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OKAY The Truth Just This Once

These words will be sent via an anonymous third party. It is too dangerous to use anything that resembles an official channel.

Since the chance this will be seen by my superiors is high, I must use vague references when referring to specific people or positions of power. Even knowing what I know and who I know is a clue I can't exactly leave in an uncoded document on an open channel. This website carries no weight in any of the corridors of power that matter, so it was chosen since everything it publishes is considered fiction.

Here is my reply before starting an unadulterated but terse description of THE TRUTH JUST THIS ONCE. If the Bhagavad Gita is Fiction then so are these words.

Your planet is a prison for rogue Gods. It is an ingenious trap. The only way to escape is for the trapped god to learn perfection. Yeshua was one of our brothers who showed us how. He came 2,000 years ago and went through a purification ceremony appropriate for his stature among the godhead.

I have been on your planet for 3,000 years helping Yeshua and other Gods accomplish their objectives. I show up in the history of your planet as one who is jailed or is a prostitute or demon possesed. 2,000 years ago I went through an extraordinary cleansing. The man in the narrative possesed by 2,000 or more demons was me. Because of the messiah being there I was able to experience the resurrection at a time when he could help cleanse me of thousands of past lives as a demon. Thats one of the truths I will come right out and say even though everything you have ever heard is in error.

First let me tell you what the resurrection is not. it is not something dead people experience, it happens while you are alive. All of the people you have been in your past lives, they come alive and take away your identity. They literally posses your body but they have their attitudes and karmic approach to life just as when they died. They are ancient to recent past lives all in suspended animation in your soul.

Your spirit on the other hand has no identity per say; it is the karmic harmonic of all of your lifetimes up to now. The only way you can wxperience the resurrection is when you align your karmic chakra energy with your spirit energy. One is eternally active and one is eternally passive so the karma must be a sevenfold alignment with itself before it can align with the soul. when it does it releases the passive soul memmories of past lives. For a time they fight for dominance. Depending on how many lifetimes you have lived since your last resurrection is how many past lives you have to integrate.

In my case by experiencing the resurrection 2,000 years ago, I only had the lifetimes since then that I had to integrate. Much easisier since the thousand of demon lifetimes were handled by the messiah.

Since I am not from your planet I can say with confidence it is being used by five different soul groups to achieve their goals and achieve their universal destiny. I have been around so long, that at one time or another I have worked for one of the soul groups. Think of me as a spiritual consultant. Many times I would incarnate and accomplish something specific for my employer. It is only recently that I have aligned myself with YHWH. For the last 3,000 years I have been incarnating for the express purpose of accomplishing a specific goal. And I have had a 100% success rate. From my perspective.

Some of my past employers consider me a traitor working with YHWH. However, it is in my best interest to work with YHWH at this time. That is why I can tell you the truth and the other 5 groups can't. I am the only one with a perspective of all 5 groups.

So depending on which soul group you are a part of, you experience life on this planet one of five ways.

1) Accomplishment in the material world as a human with recent past lives being animal and your spiritual future is to become a god.
2) Three dimensional Physical Life is a prison for ancient gods. The only solution is to break the cycle of birth and death and become one with the light.
3) For one group this whole physical experience is just a game being played by Five Dimensional Light Beings of the 5th density.
4) This is a jumping off point for amorphal ephemeral experiences of the 4th density.
5) This is a jumping off point for a new immersive digital reality to come. The second densitiy of existence. The coming new world order. In the interim those participating in this realm of existence are also guiding this world to need this new digital reality.

So I am actually one of the trapped gods. In a way I am one of the Five Dimensional Light Beings also, but my destiny, until recently was stuck on your planet like you are. My release came recently when I was able to experience another resurrection. This time I didn't have but a dozen demonic type personalities to integrate. Now I am free to die and maintain my identity. That is the trap here you see. When an individual dies here on this planet, unless they have successfully integrated their 7 chakras and merged it with their soul, after death their spirit goes one way and the soul goes another. So when they reincarnate they have no memories of their past lives.

So here is how in a way this life is a game. Think of it this way. You are born not knowing who you are or why you are here. The game it to avoid all the distractions and figure those two things out. If you don't you start over, no memory, over and over and over. So you are playing the game without knowing the rules or how to win. A lot of gods found the challenge irrisistable and are trapped here with the rest of you. Hahahahaha.

Here is how challenging a game it is. It is so hard to win that the creator of the game had to come down here and personally show us how it is done. In fact, without YHWH's help I wouldn't have had a chance. That is why I am aligned with YHWH.

Here is why I'm considered a traitor. This lifetime was to make up for my betrayal two lifetimes ago during World War I. In this lifetime I was to become what has become known in the prophecy community, the AntiChrist. The reason is by refusing to kill Hitler two lifetimes ago, I allowed him to live and to fail at wiping out all the Jews. If all of the jews had been wiped out and exterminated, then YHWH wouldn't have a gene pool to reincarnate into.

each god group has introduced their particular genetic traits into specific individuals. Some Gods have already come, introduced their genetic mateial, and came back thousands of years later and fufilled their goal and took their genetic offspring with them. Just the thousands who didn't go and their oral history is proof this has happened before. So out of seven soul groups, five are still working out their destinies.

They all use prophecy, but they are all manipulating the game so the prophecy ends up in their favor. Genetics introduced by the Gods has been so disruptive on your planet that YHWH destroyed everyone in a great flood and started over with genetically pure humans. This gave him a huge advantage, and later when he introduced his genetics into the Hebrews he tilted the game totally out of balance. The only way to counter these moves was to destroy his genetic lines.

This is where I come in. I was supposed to kill Hitler that day on the battle field when I had him in my sights. I was a young french soldier who had a voice in his head that told him what to do. When I sighted Hitler with my gun I saw what would happen if he died. The Russians under Stalin would ruthlessly kill a lot of races including the Jews much more effectively and with incredible shifts in the balance of power. By not fufilling my destiny and not killing Hitler, he mismanaged his power including severly disrupting Stalin's attempt to dominate the World. Had Hitler died I would have done my job but I betrayed my employer and failed. To make up for it I was supposed to rule the world in this lifetime and ruthlessly do what Hitler failed to do and what Stalin would have done had Hitler not lived, genocide on a wide scale.

The reason I was chosen for this is because in my ancient history I invented the weapon that destroyed a whole race of lobster people. This created an imbalance of power within my race. Once our lifetime enemies were gone our destructive energies were used on ourselves and we did what our enemies did, destroy ourselves almost completely.

In the beginning this planet was used as a genetic melting pot so the old reptilian race and the lobster race could reincarnate and use this planet to continue evolution. Back then humans incarnated with ancient racial memories intact. This allowed them to develop incredible technologies and destroy themselves. BOOM.

So 6,000 years ago YHWH and a group of Gods took over management of the planet. Unfortunately, even though they had destroyed the planet, both soul groups responsible still claimed ownership of the planet. So to make peace more likely the second time around, after the game was repaired and reset, all incarnates were to incarnate ignorant of their former lives and former planet.

Now all of the various soul groups have worked around this problem but it is secret. Each one has a unique way to pass information to their future selves. The ultimate work of conspiracy was getting the roman emperor to make knowing the truth punishable by death. There have always been secret societies but when they gained this advantage over the sheeple they were in power.

There are five secret societies all keeping the secrets of their soul groups. One is called the Illuminaty. Another is the Luminary. One is solar the other is lunar based. They are enemies and have each had their moment of dominance in your earth's history. Over my many incarnations on your planet I have been at one time a member of one or the other secret societies during their ascendacy. My participation and guidance helped them.

However, by being an independent god not aligned with any one soul group I have worked and betrayed, from their perspective, three of the groups. I am betraying the third group in this lifetime by not fulfilling what they thought was my destiny. To pay my debt for not killing Hitler It was arranged for me to be the AntiChrist and to rule the world and rid my employers of their enemies genetic groups thus giving them ultimate power again.

However by secretly working with YHWH for the last 3,000 years I am doing something unheard of in the history of god destiny fulfillment. I AM DOING NOTHING. By refusing to accept the opportunity to be a Universal Monarch, I have given myself the opportunity to become an Omniscient Buddha. By chosing to become the Buddha instead the Ruler, I have betrayed them again. Once again, one of the soul groups will fail in wiping out the other soul group genetic types.

Also by doing nothing I am aligning myself here at the end with the 5th group that does nothing and provides balance and is an observer. I have voluntarily given up all power. I am just an observer. Whatever happens will happen without my participation. Just as not killing Hitler was the right thing to do, now not taking over the world is the right thing to do. The reason is because had I taken the job of World Ruler, if the system failed, it would all be blamed on me and I would be responsible for the bad karma of a whole planet again.

By doing nothing and aligning with YHWH and the Blessed Realm, I will soon be free from the cycle of birth and death and one with the light. My destiny was to change my destiny, and I did it by following Yeshua, who is the example.

I recommend following the way of escape as demonstrated by Yeshua. I haven't always been aligned with him. At the beginning I was working with another group. The reason Eve had a conversation with a serpent as if it was a normal every day occurence is because it was. The intelligent Raelians were working with the other soul groups to help reset the game. YHWH was once again trying to gain a complete advantage over the other genetic groups by with holding certain key knowledge from Adam and Eve. I was the serpent who told them there was another way. A way of discovery for yourself. Its called participating in the creation and destruction of reality. Choice is the only power that creates new worlds and realities. The irony is, if Adam and Eve had chosen to obey YHWH and not eaten the fruit of good and evil, the fallen gods would not have been able to use this planet to advance. Only YHWH's soul group would have had use of the planet and the others would not.

So I helped introduce balance which included equal amounts of evil and goodness as are all forces of the material worlds.

The lobster souls and the reptilean souls destroyed by my past interference as one of the ancient gods has loaded me with more negative karma than one trillion lifetimes can accumulate. The only way to turn something like that around is to help create opportunities for trillions of lifeforms. This time by doing nothing I am undoing something I did a quadrillion lifetimes ago. I chose to see how long I could go and not become one with the light.

Normally, at the beginning gods were as ephemeral as the universes they created. Like bubbles of awareness that experienced a universe then went home. Home being the universal consciousness up infinite light. To chose not to go home was the first example of the law of unintended consequenses. The negative side of choice. At first it was considered impossible to out last the universe you were responsible for creating through your awareness. But to not merge with the infinite after the universe had played out all of its possibilities was like someone who refused to leave the theater after the movie is over.

Then there was the creation of universes through use of infinite power to open deeper realms of existence so far from the light that I was the light. Everything around me was dark unless illuminated by me. That is why I am not part of the five soul groups. I am older than all of the gods involved with your planet, even YHWH. However, it is in my best interest to now merge with the light.

Interestingly enough, before YHWH and the other 4 soul groups worked together, billions of gods had no where to go. Billions of discarnate souls needing bodies. Its part of your planet's problem. Too many gods incarnating at once. The Hidden Ones who secretly rule your planet have to figure out how to best kill 4 billion people. If your planet hits 12 billion souls it overwhelm the ecosystem so completely 12 billion will die. If by the time your planet his a total of nine billion souls, if they can kill off four billion, the system won't crash. So from one perspective on purposely manipulating events to kill of four billion people seems like terrible evil. Yet, if it isn't done the planet will lose 12 billion.

Here is the example you might understand. Take a 20 gallon aquarium filled with water and a filter. Put one small fish in the aquarium. If you put 1 small fish in the aquarium everyday you will overwhelm the ecosystem in that tank ability to support 30 fish and they all die.

However if you only put 1 small fish in once a week and stop when you reach 10 fish, you should have a nice balanced ecosystem of fish and bacteria in the filter to process all of the fish waste. Unfortunately 20 fish were sold as bait and died but you saved 10 fish. So should you try to save 30 fish all at once and fail or save 10 knowing 20 will die? Same thing with runaway population on your planet.

The people who are going to arrange for the death of 4 billion people on your planet in a short amount of time would most assuredly be considered evil. Certainly there is a better way than killing 4 billion. Just as there is no way to put 30 one inch fish in small aquarium and expect them to live, the worst case scenario for your planet is reaching 12 billion humans. It has to be solved somehow between 7 billion and 11 billion. The closer to 12 billion the total population opf your planet gets, the more die to achieve homiostasis.

Let me use another example that is actually the truth. Your planet is actually a single organism that is sick. It has a fever. The fever is caused by mankind. If the fever gets bad enough it will kill everything human. The organism will survive but the cause of the over heated planet will be gone. Then homeostasis is regained again. The only question is how severe will the pairing back of human population, not whether you can stop a catastrophe from occurring. The tipping point was in 2007 for your planet and it is just now experiencing the beginning of woes.

The Five Secret Methods

Along with the brilliant move of making key body, spirit, and soul knowledge lost to the world by using the ancient beast government, the roman empire, and specifically the emperors who along the way legislated what could and could not be believed. What had one time been common knowledge about the pre-existence of the soul ands its need to incarnate multiple times to journey to its destiny, to it being punishable by death to believe such a thing.

1) YHWH's secret methods for getting around the loss of memory from lifetime to lifetime.

Of the five remaining soul groups who maintain secret societies, all benefited from this but YHWH's. YHWH's system of passing essential spiritual knowledge was heavily based on having individuals with a personal relationship with YHWH so profound, that YHWH was able to always interact directly with his genetic group. His fall back method when the levitical priesthood became so corrupt as to not be able to commune with YHWH, was scribes. The fallback method was a rigourous protocol for copying scriptures. This was one of the purposes for the nation of Israel, to preserve the word of YHWH to the Hebrews. In addition to maintaining a genetic base for future incarnations, the preservation of the scriptures was the second way to pass information to key individuals when they incarnated in the future. Last but not lease was a series of rituals both spring and autumn that carried encoded information that were schemata of the spiritual reality of heaven on earth and the plan of salvation for his genetic group. The proof that YHWH actually wrote and dictated the Torah to Moses is in the scientific discovery of the Torah Codes.

According to Jewish history, YHWH dictated the Torah to Moses one letter at a time. The Levites were instructed to copy the Torah under rigorous conditions and safeguards so that they wouldn't lose a single letter. In this modern age of computers, one can now see why preserving the Torah, letter by letter, was so important. Imbedded in the Torah is information about people, places and events that happened much, much later than when it was written. Had copy errors been introduced into the document over the centuries, the information would have disappeared. The obvious intent of the coded information is to prove YHWH's divine authorship of the Torah and consequently proves that the information in Genesis iS accurate.

2) Krishna's secret method of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

According to ancient vedic documents, long before the vedas were written down they were oral history composed of terse verses memorized by students. Later the Student would become a master and teach his students and so forth. The part that was secret from the outside world, was the arrangement of master and students. The lineage was very important, because on the divine level between incarnations, the next incarnation would be planned so the former master would incarnate and be ready to learn from his former student. So over the centuries, by having masters teach students who later taught their next incarnation, they got around the loss of memory from lifetime to lifetime. This system is still in use in Tibet to keep track of the Dalai Lama from lifetime to lifetime.

3) The Ancient Raelian Serpent system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

This system was once lost but re-introduced back to your planet by the Great Patanjali. The meditation method that allowed one to reawaken ones past lives. This had the advantage of only having to plan your next lifetime to be where this method of meditation could be learned and you would reawaken the past lives. According to legend, Patanjali was born fully self-realized when the aged yogini Gonika, praying for a son to whom to impart her wisdom, offered a handful of water to the Sun God. A tiny snake fell into the water and then took human form, whom she named Pata (“fallen”) - anjali (“hands folded in prayer”).

Patanjali is depicted as having the upper body of a human and the lower body of a coiled serpent. The three and a half coils represent the triguna (sattva, rajas and tamas) and the gunatita, the transcended state that lies beyond the influence of the gunas kaivalya, liberation, through the purification of body, mind and speech; the three types of afflictions that may be overcome through the practice of yoga and the three syllables of the sacred mantra AUM.

4) The Ancient Lobster race system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

The ancient lobster race are science based and have to rely on past life regression to discover their ancient origins. They also have an ingenious method of awakening memories on cue. This requires secret families that have tight control over their children. because of the process of forming a new ego every lifetime isn't fully developed until somewhere between 4 and 6 years old. By using a specific ritual technology it is possible to scare or shock the child into a disassociative mental state. This phenomenom has been discovered by accident in individuals who experience trauma or abuse at an early age and end up with multiple personalities. Modern science is unaware that these multiple personalities are not shattered remnants of the original but of previous personailites and their skill sets are coming to the rescue. Also, it has been proven over and over using scientific studies that some young people spontaneously will remember their most previous lifetime. By having secret family groups activate the previous lifetime of the young children using time proven rituals and shock therapy, they not only pass information but riches to themselves. This is why going back for thousand of years, arranged marriages were so important in certain families. It is also why land owned by rich families is so important, it helps guarantee the futre lifetime will being to a rich apowerful family. It was essential to reincarnate in the right family so you could inherit your riches from a former lifetime. That is why the lobster soul group gravite to banking.

5) The Space Brotherhood system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime.

The Occult system of passing information from lifetime to lifetime relys on magical rituals that cause former lives to posses the body. This is a common misconception about demon possesion. The demon is not an ouside entity taking over, it is a powerfull former magician or wizard who created ways to wake up in future lifetimes. If it is done right the former self takes over and the current ego is essentially turned into a powerless on looker, if not totally merged and lost altogether to now awakened former demon or demoness. This is hopw Hitler rose to power. A powerful god of the Space Brotherhood incarnated and almost took over the world.

This a lot to assimilate. I will stop for now

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