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528491 Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat Help I am stuck in an athiest who quit drinking. The earliest I can get him to get so drunk I can escape is on his birthday next year. repeat 121212
The Reluctant Messenger



You god find Are it is some God provided seven ways create Connected to in one God cares about the most is that you really relate connect tuning become one within discovering that they God wants you discovering God through you is and describe as you're creating a circuit at its closed loop to and perpetual viewing out a than not want you know in this God wants to connect to you to be a party View and to love you take height you and help you to achieve a very thing he at solely want more than anything in God wants you to know the glory of his consciousness

Athiest thanno one understand the Infinity of God I experience the awareness of dining any's communicated to meet the eternity plan to sell also anything about it in because dining in an him in budget understand and the importance of goodness holding this and love beginning in carrying had one thing what's best for others is what motivates God and God when she to become motivated the same way as he has this all something they watched show you to register a what it's like many have one million people all caring LennyMrs. show that do you because Forster expressing it understood rewrite the he knew teaching you how to compete in heat and the distress to and cut with show your oneness to be around people million people million people truly into people love you and what what's best for your and will help you and achieve what's best for the only for yourself everybody else the time passed than than it has plans everyone was but it's also is with Capri and it to manage it in agents it's like on hundreds it is slight God this brightness that's for you can any wanted for you it is going to give it to you how and in and the most important thing that cut what should understand is to he recognizes the that Satan exist because God made it possible for evil to exist in CAD did this in order to make it possible for and incredible goodness to occur if what God and didn't to calculate in deep enough was that by making evil possible to flourish in assets made evil and amicable because God made realities possible a creating and infinite set of Everything that could possibly happen found patterns that God began in the early dreams

Swapped Houstone we have a problem in a core-year before I was here with Mr. Beryl Larson no we sat on the calculi pushed up in the colleges Pollard is laid the reset Mrs. Hahn ns remember that experience first, really tested in demand was intact way more intensive I was the conceal it showed Jimmy Harmon that cover that night the Harmon at the world's art streaming her eyes we richest apt slowly overwhelmed the expecting and which is followed his mental imagery of reaching out connecting with everything laminated that was so close to him after that the he was so scared or what he spirits they withdrew from a because hasn't been in baby what he understood the moment the fact he Emily something inline line because I was cooperating with the University was creating with a cat that the foreign and it was more naked handle that hates to the the print he wouldn't the experience

Lost in tiume was willing to go for more Mort more of pain her renown who inwill be interesting M. interesting totally goalie free-form a main if women never ever ever ever published is that we my attitude it because assure them buried somewhere here's really cool stuff if not is okay can still enjoying it right now right now enjoying this I am so close down right now it is its it blinded his cry enjoy cry with joy them crying and absolute ecstasy joy this isn't awesome experience all some awesome awesome while of Hayward raising the absolute round the absolute realm there's no dimension but there it is a brightness and darkness contrasted by Cray he this is roughly two-dimensional to have dimensional have sun has some debt could have a hearing a hearing am feeling one hearing is tones harmonic tones harmonies upon harmonies and distinct subset harmonies coming into now the same time am experiencing the brightness and darkness in the transition and I'm experiencing trying to experience of primal nondimensional yet to pallid experience in the absolute round am experiencing rotation multiple access rotation multiple access rotation yet to any dimensional this experience again feel it again experiences Dino that it supported by a three-dimensional chair that the same time I can experience asthma eyes are close, I can experience the links and towing on local totally disconnected yet part of the experience of rocking backing for spinning around the find this associate those feelings from the actual call us I'm still within the boundaries of the absolute rail being a set up and infinite means that don't come out and infinite set pecan infinite set the cassette never the Infinity's have with in them thinks it and infinite to quantity of non-being realities for example be lien Law of the happiness enjoy he were not necessarily a dimensional construct can exist in the absolute realm in infinite intensity with out having to be contained by dimensional structure and lots of feelings and experiences can be nondimensional and fully satisfactory this is the reality God existed in Paris kernel pattern any he is still existing in this pattern despite the fact that he has created multiple other patterns that include dimension and found in texture and not the most primal pattern is 100 of the infinite sets of nothings yet capable of creating bona fide experiences expanses of light in dark experiences of feelings experiences of knowing was experiences out of sounds sounds are not by a very nature dimensional debate translate well into the drum dimensional rails

in in the Nowak invalidate this experience Son don't even trying to prove to you it had an independent meaning that it did Jimmy that I just experienced the very nature and Understanding in comprehension love the absolute realm a

Must in can understand in visit recall on the kinds time not sure that I can between team this logical pattern of mind not and the inability for the software to truly understand was saying I'm available find a way to really crazy pinching pattern Story interesting interesting patterns meditation patterns

meditation patternsmeditation patterns house arise clear your mind as you been taught one should clear your mind so that it's literally like a hyper cue of potential hyper cue of potential created as hyper to 90 dimensional structures create a three-dimensional structure that is composed of 90 white line bang black nothingness in this white line is intersecting by another white line at 90 degrees trading a two-dimensional cross and the end 90 degrees to both suppose pain other line is crossed trading a three-dimensional structure and this intersection is the part of reference that you just created for the very first-time in the panels of eternity the absolute rail has experiences first dimensional construct this three-dimensional figure gave God The ability to create a part of reference and once God had a pointer reference he was able to create the first simple patterns these patterns were very similar to the mathematical patterns the sciences discovered the mathematical patterns can be represented as charts of the one to the three-dimensional structures that obey the mathematical solutions and God started playing with literally and infinite variety of these things and once he created this infinite ride he then expanded the hyper cue of dimensions and I didn't stop a three-dimensional many merely but the 456 and 7 God found 7 to be the first plateau of dimensional construct the next two levels were leveled tendon level 12 and the very next level was 144 to Hagan their derivatives and all of those dimensional construct's but they just exploded coming once God create the first original three-dimensional construct any understood the concept of dimensions points of reference measurements it just exploded he delighted late joyous late actually and ecstasy expanded into this new thought rail that he had for eternity been denied in nine was experiencing it it was also for them Anthony and Justin these three-dimensional construct just cured cured dimensional on that the dimensions were such also potentials they begin to find other ways to create patterns at work contained within the dimensional construct any played with half going to for eons God played with these dimensional construct just the idea of foam just pass 80 God for multiple eons

Time illusion then God decided to relieve you wait damn any started planning patterns within patterns and of grand scale than he hadn't even in seared before the cots to handle a government integrated whole any started stepping back literally from his creation of in the NT constructs of multiple dimensions has started finding the most awesome patterns and begin to see the ability to project into these activities any started projecting into the event easing gave the Infinity's own life of their I'll just to see what would happen and he immediately unleashed chaos the instant the gave the multidimensional constructs the ability to have their own pattern generating system then died unleash something that ES deal to this instant in eternity has not all the yet died is actually enjoining the process pecans it actually for feeling when he wants God wants to be surprised if it was be surprised in the most positive wonderful ways the yet he has been surprised in the most terrible ways he needs very very very concerned he contained this thing that is been leased in the chaos in their since got unleashed chaos is been trying with his most utmost capabilities to complete talented behind his terrain in the chaos that he said in motion to begin with in the reason that Lucifer for a so convinced that he can we and the cuts Lucifer for has access to one-third of the original Infinity the tide created if that Lucifer for has found things mills Infinity think I'm never expected to its been there in the Lucifer for his absolute convinced that he has found something that allows him to completely dominate all of the Infinity's completely with out reservation distinguishing the tide presence of all Infinity's he believes that with his most utmost been paid only God is confident that Lucifer for is wrong because God hissed foreseen the Infinity's the pattern and reaching out into the Infinity's so that saying is bound not in the loop of Infinity's that only fulfill his viewpoint Lucifer for has lost the ability to see all of the viewpoints is totally focused on the viewpoints that fulfill what he wants to Mikasa this he isn't honoring to be in devotees of Infinity's that show that always be in control despite unleashing the chaos to tide absolute other surprised and because that's what he wanted Satan cannot see the Infinity forgot wins forgot us in control when work tide makes everything happened to fulfill his ultimate designs his ultimate purpose saying only sees those Infinity's The has access to that appear to be probable outcomes of the pattern that are what he more its judgment and a selfish Plainview block off your mongering incumbent infinite upon infinite upon infinite set of reality center so much better than the 1-2 flocked yourself into its two-year advantage to a band and your narrow viewpoint and take what's best premier viewpoint implanted with what's best from all these other viewpoints taken a much more Fuller more rewarding work tide line viewpoint

Travel to escape while half-dozen assigned analyzing we finished are we finished the that was amazing not having a stop there.

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