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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Prophets Conference in Santa Fe 2000

    The Prophets Conference in Santa Fe April 2000 inspired the writing of The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion. Here’s how: A few years ago, my wife and I sat next to Gregg Braden “by coincidence” on a plane from DFW to Albuquerque and talked with him for a couple of hours about his work. When he sent information about the conference where he would be speaking, we decided to attend without knowing anything else about it. As we expected, Gregg was an awesome presenter but other presentations were also fascinating: Michio Kaku’s time travel story, Edgar Mitchell’s quantum hologram, Jimmy Twyman’s musical talent. During the first day, my wife shook her head laughing and said, “These are your people.”

    The Prophets Conference Santa Fe helped us develop a closer relationship between science, spirituality, philosophy and art. It assisted in opening us up to greater balance and a new and more accurate understanding of our challenges and choices. This gathering brought us a rich exchange of remarkable and revelatory ideas and insights. Using compassion as a guiding principle and the fully permeable nature of reality as genuine information, we came together to redefine the possible. We learned that through novelty and breakthrough, we evolve our relationship with the Great Life Force and allow our visions to become true.

    At the time, I had already created and had a growing readership on the Internet who had been asking for a book version. I hadn’t seriously considered writing a book until I spoke with many of the conference attendees and faculty. Immediately upon returning to Texas, a book was begun. The website kept growing and is now in the Top 10 Religious Websites internationally with over a million hits a year.

    My wife and I plan to be at the Prophets Conference in Sedona being held in October. Stay tuned for more details. Maybe another Prophets Conference can inspire another book.

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