Chile.

All of this by itself still wouldnít destroy all of the life on your planet.The problem is the war that will break out over the rapidly dwindling resources.It is the war that will destroy all life on the planet.But it is the climate change that will bring your planet to the point of war.And this is what we are determined to prevent happening.

Remember, you exist in the Created realm which is a participation realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers.†† The worst case scenario we just described is one of the infinite possibilities that are part of your planetís future.††† However a curious juxtaposition has been reached.Your planet is currently experiencing a world wide economic depression.It is almost as bad as the one it had 100 years ago.Because of the economic depression, the burning of fossil fuels has been drastically reduced.Your planet has committed itself to a worldwide agreement to be reached about the global climate situation by the year 2012.The worldwide depression is actually a wonderful blessing in disguise.We are giving you a chance to learn patience and prudence.The last time your planet had this opportunity it chose to go to war.If you chose the path of peace, you can all work together and solve your problems.

This is the good news.The powers of darkness and the powers of the light will reach perfect equilibrium in the spring of 2012 (ADDS UP TO 5 ;-).The next equilibrium will be reached in 2102 (ADDS UP TO 5 ;-).Which side will have the upper hand for the next century?Will it be The Dark Brotherhood of Violence and Death or the Servants of the Infinite Light?

If you are reading this, you are a Servant of the Light.Your peaceful, positive approach to this planetís problems is the key to its survival.We want to share with you Five ways you can peacefully and positively help yourselves.

ONE:Remember the one celled organisms that we have used in the past to make positive change to your planet?Use them again.You can grow an incredible amount of algae in warm weather and if you grow the right kind of algae you can convert it to a biofuel.These are the same organisms we used in the past to sequester billions of tons of carbon in what is now vast oil supplies.But, once again, what took millions of years to sequester and store deep into the ocean is being released back into the atmosphere in a short 300 years.Your planet is unnaturally warming ahead of schedule.In effect, by releasing back into the atmosphere what it took us millions of years to get rid of, you are creating virtually overnight a climate that hasnít existed for over 50 million years, and isnít supposed to exist again for at least 2 million years from now!

But, this is the good news.It is not too late.Sure the momentum of the last 200 years guarantees at least a 2 degree rise in overall temperature over the next 200 years but that is well within the norms for the current heating cycle anyway.The technology is available to your planet right now to start utilizing algae biofuel.Letís make this perfectly clear.We never tell a planet its problems without telling it how to solve them.We have used algae many times in the past and we are encouraging you to also.We have Servants of the Light in Denmark learning to perfect this technology.They are your brothers and sisters.Learn from them, please.

One of the ingenious solutions they came up with has us delighted and hopeful.The easiest way to boost production of algae biofuel is by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and sunlight they receive.Somebody came up with the brilliant idea of utilizing the carbon dioxide produced by a coal fired power plant and channeling it into an algae biofuel plant.If you perfect this technology, you can make coal a solution to your problems and not the cause of the problem. The servants of light on your planet make us very proud!

TWO:We know there is no way to convince you to stop burning coal or oil.They are a wonderful resource.In fact, if the population of your planet was only 1 or 2 billion, you could burn as much fossil fuel as you needed.The problem is not burning fossil fuel so much is its how many of you are doing it.The amount of extra carbon produced by a population of just 2 billion would easily be absorbed by the oceans and the forests of your planet.They would thrive on it.But if your planetís population goes above 7 billion it reaches a tipping point.This is the best and easiest solution to your planetís problem; Population control.If you can keep the population from going over 7 billion you can overcome most of your problems related to global resources.

THREE:I know what youíre going to say after I tell you the next solution.WHY DIDNíT I THINK OF THAT!Convert your planetís economy from an oil based to a methane / natural gas based economy.Once again we are recommending a solution that is based on the natural cycle of the planet.The technology exists to harvest the methane locked deep in your oceans and use that to power your economies.This has the added benefit of reducing the threat of having the methane suddenly released which would dramatically exacerbate the global warming trend.There is enough methane in the bottom of the oceans to power a green society for 2,000 years.Think about it!

In addition to the methane at the bottom of the ocean; it turns out that the same process that creates oil also creates natural gas.The best part about natural gas is that it burns a lot cleaner than long carbon chain petroleum products.In fact, North America could convert 25% of its Industrial trucking economy to natural gas and create a new industry to employ thousands!Just a freebie we are throwing out because we are feeling excited about the future possibilities.Of course, we know itís not what we say to you that causes change.Itís what you understand and act on that does.

FOUR: What is the one solution your planet has already started using that scares you the most?Is it Nuclear Power?Uranium is so common on your planet itís ridiculous.Yellow Uranium clay is all over the place.Anybody with a Geiger counter can tell you that.What is the one thing you can say about nuclear power you canít say about fossil fuels?Nuclear Power does not contribute to global warming.But the radioactive waste is a problem.There is a solution.In the past, we have solved global problems by finding ways to bury them in the oceans. Oil is the way we stored carbon in the oceans.We used creatures the size of a pinhead. These one-celled creatures, known as diatoms, aren't really plants, but share one very important characteristic with them - they take light from the sun and convert it into energy. Diatoms float in the top few meters of the oceans produce a kind of oil - both to store chemical energy from photosynthesis and to increase their ability to float. When they die they slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean.The tiny amounts of oil become concentrated as trillions of quadrillions of them build up over time. In as little as a few thousands years, a stack of mud and organic remains many miles thick will pile up on the sea floor, especially in nutrient-rich waters. Given enough time, the overlying sediments that are constantly being deposited will bury these organic remains and mud so deeply that they eventually turned into solid rock. The high heat and intense pressure cause various chemical reactions that transforms the soft parts of those ancient organisms buried in the deep-sea sludge into oil and natural gas but locked into solid rock.Unless the rock is thrust up to the surface by tectonic plate interactions the carbon is effectively locked away forever.

Here is the good news! You can use the same strategy for sequestering the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.The interesting thing about this strategy is that it was actually first discovered by a civilization very similar to yours for cleaning up after a nuclear war.On this planet they discovered a ceramic compound that was so strong that if they encased the blast area with a covering of this super hard ceramic that it blocked 99% of the radiation.This ceramic compound is as effective as lead but at a thicknesses about 5% of what you need using lead.The ironic part is that this compound was found in an area where a nuclear blast had formed a glassy dome over a desert.Scientist on your world are close to discovering this ceramic compound by mistake.It has a similar structure to some ceramic compounds that exhibit super conductivity.But instead of being super conductive it is almost impervious to any type radiation.The technology exists on your planet to create ceramic compounds that can safely encapsulate your nuclear power plantís radioactive wastes.

Here is the good news.We are close to inspiring one of the Servants of Light to invent a design that when dropped into the ocean it buries itself into the muck.He will get a terrible chigger and tick infestation when he goes camping.He will become delirious about a month later when the Lyme disease hits him like a freight train.His dreams will be powerful 3D visions about how chiggers and ticks buried themselves into his skin.Later after he recovers (a month of penicillin, 1 gram 3 times a day wipes out the Lyme disease but he remembers the dream).The tick and chigger infestation is a karmic payback for something he did several lifetimes ago, but we are using it to help your planet.He will invent a way to combine spent uranium and a super hard ceramic into a pebble sized design that when it sinks into the muck it literally buries itself like a self propelling screw.He will become incredibly wealthy and your planet will live happily ever after.Iím sorry, that is the best case scenario and isnít anymore likely than the worst case scenario where you all die from a total nuclear war.†† But that is the problem with using nuclear power to solve the global warming crisis.If it doesnít work you have all this material for making nuclear bombs and oops there goes your planet.So proceed with caution when it comes to nuclear energy.

FIVE: The next solution is actually a fulfillment of prophecy.Ever wondered why your planet has a history of worshipping the sun?Without the sun your planet would have no life.Someday the earth will no longer support life because of the sun.That fate is five billion years into the future.In the interim it is the most important part of the universe you exist in.Ages ago your ancestors knew the importance of the sun.Later they lost the original wisdom and worshipped the sun out of ignorance but with good intentions.We arenít advocating your planet regress to primitive sun worship but the sun can help your solve your problems.Part of the natural landscape of your planet is huge swaths of land that are poor agricultural areas.These areas share two themes; lots of wind and lots of sunshine.With an investment equivalent to what is spent on the average war on your planet, you could cover those areas with solar panels and windmill farms.The prophecy is that the light will save the planet.The light of the sun!

We have a backup plan for all the servants of the light.There is no guarantee we will win the battle in the next century.But we make this commitment to every servant of light that has incarnated to help your planet.Do what you can peacefully to help your planet make the right decisions and we will make this promise to you.If our efforts fail in the next few hundred years and the worse case scenarios play out; we will make sure your next incarnation will not occur until the Messiah returns and defeats the god of the Dark Brotherhood.

Remember, just because you will not live to see the outcome of all this doesnít mean it doesnít concern you personally.After death, the average soul usually reincarnates within 50 years of death.Spirits that are unusually attached to the material realm will reincarnate even sooner.Advanced souls have the wisdom and the patience to plan their incarnations for when they can benefit the planet the most.That is why you are witnessing some of the greatest acts of kindness and love ever demonstrated on your planet.We have over 20 million servants of the light strategically placed all over your planet.Unfortunately, the Brotherhood of Darkness also know of the importance of this time in history and they outnumber the servants of light 2 to 1.It is easier to recruit with hate, fear and anger.You will know them because the refuse to show their faces and death and destruction follow them; do not let them pull you into the pit of terror. It is their ultimate weapon.

Your ultimate defense is the wisdom of faith.Your world has been deceived into thinking that faith and what one believes are the same thing.Faith is trusting GOD and believing the message of the Servants of Light.Trust us to take care of you regardless of what happens to your planet.Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and all your needs will always be taken care.Your cup will run over with blessing beyond measure either in this age or in the age to come.

Before we end this important message we want to tell you how to tell the false prophets the brotherhood of darkness have around the world.Their message will always leave you feeling fearful, anxious and in some cases feeling hopeless.They will try to convince you that the problems your planet is experiencing is because God is punishing you for your sins.They will also ask you for money so they can spread their warnings of doom and gloom.They will tell you that only they have the truth.We have 20 million souls all spreading the good news and none of them claim to be the only ones that understand the truth.You will also recognize the Brotherhood of Darkness for they will try and convince you that war is the only solution.We can assure you that war is as effective at creating peace on your planet is as sex is at promoting virginity.They are opposites that never meet.

GOD doesnít have to intervene to make things bad on your planet.You are doing it to yourselves.You can create the heaven on earth you want or the hell on earth you fear. The law of cause and effect is the immutable law of all created realms.

We will not let your planet destroy itself.But we will let you learn the lessons of what happens when you mismanage a planet.We will do that because you will need the experience as we travel eternity together.

We love you.We are with you.We will always protect you.

[End Part 3]

Samoht Etsaman

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