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Mystic Sabbath

There are seven primary chakras which correlate with the seven primary colors of the rainbow, and seven musical tones. They are aligned from the base to the crown along the spinal cord, and are related to the glandular and nervous systems of the physical body. They all have certain attributes associated with them, and also form the framework of the Kundilini, or mystic energy, which is the rising of wisdom through all the centers of the body to culminate at enlightenment, described in eastern mysticism as the opening of the thousand petaled lotus.

From an enlightened perspective ....the Sabbath is stillness. Complete rest. In the 3rd dimension (chakras 1,2,3,4,5,6) we experience/work with our natural body senses ...(effects) .....we live in a push/pull .....contract/expand .....motion world ....and then stop on the Sabbath (chakra 7) to experience First Cause ...Peace ...the origin of our world.

The key is to transcend ...rise above ...master the first 6 chakras ...and unite the dual consciousness male/female into ONE (7th chakra) effort .. (effort polarizes you as separate entity) ...there is only Presence of God .....relief ...and Peace... This is the door to higher light worlds and your light body ....the True Temple of the Living God ...the sacred heart within your heart.

Your heart is the temple of God. Allow Christ to reside in your heart.

Christ is the living Sabbath ....united with the Father. You are the church and body of Christ built upon the ROCK of truth not carved by hands.

The seventh is the Sabbath ...sabbatismos..... translated "rest" in Hebrews 4:9.

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