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The Master had an excitement in his eyes, "Before God created what we now call the Universe, he had created Angels. Angels were created as helpers. They were created for a specific purpose and they, unlike mankind, cannot die nor can they improve their station. They have self will and independence and are eternal beings.

Creating Angels was Phase I of the plan of God. Phase II was the creation of the Universe. God created the Universe so that it would support physical life."

Chester rubbed his chin, "So your saying the Universe was created so life could evolve. So you have no problem with the Big Bang or Darwin's Theory of Evolution?"

The Master shook his head, "Of course not. God always starts small like a mustard seed. The Universe started very small and look how big it is now."

Chester frowned, "Then what is all the Genesis nonsense about?"

The Master held up a hand, "I'll get to it. God gave the Angels the task of searching the Infinities that contained the Universe until they found the green jewel. Or, the Earth if you please."

Chester lit up, "Now your talking. The creationist loved to use the argument that, the probability of life evolving was so unlikely statisticaly speaking, as to be impossible. I was able to show that since Quantum Reality shows that there are actually an infinite number of universes in parallel, that the statistical improbability didn't matter. In an infinite number of Universes, a Universe where life evolved was a statistical certainity!"

The Master smiled, "Of course, the Wisdom of Infinity. The Infinite nature of God makes all things possible, even a Universe that supports life just as science describes it. Reality is simply a complex pattern that is ever changing. Life is just a one of the many patterns of reality."

Chester leaned back, "Well, you get no argument from me."

The Master replied, "Once the Jewel we called Earth was found, God revealed his plan to his Angels. A plan so important to God, that he sent Lucifer and the third of the Angels under his leadership to come to Earth and help the lifeforms here achieve their ultimate potential. And for millions and millions of years all was according to God's plan."

"So what upset the apple cart?" Chester enquired.

The Master leaned forward, "Man."

Chester looked puzzled, "Huh?"

The Master continued, "Once mankind evolved on the planet, Lucifer discovered the true meaning of ultimate pontential. He learned it was man's potential, or destiny, to achieve God Consciousness. Life on earth was destined to evolve to a level of intelligence capable of understanding God and God's plan. It is man's ultimate destiny to become greater than the Angels themselves!"

Chester lit up, "Ah, so your saying Lucifer didn't like that?"

The Master nodded his head yes, "Exactly!"

Chester scratched his head, "I still don't get the Genesis creation thing."

The Master said, "Genesis 1 verse 2 is the key. Look up in my Strong's Bible Concordance the definition of was, the one right after earth in the second verse. You will see what is translated as the English word was should better be translated as the phrase 'It came to pass'. Or if you want a word for word translation, instead of was it should be became. My Master told me the original Hebrew meant And it came to pass that the earth became a wasteland empty and chaotic." I'm now going to tell you why the Earth became empty and chaotic after millions and millions of years of evolution. Its called the Rebellion of Lucifer".

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