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The Crown of Eternal Life

Crown of Eternal Life I had a dream. In this dream it was explained to me the purpose of human existence and the secret to eternal life. Rather than describe the dream to you, I will instead focus on the information that was given to me. In the future this is the type of information I will share in a book where the Master and Chester have a discussion and this type of information comes out. But for now let me strip the dream element and possible future story elements out and just present to you the bare essentials of what was revealed to me in the dream.

Today we have a way to understand ancient sacred knowledge that before wasn't readily available to man. This is because the computer gives us another way to understand who we are and it also gives us another way to present this essential knowledge in a new analogy or metaphor.

Pretend with me there is a computer game called the Crown of Eternal Life. In this game you have a digital character that you control. Because of the marvels of modern technology it is possible for you to wear special glasses and earplugs that allow you to immerse your senses into a digital world that is so realistic that it appears you are literally there seeing what can be seen and what can be heard in this virtual environment. Your digital character starts out with 4 attributes that govern what you can do and what you can accomplish in this digital world. Those attributes are Intelligence, Strength, Stamina and Health.

Your character starts out with all of these attributes set at the number 1. As you perform certain tasks and complete various quests your character gets to add to these attributes. For example when your intelligence reaches a certain level you can learn magical spells that make it easier to accomplish certain tasks. When your Strength reaches a certain level you can wield various weapons and wear certain types of armor. As your Stamina increases, you can quest longer before having to rest. As your health increases, it becomes harder for your digital character to die. If your character dies in the game, then you have to start over with a new character and your attributes are reset back to 1.

However, there is one particular quest called The Crown of Eternal Life. Before you can even begin this quest you have to have your attributes up to 1,000 points each. Then and only then can you even begin to try to achieve the crown of eternal life. If you complete this quest and receive the crown, your character cannot die. If its health ever reaches zero, the character can be resurrected and all of its attributes are restored back to the levels they were before dying.

Anybody who has played video or computer games can probably relate to this. There are several Massively Multi-Player Role Playing Games (MMRPG) that use a model similar to this. The player either has a character or a base of operations that has accumulated digital abilities and artifacts. The accumulation of certain abilities and artifacts determine what you can and cannot do in the game.

Now using this digital example we can use it as an analogy of the human condition and the purpose for life on Earth. Just as you, the human, are the real power, intellect and consciousness that drives the digital character in the virtual reality, your true self is not the human body but a higher-self that is eternal, conscious and unlimited. However, by extruding its consciousness into the human body, your higher self can have experiences and learning opportunities that it cannot have in its native reality. Just as your digital self can wage war, or ride a dragon or perform magical spells, all of which you can't do or shouldn't do in the physical realm; this physical existence gives your higher eternal self opportunities for growth and learning that is not available in the "Spirit Realm."

Allow me to take the analogy farther. In this digital reality, there are things that can be done in the virtual world that are fun and pleasurable but subtract from your attributes such as intelligence and strength. So every time you participate in these "forbidden pleasures" you make it harder or delay your ability to achieve the crown of eternal life.

Additionally, the technology makes the virtual reality seem so real that it is possible to forget you are human. When this condition sets in, you become so attached to your digital self and your digital capabilities that you forget the true reason you have immersed yourself in this digital realm and you essentially waste the opportunities to grow. Since this digital realm is shared and played by thousands or millions of humans, some of the participants have discovered that if they hide certain knowledge from the other players, they can advance in the game to the detriment of the others. By conspiring to make the game so compelling that the participants forget they are human, and by hiding from them the whole purpose for being in the game. The participants who do know their true identity and true purpose obtain powers and advantages that allow them to rule over the others and prevent them from having the ability to benefit from participating in the digital realm.

In this case the only way to help participants who have forgotten they are human and why they are playing the game in the first place; certain individuals have to volunteer to become characters in the game for the express purpose of revealing within the game the truth. The game participants who have the essential knowledge and jealously guard it, have to thwart these truth tellers with any means possible, including killing the digital characters running around spreading the truth. If killing them isn't an option then they have to spread false truths to confound the game participants and they also will assassinate the character of the truth tellers so that participants that do receive the truth don't believe it and don't act on it.

With this analogy as a back drop, allow me to use this analogy to explain to you how this applies to you as a human. You are an eternal soul. You are using the human experience as a way to advance your true self spiritually. The Soul represents your memory. Just as the true memory of all the digital participants reside in the brain of the human, including all of the times digital selves have played the game and failed to achieve the crown of eternal life; your soul has a memory of all of the times it has tried and failed to achieve eternal life as a human. Your spirit is similar to the data file that keeps track of what attributes you have accumulated in the game. Here is how the spirit/physical interaction works. Your true self is an eternal soul composed of light. It has always existed and always will exist. In addition to being a soul, you have a spirit. This spirit can be thought of as karma. Your karma is a record of your accomplishments and misdeeds from all of the times your soul has played the game of being human. All of your past incarnations exist as soul memory and your spirit exists as a karmic record. When you die, your spirit can incarnate again but the conditions and situations your allowed to experience in the next incarnation is determined by the sum total of all the actions and inactions taken in the past incarnations. Under normal circumstances, you do not remember your past incarnations. Some children will spontaneously remember the most immediate past life but these memories usually fade by the time they are six or seven.

The knowledge that you are both soul and spirit has been on purposely hidden from you by the powers of this world. The fact you are an eternal soul has been purposely withheld from you. The fact you are a light being that cannot die has been withheld from you and all other humans on this planet. The fact that you have a specific purpose for incarnating as a human and what it is you are supposed to accomplish while here has also been hidden from you.

While Yeshua was on this planet (commonly known as Jesus) he revealed the truth to his disciples. These truths were referred by him as TheWay. These truths revealed to his disciples taught them they were not humans that had a soul but instead were souls that had a body. He also taught his disciples what they had to do in order to be able to retain from lifetime to lifetime the memory of who they really were and what they had done and accomplished in past incarnations. While Yeshua was alive he was persecuted by the powers that be so that the truth would not be made available. This is why Jesus accused the Sadducee and Pharisees as having the keys to the Kingdom of God yet withheld the knowledge from the masses. This is also why it is recorded as having accused the spiritual leaders of his day of having the key yet not using the key to eternal life themselves. This is why Jesus spoke in parables. Receiving this sacred knowledge actually does more harm than good if it is received by someone who isn't ready for it. This is why after his death the church was composed of two groups. One small group retained the knowledge of the Kingdom of God and knew the sacred mysteries and rituals that allowed one to achieve the crown of eternal life. The masses were given what is called the milk of the word. This milk was so they could become prepared to someday recieve the divine mysteries.

Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah) did not come to earth to do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves but to show us what we had to do and prove what the results were.

Now I have one more thing I want to share with you. It will sound outrageous and unbelievable. But if what I shared with you is true, then there should be some individuals who had this knowledge in the past and have retained it in their current life. In fact there is an individual who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus' brother and knows the secret teachings of Jesus. He calls those teachings TheWay. I have been following his teachings for almost 20 years. The most important core teachings of his have been verified by me with personal experience. The interesting thing is that I didn't learn how to be in contact with my Higher Self though his teachings. But by learning on my own how to contact my Higher Self and to be guided by same, I was able to verify that much of what he teaches is valid. His websites are very old style and hard to read because of the font and color choices. Its almost as if he has it that way so that only the truly determined will study his teachings. He has several websites and a very active yahoo discussion group.

I will share with you two internet resources. A website I wrote that summarizes what I learned on my own and the spiritual practices I participated in that allowed me to experience the Resurrection in this lifetime and to become in contact and to be guided by my higher self. The other will be a link to one of Allan Cronshaw's websites which covers from his perspective and teaching style, TheWay.

If you feel you are ready for the truth even though it conflicts greatly with what you have been taught then visit these links. If you on the other hand feel that what you already believe is the truth and any teachings to the contrary is blasphemy, then do not visit these links. They will only make you angry and won't help you in your spiritual journey at all.

My summary of what I've learned and practiced for the last 20 years can be found here: Science of Immortality

The teachings of Allan Cronshaw the Reincarnated Brother of Jesus/Yeshua can be found here: Being of Light

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