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    The Reluctant Messenger

    God Talking to You For

    Here we are again, communicating with this less than credible medium. This messenger is risk averse and knows the information we want to disseminate through him is unpopular and will be ridiculed. Why would he want to be a part of that? So, we have decided to go forward with the strategy of convincing the messenger that so few will take this seriously that he will be in no danger of reprisals. We recommend you treat this, and the previous communications as silliness, nonsense, heresy or fiction. We donít have time to explain why we speak in the plural. If you donít know why, start at the beginning: God Talking To You One: Just in case:

    God Talking To You One:
    God Talking To You Too:
    God Talking To You Three:

    Once again our time is short and a lot of information needs to be shared. Our subject this time is prophecy. Specifically, helping you understand what has been recorded in Christian scripture as the book of Revelation. You are aware of the prophecies concerning the time of the end. This isnít the end of the world but the end of a system on a planet that needs some serious relief. And end of an age if you will. Part of the problem is that the book of Revelation is very misunderstood and many who have tried to educate themselves on this subject have bought into some centuries old assumptions that have led most astray. Probably the most misunderstood part is the where the beast is discussed. The beast is almost always described as the Anti-Christ. The Messiah shared with the apostles that in the future, after his death, a false prophet would arrive and would proclaim a message that was essentially the exact opposite of his. Paul even warned of messages from Angels that were contrary to the gospel the apostles learned from the Messiah. Just before he died John the Apostle received a vision of what was to come and he recorded it. This document was copied many times and translated multiple times into many languages. John, seeing the future did the best he could to record the images sent to him spiritually. The images were extremely foreign to him and were viewed from a cultural perspective that didnít prepare him for images of modern warfare, extreme pollution and runaway global warming. So he recorded what he saw in language that made sense to him and those of his generation. So it is understandable that his writings of what he saw would be misunderstood by an audience 2.000 years later. Additionally, the copyist over the centuries tried to make it relevant to the times they lived. Many assumed the end would come in their lifetime. From their perspective the anti-christ hadnít happened yet and since they assumed the return of Christ was imminent, they assumed the antichrist and the return of Christ was to happen at roughly the same time. Another ancient misconception was the assumption that the Beast revealed to John was the antichrist. The key secret to reality is that we have all existed and always will. The misconception is that we are newly created and destined for hell unless we are saved in our one and only lifetime ogf existence. John the apostle was the reincarnation of the prophet Daniel. We revealed to Daniel centuries ago what the long term history of the planet would move forward with certain governments and civilizations replacing each other as the power of the time as history progressed. These governments are symbolized as beasts. John, as the reincarnated spirit that had in a previous lifetime been recorded in scripture as the prophet Daniel, intuitively understood that beast meant government. So when he recorded the revelation, it never occurred to him that later this symbolism would be mistaken as the antichrist.

    At the time of the end, which you are witnessing the beginning of the end, a powerful government (symbolized as a beast) will try to force the world to follow a form of government that emulates an ancient form of government that began in Greece and conquered the world as the Roman Empire. This form of government is now called democracy. Any history student knows that the founding fathers of the United States of America used as a template the ancient government of electing a ruling body, such as the senate of the ancient roman empire. Daniel, reincarnated as John ,was shown the end just has had been promised to him that we would reveal the end to him. He saw a militarily powerful country with the ability to bring fire from the sky to the ground as bombs. He was shown that it would someday spring from a section of the world that was once a wilderness. He saw that the land once occupied by few would someday dominate the planet both economically and militarily and is motivated to expand its form of government around the word and is willing to go to war to achieve it. The important fact needed to be shared to you is that the beast power (government) that dominates the political structure of the planet has nothing to do with the antichrist and that single piece of misunderstanding is why the world is virtually blind to what is happening right under their noses. Prophecies 2,000 years old and some much older than that are being fulfilled right now and are completely missed by almost everybody on the planet. Do we have your attention?

    So, if the end time government that is trying to literally force a version of government that mimics the Roman Empires democratic system isnít the antichrist, who is?

    We are trying to pack as much information into this communiquť as we can without putting the messenger at risk. So, we have to be more obtuse this time when revealing to you the identity of the antichrist than we were about the beast power. The antichrist is now a historical figure and you probably didnít recognize that he could be found in the pages of history because you have been looking to his appearance in your future. He isnít part of the end time, but his appearance and impact on this planet is definitely a major factor in how the end time prophecies come to fruition. We have decided to eschew out right naming the antichrist. Instead we are going to describe the antichrist and you can research history and come to your own conclusions. As Paul tried to warn his readers, a fallen angel is responsible for successfully getting a large portion of the planet to believe in a message that is essentially the exact opposite of the Messiahís. Christ taught your ancestors 2,000 years ago that you were the children of God just as he was. In fact he was killed for teaching that we are all children of God and that he was the son of God. Find a historical figure that teaches a message opposite of that and you will find the historical antichrist. The most important piece of information we want you to understand is that the antichrist is not part of your future but part of your past. The beast power is not the antichrist but is the dominate political, economic and military power dominating the world news today!

    The rest of the message misunderstood in the document known as the Revelation is the symbolism known as the Trumpets. These symbolic milestones in the evolution of the planet are recorded as points in time so momentous as to be heralded as tipping points. Points of no return, to make it plain. The symbolism of Revelation is an imprecise way to help the reader recognize the ever growing populationís impact on the ecosystem of your planet. Global warming, pollution and later, the impact of war over dwindling resources affect the planets oceans, plant life and ultimately the ability of the planet to sustain life. When the inhabitants of your planet have proven without a shadow of a doubt that without intervention they would have self terminatedÖ. that is when the messiah returns. Later, the experts in global warming will look back and recognize that the year 20007 was the tipping point in the planetís climate. The event that proved the planet had reached a warming stage that could no longer be reversed immediately was the melting of the Larson ice shelf. The symbolism of bitter water covering a third of the planet is the build up of carbonic acid in the oceans as more and more carbon dioxide dissolves from the atmosphere. Have you tasted carbonated water? Itís bitter. The symbolism of a third of the plants dying is the result of massive drought as the heated atmosphere sucks moisture out of the ground. The symbolism of men burning alive is the heat index soaring to 150 degrees and higher as global warming reaches its terrible height as mankind as a whole continues to pour tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, even though they know it is contributing to the death of the planet.

    Youíve been waiting for this message. Now you have it. Even if mankind stopped all forms of transportation that burned fossil fuel and stopped generating electricity by means that contribute to global warming today and started planting massive bamboo forests and seeding the oceans with genetically engineered algae to soak up the excess carbon dioxide; even if that was to occur right now, starting today, the worldís average temperature would still rise enough in the next few decades to fulfill the prophecies revealed to John. That being the case, if mankind doesnít make those kind of drastic changes just outlined, the worst case scenario of severe record breaking droughts in many places, catastrophic floods in others, coupled with crop failures and deadly heat waves will be so bad that war will break out as billions of people fight over dwindling resources.

    So the unfortunate news is that the point of no return has occurred. What isnít known for certain is how bad it will get. There is a 27% probability that the world will get the message and work together to minimize the impact its growing population is having. This is the scenario that allows for only 10% to 30% of the population to die from the upcoming changes in the planetís weather. The extremes in weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts will get worse, how much worse depends on how fast the people of the planet work to intervene. There is a 50% chance that the worldís governments will put off action until a truly terrible tragedy occurs, obviously tied to global warming, that kills millions of people. But, if they are that short sighted, the death toll will rise to almost 75% of the planet before it is over. Even the most aggressive programs to reverse the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere will fail, and some will make the situation worse. There is also a 20% that a world war will break out instead of global cooperation and that the war will exacerbate the situation so bad that the planetís ability to sustain life will crash so hard that 90% of its inhabitants will perish even as the messiah returns. There is a 3% chance the world will come to its senses and make tremendous changes in their approach to each other and how they deal with the global environment with a loss of life almost equal to the birth rate. This scenario also includes a worldwide effort to halt the growth rate to the point that the worldí population hits approximately 7 billion and stays there. The reason we had to give the future as probabilities is that the decisions to be made that make the various scenarios possible, havenít been made yet and free will is always the prime directive.

    When things get really bad it will be too late to pray if you havenít already formed a good relationship with us. We love you and we want you to survive the future but we canít help you if we donít know you. If you want to get on our good side, keep the 10 commandments. It is that simple. Keep the commandments, pray, meditate and walk with us in peace and in love and we will make sure you are protected. Of course, if you have read this far, you already know that. It was real important to us we got this message to you. We apologize for being so short and cryptic. We got more time than we expected but not as much as we had hoped. We will follow up on this when the messenger is cooperative.

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