Beginning Meditation Technique

Here is a very important meditation tool. Its called a mantra. A mantra is designed to help protect the mind before it enters the thoughtless state.

autorepeat in your mind e ah ooo ay. It will should sound like eYahWay quickly and eee aaahhhhh ooooooooo aaaayyyyeeeee slowly. Also see: God Sacred Name

As you slowly repeat the mantra, let the gap between thoughts lasts a couple of seconds.

yahway (pause) eyah Way (pause)

Focus your attention on the emptyness between mantra thoughts. That is your true nature. When you recognise the thoughtless state hold it as long as possible. As soon as a thought of any kind interupts the thoughtless state go back to the mantra. Turn the thought energy into the mantra.


Yahway (pause.... pure awareness for a few moments ... hey I think I just did the thoughtless state that was [focus] Yahway .... yahway .... yahwayyyy..... thoughtless state achieved ...hold it as long as possible....


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