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[NOTE: The following information is presented as a public service and is designed to confuse you as to what is really going on while telling you what is really goin on. Its done in the movies all the time...

The following is a transcript of something recently said inside The Secret Order of Chaos. Can't tell you how we got the information, many Bothams died......

============== begin eavesdropping ===============

. . . "and then we will have to make sure the virtual domains that give us maximum control over the largest part of the population are buried deep with thermal power systems. As we maximize global weather chaos, it will become easier and easier to get the poor to accept underground housing with a free virtual 3D set up. The plan will be to get our partners at Walmart to build and finance the underground infrastructure of housing and public travel. The best place to start will be Colorodo, they have the marijauna laws to make it easy to get a large stoned population addicted to 3D video games with persistent reality. Those who show initiative will be recruited to help set up online virtual jobs. The amount of processing power we can offload to the brains of humans will be incredible. Each time a human solves a problem presented to us in the real world by literally finding the answer as part of the digital game - that is a large segment of energy and processing power we don't have to control."

..."Sir, your projections of how many people we can enslave like this is only in the millions. we need at least a billion brains all wired together in a Virtual 3D simulation to shift the consciousness down to a level of complete puppet".

"If you will look at the projections, you will see it takes us until 2021 to make the weather so destructive and the new virtual world so compelling to get a billion underground and plugged in. ONce we have a billion all those who refuse to plug in and participate in our New World Order can fry when we burble the oceans."

"I'm sorry burpled?"

"The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!"(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

I'm sure you have seen the amount of energy stored along the eastern seaboard of the US in methane. We have been surveying and found a large enough pocket in the Burmuda Triangle for our use. When the operation begins we will need an ambient sea temperature in the region of about 90 farenheit. So far the closest we have near key west was 87 degrees this summer. By 2021 we can expect the average temperature to be at or above 91 degrees. Once that happens we can artificially create a huge methane release like what happned naturally 50 million or so years ago when the whole planet was a swamp already."

"I really don't understand how melting some frozen methane will help us get a billion people connected to our virtual dominions?"

"We need the methane belch to change the "greenhouse gas index" literally overnight, so that we can take advantage of very large areas of frozen, chemically caged methane under the sea beds of our world. After millions of years, billions and billions of tons of carbon in the form of a type of methane ice was to suddenly hit its melting point? In just a few days, all of the methane will be released from the deep ocean pockets we have discovered into gigantic explosive belches that will fill up the atmosphere with around 5 giga-tons of methane gas. This planet is already warm because of a indultrial build up of CO2 in our atmosphere. We can manipulate the oceans temperature intil it is warm enough to melt the frozen methane. Within a decade our entire world’s overall temperature will soar by 6 °C. The methane combined, with the already high levels of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will create a super green house effect. The oceans will turn so acidic from dissolved carbon dioxide anmd methane that there will be a vast die-off of sea life. Sea levels will rise 300 feet higher than our current 2012 levels and deserts willstretched from southern Africa into Europe. This planet has been going through cycles of warming and cooling for billions of years. Currently the planet is in a warming trend. If itt was following its normal course, the build up of atmospheric and oceanic temperatures would cause another methane release sometime in the next 2 million years. The overall temperature would soar by up to 6 °C again, the planet would essentially become ice free again and the cycle would start all over again. Plants would absorb the CO2, be turned into coal, the CO2 levels of the atmosphere would drop to the point that another ice age would occur. But, we can manipulate enough countries to continue to pour gillions of gallions of green house gases into the atmosphere, we will reach 90 degrees in the summer and OPERATION BURBLED will be a go."

"So what your saying is that will make it so hot and inhospitable that going underground will be a "'no brainer' and the ones that refuse to cooperate and join the NEW WORLD ORDER in the digital frontier we will control and manipulate, then the weather will take of them for us."

"History will look back at see that 2012 was the actual birth of a new world created by computers. Our partners at Panasonic have an "In Home Package that includes 3D Flat Screen TV, Blue-Ray Surround Sound Player and the 4 Glasses that autosync with the TV. The whole thing can be bought and carried home this xMas for $2,000.

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-w-(o,O)-w- For Rael

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