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Book of Chester (sacred scripture)

One Part of Infinity

I started out as a photon back when such things were discovered. That is another lie about eternity, creation. Nothing has ever been created, it has always been discovered. Now, the rael trick of illusion is the attachment made to decisions that discover realities you are familiar with. Familiarity is what makes illusion deceptive. If it was different all the time, like in the eons of chaos, there would be no familiarity, just distraction. Chaos was A.D.D. Persistent, and slow change allows the awareness entity to become familiar and transfixed by the pattern emersed in. This creates a desire for continuity.

The new reality coming is digital but all the more transfixing by its opposite to biochemical physical reality. By the time the digital 3D Holovision Immersive Technology takes hold the following earth and sociological conditions will prevail: Extreme weather driving much of the population underground. Cheap energy combined with nearless limitless processing power will create a new virtual reality so important, laws will be passed to assure certain digital realms will not and cannot go down. Think of playing World of Warcraft, but instead of crudely controlling your character with keyboard and mouse, you have 3D Sterovision Goggles that literally project billion color virtual images directly onto your retina. Soft, earplug pipe 3D Surround Sound Virtual sound creating and incredible immersive, illusion you are that digital entity. By reading your thoughts with a extremely sensitive cranial cap, your body isn't necessary, in fact its an impediment to the experience. Drugs will be created that give a sort of body amnesia, allowing the cranial cap and virtual audio and video an enhanced ability to create the illusion of reality that for all intents and purposes, the awarness 'I Am" will now be identified with a manmade, man mantained, new digital reality that slowly a significant part of the earths population are addicted to and dependent upon.

Physical reality will become for many, just a way to make money to pay the bills so they can go home, to their cubicle bed and breakfast type living arrangement to plug into the other world. What would you rather do, clean toilets or go home and be the champion of the 7 Galaxies! The New World Order will someday be those that are plugged in and those not plugged in, either because they can't afford too, live where it is outlawed or just chose not to.

The following information is presented in a format that only the truly dedicated will figure out. Its not like you have to be Leonardo da Vinci to figure the coded message out. No, if you look in the mirror you will see yourself, the one who can figure the code out. I will give a clue, the information is a mystical mysterium like what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13:12.

Note: This is all made up for your entertainment only.

Coded Message

How to play the Game of Earth

by Chester Messenger [The following is an authorised leaking of sensitive personal documents and were intended to be part of an upcoming novel. Unfortunately time is running out.]

In order for any light being to participate on the Planet Earth in the current game or in the next one, they need to be compatible to carbon based proteins in frequency and color. If you have participated in other games, on other planets, if you can transplant some of the DNA from that planet's primary lifeform used for that game into the current human population, you are in. A secondary way is to be compatible with some life form on the Planet Earth and use that species as an entry point. Once you have incarnated as an animal on the planet, you need to incarnate as an animal that interacts a lot with humans. A favorite is dog. Second favorite is a cat and then there are horses, various birds... you get the picture. Earth is a very diverse eco system so most proteins from around the galaxy are represented by now. Perhaps a little history will help you decide if you want to play or not. Not all light beings are ready for physical incarnation on Earth. It is a very advanced game form and can be very addicting.

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The Planet of Earth was once discovered and exploited for its precious minerals, especially gold. Once the other sentient species around the galaxy discovered that Earth had been terraformed to be compatible for etheral to physical projections the games were on. Several space faring species have had to do it the hard way by using physical spacecraft to land on earth and introduce genetic material this way. The genesis account of the Elohim swarming the heavens above the earth was exactly that, spaceships here to reset the game that destroyed the playing surface in the great war that destroyed Atlantis.

The Game of Earth was reset again about 1,800 years later with a world wide flood for the express purpose of controlling the genetic make up of humans. Giants had been introduced into the game by betrayal of the very administrators who were supposed to watch over and guard against that type of genetic tampering from even happening.

The game was again reset with different parameters as to how long the humans could live. In Atlantis the character health was 10,000 years. Right after the Atlantis reset the Adam and Eve game character version 1.0 could live 1,000 years. After the Flood the game was changed to version 1.2 with only 120 years per incarnation. Not long after the flood reset the game was once again changed by causing different genetic groups to suddenly have a new language. This caused a lot of confusion. It was pandemonium version 1.3 with babbling virus corrupting the root speech directory.

The current set up is about 4,000 years old with a minor upgrade when the Jesus Virus was introduced by YHWH. Very Clever master of the game. The Current Primary Players are: ALLAH, KRISHNA, YHWH, Space Brotherhood, Ancient Crustacean Sentients, Ancient Lizard Sentients and a Buddha component.

Each of the seven soul groups are using the genetics of the human race to incarnate themselves and their proxies into this physical world. This is why in India arranged marriages are still so important. The secret is just now revealed as to why for so long. YHWH was rigourous in keeping geneolgical records. It was how he was able to insure Yeshua was born when and how he was. The timing had to be perfect and the geneology pure.

Later, a secret society determined to undermine all the other players, was almost successful in eradicating public knowledge of very important information. If this information was lost, most participants of the game of earth would be reduced to near automatons, lost in a game and not realizing it. That information of course was the role of soul and spirit as two seperate energy forces that had to be combined to create life. Plus the role these forces play in reincarnating over and over in order to utilize the game properly. It was successfully wiped from the western world when the Prophecied Beast Government declared it a death sentence to believe in it. The full kno.ledge is tha. . . [corrupted data file . . . divide by zero error . . .] Only now is the truth out.

Aryan Genetics were inserted by the Space Brotherhood thousands of years ago at key places on the planet. After thousands of years of secretly practicing their craft, one of their most advanced game players incarnated as Hitler. World War II was their attempt to make their genetics dominate so they could control the game for their agenda.

ALLAH has a significant role in the game by successfully using the genetics of Abraham to build a very large and compatible base.

YHWH fine tuned Israel's genetics to the point that one lineage could hear YHWH in their mind like a second voice in their head.

Krishna is reported to have several lineages of master and student passing key game information from lifetime to lifetime, similiar to how the Dalai Lama is able to return and influence generation after generation.

The Buddha component is a large pool of feminine yang energy incarnating mostly throughout Asia and Indonesia. This is where the animal souls come from, who are advancing spiritually by incarnating as a human here. Sidhartha Buddha had many stories of his rise through the animal ranks.

Each of these major players are using Earth as a proxy planet as well as two sentient races who have large Group Souls whose planet was lost in a war eons ago.

Controlling Your Physical Game Character

Once you are able to incarnate as a human you are ready for the game. All animal incarnations are essentially to get you compatible for a human body later. Once you are human compatible you are ready to start looking for a mother.

Your interface will be difficult to master at first. First time players can take up to 6 years to learn how to merge their conscious frequency with the electromagnetic aura the body puts out. Until integration your physical self will be aware of you as an invisible friend only he/she can see. Sometimes the child is shocked others can't see you during the merging process, this is all normal.

Up to the day you actually perform a merge you will be laying down memories of the out of body aspects of your awarness as you learn to concentrate and focus so that you become attached to the energy field generated by the young body. Most out of body experiences before the age of four are discounted later in life as dreams and almost always forgotten by eight years of age.

The energy vortex you will have to form will be a 7 layer swirl, called chakras. The layers are the seven harmonics of your light frequency range you are normally expressive in. Most first time incarnators can only operate the lower chakras which governs sex drive and fear. The goal of multiple incarnations is to learn how to control a body with all seven chakras operating at full strength in rotational unison. Once you can "drive" your Three Dimensional Character that well, you will be on your way to accomplishing any objective assigned to you or desired before birth.

Disregard this if you are reading this as a human. Obviously you have already learned how to play the game this far. Its illegal to even share this much about the game, except when its presented as fiction. Please misunderstand me. This is all made up for your entertainment only. However, if any time traveling light beings find this, its only illegal to read if its from your future.

-w-(o,O)-w- For Rael

by Samoht Etsaman

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