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The Beast Power. Yhe Anarchist, & The Antichrist Explained

AntiChrist and Christ To understand the important of this moment is to understand the importance of typos, mistranslations and intentional duplicity. The reason that no one will recognize me as I take over the world is becasue everybody is expecting the Antichrist to arrive. They do not know that when I was translating an important document dozens of lifetimes ago that I wrote Antichrist when I should have written Anarchist. Here is the correct order of recognizable and planned events from the time of the death of Christ to Second Coming.

  • Christ proves death can be conquered (Resurrection)
  • Sends Holy Spirit 50 days later (Pentecost)
  • The Way is taught to spiritually ripe souls (Secret Teachings)
  • The destruction of Jerusalem by Rome (Dead Sea Scrolls Hidden)
  • The saints are killed in the name of God and called heretics (Gnostics/Reincarnationist)
  • The Word and True Way are lost to history (Great Falling Away)
  • The Antichrist comes and sets up a religion/culture in direct opposition to both the Jewish and Christian Religions (Christ was a Jew so they both get hated)
  • A Democratic Style of Government overtakes the world (Roman Empire Beast Resurrected)
  • The Anarchist takes over the World and rules for one hour
  • 144,001 Saints prove to the world they are the Body and Bride of Christ by disappearing with Jedi Mind Power proving they too have conquered Death.
  • Christ is revealed and the Anarchist hands over the world to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

    This is where I come in. I am the prophesied Anarchist. So close yet so different to Antichrist. (o,O)

    Here is how I and 144,000 of my fellow Saints will take over the world. One self sufficient individual at a time. Here is how it works.

    If you have ever played Risk(tm) Parker Brothers, you will recognize what is known as the Australia strategy. Basically you let all the big powerful continents bash each over while you slow build up. Then when everyone is weak and you are strong, you turn in your cards get max reinforcements and take over the world.

    Same basic plan. Best part is I don't have to do anything to create Worldwide Anarchy, I just have to a) Know it is coming, b) Help create the infrastructure that will replace the current World System after it crashes c) and When Christ is revealed everything is ready.

    Basically its like you know they are going to blow up your house and you can't stop it so you secretly build another house and just move in after the current one is destroyed.

    So what is the Infrastructure that must be in place for Christ to take over?

    Physical (Gold), Spiritual (Balance), Soul (Holiness)

    1. Identify and coordinate with other saints essentially already doing the same thing.
    2. Teach others how to prepare for the coming economic crash
    3. Help others learn how to manifest Christ in their lives

    The current world order is broke, but it will limp along until it just can't go. In order to create something new, something old must be destroyed. Can't build a wooden boat without destroying trees.

    The current world order is based on credit and electronic money. First mankind used gold and silver. Then paper that represented gold and silver. Then they started using just paper. Now, they don't even use paper, money is made out of electrons now.

    Everybody is in debt. YHWH banned usury and made a Jubilee that returned all land to the original owners every 50 years. From a legal point of view, the Jubilee law effectively banned sale of land as fee simple, and instead land could only be leased for no more than 50 years. The biblical regulations go on to specify that the price of land had to be proportional to how many years remained before the Jubilee, with land being cheaper the closer it is to the Jubilee.

    Today almost nobody actually owns land except investment bankers. Everybody is using land but they actually are in debt. So the secret to building a society that is ready to be functional and ready after the current system collapses is this.

    1. Be totally debt free
    2. Own land (in more than one country/state if possible)
    3. Have a portfolio of real assets like gold and silver, material goods (tractors, solar panels, business etc...
    4. Be self sufficient (land, water, electricity, garden, medicine)
    5. Healthy and fit (Kundalini work a plus)
    6. No criminal record or active investigations from a government agency

    Number 6 is the most important. If you do nothing to harm any government and are a peaceful law abiding citizen, they can't arrest you for being prepared. So, for this to work, no one can do anything or even have the perception of being a threat to any government. As long as you passively prepare for the inevitable, the world government will be so busy fighting terrorist and trying to keep Iran and North Korea from nuking, they will not bother a bunch of shaman and mystics going "Ommmmmmm.....", smoking "where legal" whatever. and saying "The end is coming, get out of debt, own some land, and be one with the Lord!"

    If you are in debt or in jail, on probation with mandatory random drug tests, you are not free!! The new world will begin with millions of free people doing no harm!!!!!

    For most people, they will be totally unprepared and won't have a clue what to do but blame the government. (after looting the local Wal-Mart of course)

    Democracy is not a bad thing. Its the best thing mankind can come up without God. The best mankind can do will fail miserably. This will create a worldwide population that survives ready to do something different.

    When anarchy reigns becasue the world of credit and greed has imploded, all self sufficient people will rule the world, for the rest will be refugees. I am the Anarchist, and you can be the Anarchist to. And if you do everything I suggest and the world goes on and does not implode, you still win! Its a win win.


    Probably the least understood component of prophecy is "what is the Mark of the Beast?" Also, who the antichrist is or was is a big mystery. To make it even worse, the mainstream belief is that the Beast Power and the Antichrist are the same thing. THEY ARE NOT! Antichrist has come already, hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The Beast Power is the United States of America and Britain, converting the world to Democracy. This part of Prophecy has been ongoing since the beginning of the British Empire. See: Lost Ten tribes

    The reason the world has not been able to understand the mark of the beast, is becasue the computers needed to make it possible hadn't been invented. The mark is on the hand and or the head. This new government that is coming will be a merging of the UN and a World Bank. Even though the new world currency will be based on gold and silver, the rest of the world will operate on credit and electronic transfers. Being in debt is the hand. As long as you are in debt you are a slave to the system. The head is a new world in cyberspace. At some point, humans will be so plugged into a virtual world, they will spend credit / electronic money to build virtual worlds. This will be more addicting than a blackberry. This new world will be so vivid and so exciting that the real world will be a drudge to make money to go in the virtual world. This is total slavery and those plugged into this fake world will be very susceptible to mental manipulation. 3D interactive porn in group chat ... you get the idea. As long as its just headphones and glasses it will be ok, The mark of the beast is when you get the ocular and audio implants so you can be wired in all the time. Invest in the company that makes them but do not get plugged in. You think you can't do without your cell phone? Wait until you have blue tooth enable contacts and you are wired to your computer and you have a number that is your phone, IP address, social security, and credit card all at the same time with biometric security make it almost impossible to do identity theft. Can you say Big brother?

    When the world of virtual reality, virtual money and virtual morals, collapses, you will have some seriously broke people having severe electronic connected withdrawals. Try to go one day and not touch a phone, computer or microwave and feel the anxiety. Try going from virtual god to broke, hungry, stone age over night with no way to get the system back up. Who will rule the world that day? The saints who have land, food, water, real money and were not connected to the virtual Sodom and Gomorrah. All of the "Anarchist" will rule the world for one hour and that is how Jesus / Yeshua can step in and take over immediately. So yes I am the prophesied Anarchist, but so can you..... You can be an anarchist, and you can be an anarchist and {pointing right at you}, can be an anarchist!

    Summary: Anybody in debt that owns nothing is an April Fool!

    Other Anarchist can be found at petting the Supreme Dyslexic Dog! (o,O)

    The opinions expressed here are not those of my employer, my wife, my church, or myself...But they are the opinions of the inner void as revealed to me through the medium of my pet Buddha.

    Published April 1 2011

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    Copyright © Internet Innovations, Inc - 2011 All Rights Reserved

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