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    Satan took Jesus up to the highest peak to show him the Kingdoms of the World and their splendor. "I will give you all this if you will just fall down and worship me." Jesus answered, "Go away. It is written Worship the Eternal your God and only him do you worship ." Christianity Christian Kabbalah Sufi Mysticism Jewish Taoist Reality Quantum Relativity Universe Science Religion Spirituality God Allah Bible Torah Codes Taoism Judaism Christianity Islam Buddhism Buddha Hindu Sihkism Kabbalah Sufi Mysticism Jewish Taoist Reality Quantum Relativity Universe Reality God Qur'an torah codes proof of god's existence allah infinite wisdom eternal awareness omniscience omnipotent omnipotence omnipresent omnicient almighty lord creator love mysticism science religion bible koran christ judiasm judaism hindu hinduism buddha buddhism buddhist tao taoism shiva vishnu tantric buddhism moksha jainism stupas confucianism shinto torah messiah kabbalah jerusalem zion crucifixion jesus christ son of god islam allah muhammad qur'an sufi mosque temple holy bible scriptures mystery mysteries universe quantum physics evolution dharma vedic trinity brahma agni nandi indra surya vayu varuna veda aranyakas puranas mahabharata ramayana krishna puja brahmin priests shrine worship jaina jain sutra cosmos einstein's theory of relativity ufo pyramids sumeria sumerian tablets visitors from outer space quantum reality black holes zen new testament old testament bible code proof of god

    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Prophecy of God's Holy Days

    The Master and Chester were enjoying an evening on the porch. The stars were bright with a glow in the east that Chester assumed was the city where he had caught the bus that had stranded him here. Chester could tell he was going to hear another story.

    The Master's voice mingled with the sound of crickets. "I want to tell you the mystery of the Jewish Holy Days blended with Christ's prophetic fulfillment of them."

    Chester smiled as he watched the stars waver in the humid Indian air. "Is this another one of your blended religion theories?"

    The Master waited.

    Chester broke the tension. "I'm sorry, I know I promised to be more teachable but your story had better be logically consistent. I demand it. After all I'm still trying to understand the blended religion called Zen." Chester found Zen to be a bit too right brain for him. It seemed illogical but he did find that meditating helped his logical reasoning skills. The paradox perplexed him. "Ok, I'll listen."

    After a long pause the Master asked, "Would you rather we talked about the weather?"

    "I'm sorry, I'm still cynical after all these years, please tell me about the blended religion of Christianity and Judaism. In can't be stranger than a blend of Buddhism and Taoism." Chester preferred arguing with his peers and The Master preferred a calm discussion.

    The Master sounded brighter, "Thank you. I'm about to explain the details of the Amended Plan of God. I had only told you of the Resurrection before, but the plan of God goes deep, as it must for Christ and Satan are locked in battle over the future of all souls on this planet."

    Chester just said, "Now that seems pretty important. I'm all ears." Chester smiled into the night.

    "It begins with Passover." The Master paused. "Christ became Passover for all of mankind." Chester started to interrupt but held his tongue. "Christ died so that all souls would cease needing to experience multiple death and birth cycles."

    Chester squirmed. "I am just beginning to understand reincarnation, when you start telling me of reasons why God is helping reincarnation with the resurrection, as the amended plan that will guarantee every soul on the planet can achieve paradise. Did that mean God made a mistake?"

    The Master sighed, "God did not anticipate the Rebellion of Lucifer. Time will be cut short. Instead of millions of years for souls to achieve oneness with God, less than 100 years is left unless Christ intervenes. Satan will influence mankind to destroy itself before the year 2100." The Master waited to see if Chester thought this information was worth his time.

    "Ok, Ok. You have my attention." Chester had never met a man like the Master before.

    The Master smiled as a falling star punctuated the moment. "Christ died so that all debts of all souls for all wrongs in any lifetime could be paid for by accepting his sacrifice."

    "Why was that necessary?" Chester challenged.

    "Satan knows that if he can seduce mankind into destroying this planets ability to support life then the reincarnations will be permanently suspended." The Master waited for Chester's next question.

    Chester smiled, he caught what he was doing also. "Why can't God just patch the earth like he did at Genesis? Lucifer destroyed almost all life on the planet and what was left was going to die when God showed up and restored everything."

    "Because if Satan can seduce mankind to destroy itself, he won't be directly responsible as before, and this planet will have failed in achieving its God Potential by its own combined will."

    Chester sounded sad. "It can't be over for us. I know we have enough nuclear weapons and biological weapons to totally destroy all life on the planet, but I'm sure that mankind will never use them."

    The Master sighed, "If you will listen to the entire story before challenging every concept, I think we can move along a little faster."

    Chester kept silent.

    "Christ died for our sins but we must do our part." The Master waited as another falling star crossed the star studded blackness. "The Days of Unleavened Bread follow the Passover and last for seven days. The first and last days are Holy Days. Avoiding leavened bread for seven days is symbolic of avoiding sin. Think of it as avoiding further acts of bad karma out of respect of Christ wiping our karma clean by his death sacrifice."

    Chester helped, "That covers Passover and the first two Holy Days. There are five more."

    "Pentecost represents the sending of the Holy Spirit to Mankind. The Holy Spirit uniting with our spirit so we achieve Oneness to God, now in just one lifetime."

    Chester challenged, "But if we all die in World War Three, what good does it do us?"

    Master laughed, "The next Holy Day is the Feast of Trumpets and it represents the 7 trumpets spoken of in Revelation that preceeds the coming of the Messiah, the return of Jesus Christ in all his power with his Angelic Hosts, preventing mankind from destroying itself and of destroying the planet's ability to sustain life. The Eternal will send Christ when Christ's intervention is necessary to divert warring mankinds attention from destroying one another."

    Chester queried, "Why will that help?"

    Master continued, "Mankind will treat Christ and his angels as invaders and switch to attacking Christ. Christ and his Angels will destroy the weapons and the men who wield them. Unless those days be shortened no flesh shall be saved alive."

    Chester laughed as he began to see the big picture.

    Continuing with his story, the Master sounded more excited. "The next Holy day is the The Day of Atonement. This represents the second war of the Angels. Michael and his Angels will fight Satan and his Angels and will throw them into the endless abyss. Satan and the unrepentent Angels will be imprisoned for one thousand years!"

    Chester smirked, "Why one thousand years why not forever?"

    The Master took a deep breath. "The Feast of Tabernacles also lasts for seven days but it represents Christ creating a paradise on earth that will last for one thousand years. For one thousand years, souls that have almost achieved God Oneness but need just a few more lives to achieve their God Potential, will be reincarnated during Christ's rule. Christ will do what Lucifer refused, to help mankind achieve their God Consciousness. After those souls have achieved Godness, near the end of the one thousand years, souls of bad karma will begin the reincarnation to judgment. At the end of one thousand years, Satan and his Demons will be released for a short while to finish their work of deceiving the evil." Satan will once again seduce mankind into war. A final war that prepares our planet for the day of judgement! When the war is over, Satan and his Angels will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will exist forever."

    Chester couldn't hold back, he had to look for a weakness in the logic flow. "What about all the other souls that have ever existed. How do they achieve Christ Consciousness? How about all the souls ever born in China before Chrsit was born. How can they become saved if they never heard of Christ." Chester beamed, he knew the Master could not wiggle out of that one!

    The Master finished by saying, "After this war, the days of Judgement begin. All souls that have yet to achieve God Consciousness will be resurrected and will be judged. This time they will have complete knowledge of past lives. Every man and woman will know of the complete plan of God and their true potential to become One with God. Those that are judged unfit to continue will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is known as the Eternal Death. They will end up there because they refused to improve their karma despite all of the chances thay had during their reincarnated lives, including the one they had during the Utopian Reign of Christ, so they will forever be cut off from God. After the judgement God will create a New Heaven and New Earth will be the ideal environment for the remaining souls to continue their journey to become One with God."

    Chester ended by saying, "That is one blended religion. Sounds like you got a little Hindu and Buddhism in with the Christianity and the Judaism, don't your think?"

    The Master handed Chester a gold coin. Even in the dark of the porch Chester could tell it was gold and very valuable. The Master simply stated, "You are beginning to understand. In the Koran it says "Be they Muslim, Jews, Christians, or Sabians, those who believe in God and the Last Day and who do good have their reward with their Lord, They have nothing to fear, and they will not sorrow." Koran: The Cow verse 62

    Continue With - Saving Humanity: God's Plan

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